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School Equestrian Club experience?

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    As the heading says, has anyine any experience of running or getting a school equestrian club going? My school had one years ago but petered out with no body to help run it. Everyone has to do their bit so was wondering has anyone any experience in this? I know a neighbouring school that has one might look into that too. Thanks in advance


  • I and another parent approached the principal a few years ago. He gave us the go ahead. Everything you need to know is here:

    The school put out a notice for the first meeting, We deliberately decided to invite parents/guardians only to the first meeting. These are the ones who will be transporting kids and horses around the country so you need to gauge what their interest and commitment is. And luckily a few parents with more experience than us turned up. The contact member of staff was a teacher with a passing interest in horses who didnt have to do much. We had a few training sessions during the year, paid by ourselves with our Chef d'equipe an external instructor and other times hired out an arena. My children have long left the school but the jumping team is still going strong.

  • Super thanks very much!

  • Just noticed a mistake - the Chef dequipe was a parent. We paid an instructor for a few lessons at the start of the academic year and one or two during the year.

  • I'd be relatively experienced, but chef d'equipe at Inter-Schools is a different level! It's seriously competitive and the fences can be quite technical. A parent chef can cause some issues as to picking teams- where other parents might infer bias. Will the school pay registration and for a chef to travel with them?

    We were fortunate to have team members who all competed as a team in Pony Club and a parent instructor/chef who had instruction qualifications to boot (see what I did there?) Insurance is also something you need to consider, events have their own, but if the team is doing training with a parent, whose insurance is covering it?