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  • I should be clear that this applies to goods sold by amazon or fulfilled by amazon. There are sellers on amazon that ship from China. you may be charged VAT when orders from those sellers arrive.

  • Thanks for the info! I normally buy direct from Amazon. It's mostly video games I get but also helpful to know if I ever get other stuff.

  • Hypothetically speaking,

    If you changed banks, is there an option to update debit card details on your Amazon account?

    Thank you

  • Yes go in to Your Account->Your Payments and you can add or remove card details. You can have multiple cards stored and select one as default.

  • Thank you!

    What steps do I take to add the new card & set this debit card as the default payment method?

    I have my current card added to the account already.

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  • Thanks. It's not a student Prime account, it's a standard, £7.99/mo account, and payment sharing is enabled (we both have access to one of each other's cards). But every "share Prime benefits" link from both our accounts just ends us up back at the same message, with no way to actually activate the sharing.

  • go to Your Account->Your Payments as Atlantic Dawn said. Click Wallet and then Add a credit or debit card at the bottom of the screen.

    To make it the default payment method go to Settings and then Change Preference. Then click the Change link next to payment method.

  • When did Amazon start their own deliveries outside Dublin? I've a package which is apparently being delivered on Sunday and the courier is Amazon themselves.

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  • Just signed up again this year for a free months prime. Getting the Christmas list finalized, and will start ordering from Thursday. Im only going to use Prime this year (Orders fulfilled by Amazon only) dont trust An post. Am I right in saying that with prime, the price you see in the checkout is the price you pay? No customs letters?

    Its a disgrace Joe!

  • Yes there are never any extra charges on prime items. I've got a few (mostly small) import tax refunds also.

    I actually had an Amazon ordered dispatched with An Post yesterday for the first time in months. It was only a bookmark so maybe that's why.

  • Next day delivery was available on some items at 9.30 this morning (order within 15/45 minutes). It's nice to see it back even if it's not the ~6 pm cutoff that there was in late 2019.

  • Perfect, thanks for reply, prime all the way for Christmas this year so. I would not trust An Post to make a cup of tea these days, they are gone to the dogs.

    Its a disgrace Joe!

  • Not sure where else to post this, but whenever I buy something on Amazon - the tracking always follows the same process. It arrives at a carrier facility in Dublin whenever, and then is delivered to me the next day.

    That's the case for almost everything I buy, except miniature bottles of acrylic paint (for painting models) and airbrush cleaner (again, a small bottle).

    Is there any reason why these take longer? It's usually a few days extra. Something to do with them being liquid?

  • Believe or not but paint, even in small quantities is classed as DG (Dangerous Goods) so maybe its something to do with that.

    Its a disgrace Joe!

  • Interesting. I do always receive the package eventually, it just takes longer after being held up in the Dublin "carrier facility" for a few days first.

  • Spotted at least 50 brand new electric Amazon Prime delivery vans at Mercedes on Long Mile Road earlier. Are amazon about to take things to a new level in Ireland? Will they launch before Christmas or wait until the new year? Will we get next day prime delivery's? Interesting times ahead...

    Its a disgrace Joe!

  • Their is also a large amount of vans in the Limereick depot.They are making deliveries to local housing estates ,some taxi drivers are also doing work for Zeus/Amazon

  • They're already being used. I had a parcel delivery today from one here in Bray.

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  • Quick question. For the first time Amazon have shipped something to me using DPD rather than An Post but the tracking number isn't a DPD one. Does anyone know if eventually I'll get a proper tracking number or will I only be able to track it through the Amazon site (which doesn't even have the usual "See all updates" link

  • With DPD, they texted me the morning the package was due with a 3 hour timeframe.

    Its a disgrace Joe!

  • Ive noticed a few prime shipments that used to be delivered by Amazon themselfs are now been delivered by An Post. I have 2 day shipments due today all via prime via An Post. Ill report back later to see if An Post deliver them on time. Hopefully they have upped their gamne this year!

    Im in Dublin 5 btw.

    Its a disgrace Joe!

