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My first Marathon and first log log



  • Great report. Very well done.

  • Well done - great running !

  • Missing my runs, will give it till Friday then might slip in a sneaky mile or two.

    I've never done an adult parkrun but I go with my pup to the junior every week, I think I might see how the shorter distance feels, look for a plan to keep me occupied for a few winter months.

    Time to add some core and strength to my training, might even try a few stretches

  • Fantastic report. Thanks.

  • Great report and result. Very well deserved. I'm delighted for you.

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  • Ah brilliant result, and so deserved after that training block, congrats!!

  • Well done :) Great report & great race!

    Never say never ;)

  • Well done! A hugely satisfying result I'm sure! Great strength to dig in for the closing 3 miles to ensure you got the sub 4.

  • First run after the marathon, junior parkrun

    2km easy ish

    Felt amazing to be running again, even though I was hungover.

  • Quick update, chest infection knocked me out since last Tuesday, even took a sick day to help get over it.

    Flu jab tomorrow so probably try a mile or two Thursday and on from there.

    Parkruns and strength/conditioning will be the priority for this winter and spring.

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  • Been a while since I logged here as Marathon19 and recently started to drop in to read other logs, decided to continue the log I started as Marathon19. Why not :-) Running this year has been more about somehow finding the motivation.

    Where I'm at now- I started a plan to improve my 5k two weeks ago. Keeping the mileage level and introduced intervals twice a week. This will probably be my log for the next while

    What I was at this year-Put in some miles earlier in the year and ran a solo 50k(4.40). Wanted to see if I could. I could so happy days. Then I went on holidays and slowed down the training till last month.

    What I was at last year - I just about kept my head above water, ran the Dublin virtual in a similar time to my 2019. **** of a year by any standards.

  • Just checked my Strava- all my records are this year

    1km - 3.52

    1m - 6.23

    5k - 20.54

    10k 45.30

    Half - 1.41.43

    Full - 3.48

    My hope is to improve on all these in the next year. Starting with the 5k. On that note I think the 20.54 was on a wind behind me stormy day with a lot of downhill. I plan on checking my level in two weeks at the closest flat parkrun I can find.

    One thing I have to say is that intervals are a painfull.

  • Currently I am running 6 days a week, with a focus on three and three recovery-relaxed days. I'm doing this because I am enjoying it mainly. I don't run on a Friday. Junkfood and movies mainly.

    Yesterday I did an interval session

    2km warmup at 5.30

    4 x 1km intervals at 4.00 pace with 90 seconds in between

    2km warmdown at 5.30

    Today I took it very easy with a 5km at 5.00 pace

  • Steady as she goes,

    Yesterday (Wednesday) I did an interval session

    2km warmup at 5.30/km

    8 x 200m intervals at 3.50 to 4.00 pace with 60 seconds recovery

    2km warmdown at 5.30/km

    Tough session. Not feeling it

    Today I planned an easy 9km but ended up mixing it up a bit with a 3.47 3rd km and some strides at the end. The reason for the racing pace x 1km was to get a base reading. I've decided to blow a wad of cash on a new pair of trainers this weekend and I want to do a repeat next week in whatever tempo shoes I choose to see if they were worth it.

    Currently I'm doing tempo in an old a pair of endorphin speeds, originally these were amazing then one wet evening about 200 miles into running in them they lost their bounce and even the rocker seems to be gone. I do all my other runs in either brooks ghost or a pair or reebok runn somethings I got on the cheap to keep me going.

    My big decision this weekend is new Endorphin Speed Pro or Vaporfly next% . I love the Saucony so I'm leaning that way but the next% have a serious rep. decisions decisions.

    Rest tomorrow

  • Endorphins are useless in the wet (my experience anyway) - as its approaching the winter months...........

  • I've the Pro's and Next%. Pro's are a great shoe...but they're no Next%. I've struggled to see much of a difference between the Pro and Speed, which probably speaks to how great a shoe the Speed is, but also takes the Pro out of consideration for raceday.

  • Yeah I have to agree here, I have the speeds & pro(which I absolutely love) but can't see much difference between them. Don't have the Next% so can't comment on them.

  • Thanks for the input guys, I do love the saucony speeds and will probably buy another pair but I went with the Vaporfly next% 2. Didn't have time to go to a bricks and mortar shop last weekend so bought online. On the way from Germany as we speak.

    In the mean time I've just ploughed ahead with the 5km training. I like the long runs and easy stuff too much so the intervals are giving me the jitters on planned days. As my little brother says if your not breathing out your arse at the end of them your not doing them right.

