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Seed and plant swap



  • A friend of mine sent me this link earlier, it looks like the public libraries have set up a seed swap pyramid scheme. :D

    Great idea!

  • I enjoy raising trees from seed...FREE to take:

    Numerous horse chestnuts, planted autumn 2018, conkers collected from around the corner on Glenageary Upper. Will need a bit of space for each. Not edible not suitable for suburban gardens

    Four crabapples, planted in autumn 2018, collected from Fishertown Co. Laois during an end of season barge holiday along the Grand Canal.

    Also some native oak seedlings.

    Come and collect, take one or two or all.

    When does a seedling become a sapling?

    Travel restrictions lifted, I have been fully vaccinated.

    I am in Dun Laoghaire

  • Horse Chestnuts can be kept in pots indefinitely too, as slightly large bonsai. No special treatment needed except very, very occasional potting on. Not ideal of course, but if you don't have much space it is an option.

  • Oh I had a tame bonsai horsechestnut .... until one year some very large 'nomal' sized leaves appeared! Yes it had found its way out the bottom of its pot and grew rapidly into a large tree that took a lot of effort to remove about 10 yrs later.

  • Graces7 wrote: »
    Would be glad of part packets of older seed as I seem to have left it late to order.

    Small range; leafy greens eg kale; carrots, broad beans and sunflowers.. sweet peas

    I have abundance of part packets of peas from last year so will enjoy those

    This is when I really miss being able to shop! strict covid-seclusion here.

    Did you get sorted with any seeds?

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