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N22 - Macroom to Ballyvourney (Macroom Bypass) [under construction]



  • The Examiner was lumping two projects into to one, and counting them as a single scheme. Macroom-Ovens would have been a similar road-type to the existing Ballincolling Bypass (so, basically a motorway but without the vehicle-type and L-driver restrictions). That project hit a lot of local objection, and was eventually canned in 2011 when the roads programme was cut back.

    I don’t believe that this Macroom-Ovens section got a new approval from An Bord Pleaneala in 2015; my understanding was that only Macroom-Baile Bhúirne was approved to go forward.

  • Stop go commencing Monday 6th September til Friday 10th at Tonn Láin just east of Baile Bhuirne to complete the roundabout tie in for the link road to the Clondrohid Road and the N22 junction.

  • I think you're right. There was route selection done AFAIK on Ovens - Macroom, but nothing further than that. It would have to be started from scratch now. I still would prefer Midleton - Youghal TBH, massively overcapacity with loads of turns, which I guess describes both routes. But Midleton - Youghal has Lakeview, Castlemartyr and Killeagh which all need bypassing.

  • I drive N25 a lot, and N22, and there’s no competition. N25 has capacity, has good sight-lines and wide, well engineered carriageway, but it has two big bottlenecks (Lakeview roundabout, Castlemartyr bridge) and one minor one (Killeagh). N22 has more traffic, a poorer road for more of its length, worse sightlines, even if there’ll only be one minor bottleneck (Lissarda) after this scheme.

    Fixing the problems with N22 really needs a new road. Fixing the problems with N25 in Cork only needs a couple of focused improvements: Lakeview could be solved with a smaller-scale project similar to the roundabout upgrades that were done on N40*. Castlemartyr really only needs a relief road to separate out Cork-Garryvoe and Cork-Waterford streams somewhere better than the narrowest point of the main street, and Killeagh is only a problem eastbound because Castlemartyr bunches traffic into platoons that get held again; westbound, it suffers from commuters right-turning onto the Mogeely road to avoid Castlemartyr. Fixing Castlemartyr would also fix Killeagh.

    (* for example, move the start of dual carriageway eastward to a roundabout at the Youghal Road entry to Midleton, and upgrade Lakeview to be a free-flow junction)

  • They’re after breaking through at Coolcower now, the trees at the the in are being cut down this week.

    The downside here is a tailback from Coolcower to the FOUR mile bridge due to the stop go. I’d avoid the N22 at peak times. Looks like 45-60 mins to get through that queue atm.

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  • Yay though, it's finally happening! Was wondering how long it'd take them to start at Coolcower. Big roundabout out the Millstreet road really starting to take shape too.

    On a kinda off topic note, anyone know when that new filling station out the Millstreet road is due to open? Heard there might be a Supermacs or something there too.

  • Kind of came out of nowhere but there has been activity on the other side of the ditch for some time now. Dumpers are flat out hauling fill material from further west atm. You can see them regularly passing over the flyovers especially the one at the R618.

    The waiting at the stop go has been chronic today though. It’s very very slow getting through there but there is a very handy diversion route via Nutricia.

    The roundabout construction might be a little easier as it’s slightly offline.

  • "there is a very handy diversion route via Nutricia"

    Will you keep that to yourself!!!!!

    The fewer people that know about it the better.

    Depending on how you make your way back to the N22 there are at least 3 T junctions on the route.

    The traffic will build up on them very quickly if they become too popular😏

  • Scew Supermacs.

    Over priced chips and the burgers are very poor.

    Would be great to see a local fast food business going in there for a change

  • Couldn't agree more. Same with McDirts, Burger Ming and the like.

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  • Don't shoot the messenger 😂 Whatever's going in there I hope it's good. Looks like a pretty big place too so hopefully there's might even be a couple of outlets there and a decent shop.

  • Anyone know when the Clonfadda road is reopening? Was supposed to be September 10th but the 'road closed' signs are still out in force.

  • Contractor appointed for resurfacing at Coolcower

  • That general area is going to be mayhem for the foreseeable between the resurfacing and the N22BBM works. It can’t be said how much they will be worth it on the other hand

  • Thanks 🙂

    Anyone know for how long more the stop and go will be in operation for on the Millstreet road? The work there is progressing quite steadily so I can't imagine it being too much longer.

  • Not sure on the Millstreet Road but the new Clondrohid Link Road opened in Ballyvourney today. Looks like they’re holding off on completing the roundabout with the existing N22 as the new road meets the existing N22 at a T junction driven down the middle of the new roundabout.

    They can start building up the embankment across the old Clondrohid Road now. They built up the embankment on the temporary alignment on the Millstreet Road rather quickly there over the last few weeks

  • Because I never post I am not allow put up links until I show I'm good! But there is an excellent video the Council put up two weeks ago on YouTube but its very badly named so only a fluke I stumbled on it this morning. If someone would look it up and add the link I think everyone who has not already seen it would enjoy it. There is full drone footage of the entire route. it is called

    N22 Bypass Drone 25 August 2021

  • Great, sound for that! 20 minutes long but super to see!

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  • Resurfacing at Coolcower to commence Monday the 11th until December 6th. Stop go in place 7pm to 7am nightly. Badly needed and won’t affect traffic much.

    I wonder will any of the bypass work around there be done in parallel

  • Clonfadda road finally reopened! Nice bridge built, will make for a nice vantage point to see the work being done below.

  • Massive cutting there they did some job in the time it was closed.

    New alignment on the Millstreet is open now too.

  • That video looks so good it should be on pornhub

  • Will there be a roundabout at Coolcower to join the new road/stay on the old (current) road?

  • Yes. You can see the space cleared for it at the end of that video.

  • Coolcower yes, but I think it's going to be a direct link without a roundabout on the Kerry side.

  • The Kerry side flows directly into the existing N22 but there is a GSJ there for access to/from the old route and into Baile Bhuirne.

    That area at Coolcower where the roundabout is isn't cleared either, it was built up from the river level. Quite a lot of fill gone in there it was some operation going on in August/September. Dumper central.

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  • Yep was incredible to see it "appearing" up out of the ground, when I could catch glimpses.