    Saturday I did a lovely 22km at 5.00/km. The misses who couldn't run a minute in February did the ladies mini marathon early doors, very proud I was. Pumped me up for the long run. Happy days

    Sunday an easy 6km at 5.20/km

    Monday I did 2km easy 5.30/km then 4 x [email protected]/k with 60 seconds slow jog in between then a 2km warm down. Tough

    Today I went for a gander to the Rivervalley parkrun route, the hill is still as rough as I remember. Nice hilly 8km at 4.45/km.

    I'm in two minds as to the parkrun this weekend, was going to try a TT at the Malahide parkrun venue but not sure its the best option. If the magic shoes arrive I might try it otherwise I might just go for the buzz. Lots of happy people getting back into the park :-)

    Thanks again for the tips on the shoes guys, that's why i love coming here

  • Havent done Malahid PR in years - is there some of that still on corse stone/trail? Would not be great for the Next%.

    Do a PR now on 1 course and repeat it in 6 weeks - same course, same shoes etc.

  • Thanks, the route still has some hard packed gravel and trail. I will try the comparison; if only to see if my midweek intervals are improving my speed. Plan on alternating between Malahide and Rivervalley PR. Malahide for speed and Rivervalley for hills.

    There are a few parts to my plan for improving speed, I'm in the initial phase of learning and implementing intervals. In the next few weeks I want to start some strength work with an emphasis on core/stretching which I dont do :-(

    I have to admit I'm finding it difficult and not sure its smart or clever to take on this challenge but fuckit. I'll be 50 in a couple of years and if I'm going to do improve it will have to be soon.

    Be good

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  • 10km at 5.30/km last night, feeling very fatigued during this run.

    Decided to take a day off. Shur why not

    Big plate of pasta/pesto and freshly baked bread to relax. Roll on Saturday

  • 19:47 Finish time for the PR, Saucony Endorphin speeds on foot.

    Parkrun was a blast, great day for it and lots of happy faces about the place. Might adjust my training schedule to have a go more often. I have been doing long runs of a Saturday for a long time.

    Sunday, very relaxed 26km at 5.24/km

    The Vaporfly next% 2 arrived today and as I have a tempo/interval session tomorrow I might take them for a spin then.

  • Well done on the PR, nice time & good it was so enjoyable 😊

  • Monday the 27th did an easy 5km at 5.00/km pace. Wearing my reebok easy run trainers.

    Today I wore the Vaporfly Next % 2 for the first time, bouncy is how I would describe them.

    2km at 5.20/km warmup then 4 x 1km intervals at 4.00min/km with 60 second in between followed by a 2km warm down at 5.20/km.

    The Vaporfly feel great on first try but not noticeably better than the Saucony tempo speed I was using prior. Both phenomenal shoes, looking forward to seeing how they fair on a TT in the near future.

  • Took a hilly route tonight for 9km at 4.45min/km. Put a single 4 minute km in on a downhill section to liven it up.

    Might chill tomorrow and see how I feel for the weekend

  • Another week done

    Went back to the Malahide Parkrun yesterday to try out the Vaporfly Next%- Another PR at 19.32. The route in Malahide is about 100 meters shy of the 5k meaning my min/km pace was sitting on 4.00/km. This is encouraging. I will look around for a 5km race in the next couple of months to try an official sub 20 min. My plan is to stay with speed training till the end of the year. Test myself at 10km as well.

    Today I surprised myself with a Half Marathon best time on my usual long run route. I put on my reebok daily trainers to take an easy run but as the wind was behind me on the way out I was skipping along at 4.45 to 4.55/km for the first 10km. Then my run converged with a random guy on a long run, and as sometimes happens we had a bit of a chat about running and trainers and how we love the old running. His pace was also at about 4.45 so by the time our paths separated I had hit 10 miles at 1.15 without really thinking about it. I had a caffeine gel stashed so I necked it and ran into the wind knowing a 24 minute 5km would bring me in below 1.40 for the first time. Boooooom. Happy out at 1.39 for my fasted half time then pottered home with an extra 3km at 5min/km. These are the days that keep me going.

    More of the same this week 🤞 with intervals and daily runs.

  • Yep those are the days that make it worth while😊

  • iiiii

  • Malahide is an accurately measured 5k course. If you check your run map on Strava or whatever you will have taken shortcuts through the forest a few times around the 3-4k mark which is why your watch thinks you didn’t run 5k. GPS is no match for the trees there.

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  • Even better 😊. My watch and Strava had 4.9 last two weeks. I also noticed the 14 or so other Strava users that grouped with my run were short on thier distance too so just presumed. Didn't realise the trees and trail had an impact.

    I will take that 👍