  • Has anyone had any recent experience with buying from some of the larger marketplace sellers on

    I'm specifically interested in music media from sellers such as MusicMagpie, OnlineMusicFilmsGames, Momax.

    Is VAT prepaid like they do for their own products?

    Are posted parcels getting through from these sellers?

  • Ordered a satellite box direct from Amazon.

    On the 18th of October got an update saying it was in Dublin and "initiated customs clearance process".

    Nothing since.

    Should I cancel or wait it out? Does this part usually take that long?

  • Definitely shouldn't take that long, who was delivering it? An post or Amazon? Could be an issue with the address label.

  • Amazon.

    I went ahead and cancelled it and refunded.

    Bought it again this morning.

    I have Prime trial so it said the delivery would be this Monday (or Tuesday?). Grand I thought!

    But after completing the purchase, delivery date is now Nov 11th!

    Is that normal? Any chance it might come sooner?

  • Anyone ever have issues with Amazon and Customs?

    My delivery from Amazon through An Post just updated with the message "Customs clearance have identified a problem with the customs declaration accompanying your item. We are working with the retailer to fix the issue."

    Just wondering if anyone has had it and knows how long it might delay the delivery

  • Amazon UK sending out an email


    VAT & Duties Calculation


    When shopping on, all prices are shown inclusive of UK VAT before checkout but this is removed and updated with any Irish VAT and / or duties that are due when you proceed to checkout and select an Irish delivery address. Here are some common examples:

    On orders less than €150 dispatched from Amazon UK (Irish VAT due):

    - The price you see before checkout is inclusive of UK VAT, at the appropriate rate (e.g. 20%).

    - UK VAT is removed at checkout and you will instead see Irish VAT applied (e.g. 23%) once an Irish delivery address is selected.

    - E.g. a cable with a price of €15.18 (including UK VAT), changes to €15.55 at checkout (€12.65 with UK VAT removed + €2.90 Irish VAT added).

    On orders more than €150 dispatched from Amazon UK (custom duties and taxes where applicable):

    - The price you see before checkout is inclusive of UK VAT (e.g. 20%).

    - UK VAT is removed at checkout and once an Irish delivery address is selected

    you will instead see 1) an item price which excludes VAT, and 2) an Import Fee Deposit which includes Irish VAT (23%), and any applicable duties (for some products no duties are applied).

    - E.g. a ladies coat with a price of €200.92 (including UK VAT) changes to €230.65 at checkout (UK VAT is removed and replaced with Irish VAT and duties, which in this example would be €167.43 ex-VAT price + €63.22 Import Fee Deposit and Irish VAT).

    On orders dispatched from Marketplace Sellers:

    - The price of items which are dispatched from our Marketplace Sellers are inclusive of any applicable VAT and duties, and no further payment will be due. If for any reason you are charged additional costs (e.g., by customs authorities), in addition to the purchase price and delivery, you can contact the Seller to request a refund of these costs.

    - Should the Seller not reply or resolve the issue for you, you are eligible to file an A-to-Z Guarantee claim with us to request a refund.

    - For more information about our A-to-Z Guarantee, please visit

    Visit the Irish Revenue site for more information on how VAT and duties are applied:

    We hope this helps and that we see you again soon.


    Customer Service Department

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  • My parcel from China to Ireland has the latest tracking info. Seems to be in Belgium now? Would my parcel take much longer to deliver?

    Herstal,Herstal,BE, Departed from Facility.

    2021-11-22 09:19

    Herstal,Herstal,BE, Arrived at Sort Facility.

    2021-11-15 11:03

    Custom clearance completed

    2021-11-13 21:00

    Arrived at AIRPORT of Destination

    2021-11-12 12:07

    Departed from AIRPORT of Origin

    2021-11-09 22:30

    CHINA, Arrive at international airport to abroad

    2021-11-09 13:30

    SHENZHEN, Departed Facility In processing center

    2021-11-09 07:57

    Departed Facility in SHENZHEN

    2021-11-08 19:39

    Arrived at Sort Facility SHENZHEN

    2021-11-08 11:55

    Shipment information received