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Ozark [Netflix]



  • AaronMic95 wrote: »
    My wife and I started watching Ozark around April and finished the 3 seasons pretty quickly. We didn't know we would like it but Jason Bateman acting and direction are good. I hope they could have a good ending. Nothing would beat Breaking Bad though. lol

    Breaking Bad was outstanding but for me, Succession may well run it close and Ozark following up behind.

  • Just finished season 3. Delighted there is a (final) season 4. There is a certain suspension of belief in Wendy and Marty's hard sell technique success, but you can certainly see what drives them to it, via circumstance, and personality.
    Re the Breaking Bad comparison, I always saw it as just a '3 steps forward, 2 steps back' type frustrating-but-gripping style, regardless of the drugs and other background elements, but obviously the stakes in Ozark were far more continuously imminent.
    The pacing in the first two seasons wasn't the best, but season 3 is much better, with a lot more humour, and great dialogue. The whole family dynamic is entralling to watch, (Yellowstone, Succession mentions noted), so where scenarios might be a little hard to believe, the dynamic just brushes it aside. It's great tv.
    Love Julia Garner in this. I can't remember the last time I've watched Laura Linney, but boy she is a master at the insincere smile.

  • JP Liz V1 wrote: »
    Tom Pelphrey as Ben was amazing, Emmy winning

    18 Emmy nominations for Ozark but none for Tom :mad:

  • JP Liz V1 wrote: »
    18 Emmy nominations for Ozark but none for Tom :mad:

    That’s so wrong he was excellent in Ozarks

  • Will we be waiting years for season 4 with pandemic? 😭

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  • Finished season 1, this is just fecking boring tbh, Ill read what happens for the rest on Wikipedia. Theres just something so flat about the whole thing.

  • Thargor wrote: »
    Finished season 1, this is just fecking boring tbh, Ill read what happens for the rest on Wikipedia. Theres just something so flat about the whole thing.

    Its gets better, ,myself and the wife left it half way through season two.
    Went back after many months and thoroughly enjoyed it.

  • Just finished season 3, jaysus that last scene!!!

  • Any news on season 4 or should we write this one off?

    We're all in this psy-op together.🤨

  • Filming supposed to finish next month and then it will be released in 2 parts to make 14 episodes in total, no release date for either.

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  • Its in production, it just got delayed due to the pandemic last year. They're set to wrap filming next month so probably early 2022. Theres an announcement expected on the 25th Sept when Netflix showcase their big upcoming releases.

  • Yet another show lost in the fog of 2020.

    So. Knowing the type of shown that is, and that season 4 is the last ... who do we reckon is going to walk away alive here? Last seasons love wielding the butcher's knife.

    My gut was going to say Wendy, but her hubris has been increasingly getting out of hand. She must be due a fall.

  • Netflix continuing to break up it's final season of shows into two parts.

    Season 4 part 1 drops January 21st 2022.

  • Just watched all three seasons.

    Though they were very good, season three is a bit slower than the other two but still intriguing.

    The one thing that occurred to me throughout season three however is that I realized I hate the Byrds.

    They are really awful people, trying to portray this victimhood while allowing all the collateral damage to go on around them.

    Ben and the therapist for example

  • Oh I don't think the show ever asks you to feel too sad for the Byrds; maybe, at a pinch season 1 when they're just trying to keep their noses ahead. But like many tales of this ilk, the slow creep of corrupting power and dissolving morals is where the show's seduction lies. Especially Wendy: the latter seasons' calamities are kinda on her; you could sorta see her former career in politics giving her this hubris to think she could manage a vicious drug kingpin.

    Heck even the kids aren't blameless in this; though one imagines when the axe falls at the end of season 4, they'll be one of the few who can step away from events relatively intact.

  • Yes there are parts of season 1 and possibly 2 where I did have some sympathy, but it all gone by season 3, and as you said Wendy is the main culprit for the loss of any of that sympathy.

  • Wendy is a real tour de force in the series in season 3. She's got a shrewd head on her shoulders.

  • She's lucky to have a head on her shoulders at all.

    She is going to cause the major downfall

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  • There are some really great female characters in that show.

    Wendy, Ruth and the bat s**t crazy Darlene are all brilliant.

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  • Darlene is a brilliant character. Completely bananas. Taking on a Mexican drug cartel you would have to be.

  • Another teaser has popped up, with only a sliver of new footage;

  • Netflix really do like breaking there finale seasons into two parts these days.

    Trailer for part 1 which drops on January 21st.