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Seed and plant swap



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    A friend of mine sent me this link earlier, it looks like the public libraries have set up a seed swap pyramid scheme. :D

    Great idea!

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    I enjoy raising trees from seed...FREE to take:

    Numerous horse chestnuts, planted autumn 2018, conkers collected from around the corner on Glenageary Upper. Will need a bit of space for each. Not edible not suitable for suburban gardens

    Four crabapples, planted in autumn 2018, collected from Fishertown Co. Laois during an end of season barge holiday along the Grand Canal.

    Also some native oak seedlings.

    Come and collect, take one or two or all.

    When does a seedling become a sapling?

    Travel restrictions lifted, I have been fully vaccinated.

    I am in Dun Laoghaire

  • Horse Chestnuts can be kept in pots indefinitely too, as slightly large bonsai. No special treatment needed except very, very occasional potting on. Not ideal of course, but if you don't have much space it is an option.

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    Oh I had a tame bonsai horsechestnut .... until one year some very large 'nomal' sized leaves appeared! Yes it had found its way out the bottom of its pot and grew rapidly into a large tree that took a lot of effort to remove about 10 yrs later.

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    Graces7 wrote: »
    Would be glad of part packets of older seed as I seem to have left it late to order.

    Small range; leafy greens eg kale; carrots, broad beans and sunflowers.. sweet peas

    I have abundance of part packets of peas from last year so will enjoy those

    This is when I really miss being able to shop! strict covid-seclusion here.

    Did you get sorted with any seeds?

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    I’m dividing gunnera manicata if anyone wants some, note it’s not the invasive variety which is Gunnera tinctoria which is the invasive one that causes problems, this one doesn’t seed itself. I’m in Laois

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    Just a suggestion, but it might be as well to take the discussion to PM for security.

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    I still have a number of seedling/saplings:

    native horse chestnuts (not edible!)

    native oak trees

    a few crabapple trees

    Chestnuts and oaks grow big, not suitable for small urban gardens.

    Crabapples are okay for small gardens.

    Collect for free in Glenageary.

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    Thought I'd put these here for you Looksee. These are spares, they have been growing in containers so are good for transplanting.

    Bergenia Crassifolia (not sure what the specific name is but it does have a purple flower, I think)

    Lamium Purple Dragon

    and I have a bit of a habit of taking Hydrangea clippings randomly, there's two white paniculata types one tall and one dwarf which have just rooted and good for transplant ( and an incredibe blue/pink/purple mophead Macrophylla that's only just been cut)

    All good shady plants that I'm happy to share.

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    What time of year do you take hydrangea cuttings?

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    Whenever I see them, from spring through to late summer. The paniculata probably from around June/July and I added another in August. The most recent additions are purely as a result of having to clip back some branches from around front of house over the last week so I don't know how they will fare but as they were still in leaf figured I'd see if they'd take.

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    I'm looking for a few immature fruit trees I. É apple, pear, plum etc if anyone is getting rid.

    Just moved into a new semi d and trying to create a nice garden with practically zero budget leftover 🙈


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    I am a great fan of swapping and sharing garden plants, but one thing I would want to get a named variety on a known rootstock is fruit trees. You are going to invest several years of care before it fruits, do get trees that are going to reward your efforts. You will only have space for a maximum of 2 or 3 trees in a suburban garden and you would be better to get semi-dwarf rootstocks, otherwise you could end up with large trees that are really not practical for the space.

    You can get young tree on a named rootstock ( ) for around €20 to €25 which would be money well spent.

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  • Registered Users Posts: 45 Nell B

    What seed fertilizer would you recommend? I love growing from seed but sometimes its a bit hit and miss largely due to the medium used.

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    We can't buy your products as we are not in the UK.

  • Registered Users Posts: 45 Nell B

    Thank you. Looking forwards to next years plants!

  • Registered Users Posts: 38 pat2167

    Hi all, I'm searching for comfrey seeds, it looks like they are out of stock on all sites I know. Would appreciate, if anyone can help to source or perhaps interested to swap? I have a large surplus of annual flower seeds ( poppies, cornflowers, nasturtiums, clarkias, snapdragons etc) and some veg such as kale, cayenne, tomatoes, pakchoi, rocket.

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    Where are you based.

    Check out gardens for life on FB. Martin normally has some cuttings available.

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    Thanks, SW. Completely forgot about it, I was visiting them a few months ago)

  • Registered Users Posts: 12 mcgrueser

    Hi Pat, did you get sorted? Let me know if you didn't and I could send you some bits of roots from one of my plants. They root very easily for me in a small pot of compost. I took about 12 at the end of the summer and I think they've all come up.

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    I've just come across this:

    (I've no affiliation with the company whatsoever, I was just looking at their website and came across it).

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    Hi all,

    Through a series of unfortunate events I've managed to kill my San Marzano seedlings this year. It's getting too late to resow and the only place to buy plugs seems to be the UK which won't ship here.

    I love San Marzanos; I can them every year and use them all year to make sauces.

    Does anyone in the Dublin area or surrounds have any SM plants for sale?

  • Registered Users Posts: 988 ✭✭✭Stephen_Maturin

    Hiya, are these still available?

    Would love a couple of oaks and horse chestnuts to plant if they’re still going?


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    Sorry, but no, all gone to new homes.

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    Can anyone please recommend a nice colourful flower/plant for a small ish pot (bout 16 inches tall and 12 inch diameter).

    patio is bright but wouldn’t get a massive amount of direct sunlight.

    something perennial (comes back year after year)

    everythning I seem to put in just dies after one summer

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    Colourful and shade and perennial is a bit limiting.

    Campanula, astilbe, heuchera (though that has colourful leaves rather than showy flowers), hosta. You might be better with a small shrub such as hebe or pieris.

    What have you tried that failed?

    Edit - you are not really in the right thread for this, you would be better posting a new thread just for this topic.

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    I have a fuchsia in similar condition and it's doing well.