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What If...? - Disney+ (***Spoilers***)



  • somebody said that its hard to get natural lip movement with CG animation

  • Betty Ross looked like Dakota Johnson

  • If your on about the the third episode then I have to disagree. I thought it was a better episode than the second one but I still think that the first episode was the best and I am not sure any other episode is going to beat it.

  • 4: Best episode yet.

    But damn that was harrowing! 🙁

    Looking forward to Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

    but jeez I hope it's a bit more.. not as sad as this was

  • Just watched episode 4. I have to say I have never really been a fan of Doctor Strange but this was a really good What If.

    It was sad too. You have to feel sorry for him in the end all he-wanted was his true love and look what it cist him and yet he still failed. I thought it was cool the way we get to see the watcher talk to him to and say he was warned. He really did try and all just for love. So sad.

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  • Watched episode 5

    I'll be honest and admit that I'd probably say "Blam!" as well, or something similar.

    Was it me or was Happy's face really small on a really round head? I know Jon Favreau's not exactly the slimmest actor, but it looked a bit much.

    Surprised Tom Holland was the only active MCU actor to not provide his voice. Must've been busy since I'm sure he'd have no problem doing it otherwise.

    I like the Marvel Zombies comics so was looking forward to this one. Enjoyed it but wouldn't have minded a 2 parter.

  • 5: Now THAT was a zombie episode!

    Right at the end there I was like..

    Hold up.. didn't Peter just break his own rul.. nevermind, there's Thanos! 😁

    I was like.. they didn't even catch one break.. but then I was like.. Oh yeah.. Zombie episode! of course! 😁

    I assume if there are going to be crossovers in the future, it's possible

    that some multiverse baddie is going to end up bringing about some series of events that has them ending up as another victim of Zombie Earth.

  • I liked this weeks Zombie episode.

    Hey guys I got Sharon all over me 😁

    Nice Futurama head gag.

    I hope if the jump through the multiverse in live action they land in the Zombieverse for a scene or two with Zombie Avengers.

    I love a good Signature.

  • Loved episode 5...hopefully they might do a sequel...or a full film!

  • Liked the episode, though it felt a bit more filler than some of the other episodes, not a lot of character moments.

    Was surprised it wasn't Tom Holland as Spider-Man though. Whoever voiced him really nailed most of the lines.

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  • did Mark Ruffalo do his voice over down a land line phone?

    Post edited by expectationlost on

  • Did not think episode 5 was great. In fact it was a big disappointment for me. I was looking forward to what they would do for the Hulks What If and if this was the best they could come up with it was pethatic. A 1 out of 10 from me for it this week. The only reason it gets 1 point is because they said the virus got the avengers early on otherwise the whole episode was just stupid.

    Really hoping next weeks episode is better but so far none of them have been as good as the very first episode.

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  • They really see Hank Pym as a bad guy in this series, don't they. That's 2 episodes where he's responsible for the death of heroes

  • I don’t think he’s the bad guy in this one. Just the first to fall. He did exactly the same thing he did in Ant Man and the Wasp, only this time what he found wasn’t the same.

  • Yeah but just the fact it was his actions, it's like Marvel wants to blame him for every bad thing happening to the heroes.

  • I mean, to be fair, the Dr Strange in his what if did way more damage than Pym did in his.

  • The one thing I didn't understand about the Strange one was how was that a fixed point, when we've seen it play out differently already.

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  • Hope this was a two parter episode couldn't for the life of me place Kurt finally remembered who he was, Hope was very good in this episode loved her as Giant Woman

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  • I'm guessing in different universes of the multiverse, there are different fixed points. Since Strange had to have the crash to make him go to the Ancient One to become a sorcerer and in that What If universe Christine was going to the meal/dinner thing with him and was in the car, her death was the fixed point that made him seek out the Ancient One rather than damaging his hands.

  • Good episode this week and I'm guessing they will continue this later this season based of the mid season teaser released yesterday

  • Probably gonna avoid the trailer.. the episodes feel too short to give it a watch

    1.6: That was decent. Guessing this universe could reappear

    with Killmonger as the Black Panther but also possibly Petter Potts as Rescue really souped up by Shuri

    Was nice to hear the voice of

    Chadwick Boseman again

  • it was Peppers turn for the voice not to match the lips.

    Post edited by expectationlost on

  • I think one of my biggest issues with these is just the pacing. Big setups and plot points move so quickly or are waved away with a line or two and not given time to breathe, particularly when they don't have the proper voice actors. Obidiah Stane being completely removed so quickly, Tony instantly trusts Killmonger and then moving to making him robotic drones, that all happened in the space of about 3 minutes.

    I still enjoy the show, but it's little more than a bit of fluff to pass the time rather than doing something truly interesting with the premise.

  • I did not think this weeks episode was that good but I also had no idea who your man was that wanted all the robots and then turned out to be bad.

  • Killmonger? He was the villain in Black Panther. One of the best villains in the MCU.

  • Have you seen Black Panther?

  • Yeah Black Panther is great. Definite recommend!

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