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Civil claim v criminal trial



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    Sorry thats complete bullshite.

    Its ok to break a law to catch someone breaking the law. The hypocricy stinks.

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    They illegally and knowingly carried out a search of a premises different from the address on the search warrant. Then bullied me into saying i invited them in without a warrant with the threat against me.

    So apparently i walked into the premises on the search warrant and said no guys you are in the wrong place. Come in to the place where the actual incriminating evidence is that would destroy my life (right or wrong).

    I just wish i could be (further) punished while also being vindicated over how much they tortured me for 3 years knowing i have severe mental health issues.

    Its not about pity or compensation just that all wrongs in the situation should be addressed.

    What if i happened to be innocent? More than likely these bully boy tactics are being used all the time. I for one have no faith trust or confidence of the legal system which is a difficult way to be when you are up before them in two weeks.

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    You broke the law, you were caught. What part of that do you not unerstand?

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    It sounds like you've really been through the mill in the last three years or so, my honest condolences to you. It also sounds like you have a loving family and friends who would be there for you if you were to hit complete rock bottom.

    People on forums are fickle, they can think of themselves as being open minded and non-judgemental, regretfully that emphatic sympathy soon dissipates when someone admits to being involved in any type of criminal activity.

    I'm not any use on offering legal advice, my only advice would be to stay strong, take responsibility, admit any wrong doing on your part, take your punishment and move on with your life. Then one day hopefully in the very near future, you'll look back on this whole sorry nightmare and say to yourself 'I fcuked up but I made it through'.

    That's what I do.

    “Have you ever imagined a world with no hypothetical situations?”

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    Hi Buttscratcha! It would be useful if you could try to answer this question, people here want to help you. If you can come up with a breach of your constitutional rights or human rights then you could be onto something.

    You also refer to a threat - including threat to family. Can you give more information on these threats. Did these threats influence your statements to the Gardai?