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2021 US Open



  • Well done Medvedev, its nice to see aggressive tennis win out for a change.

    Djokovic went to the well too many times this year, that grinding style of play takes its toll.

    Medvedev fully capitalised and played aggressively and finished the job unlike Tsipitas in Paris.

  • The way the American fans stand up an clap, the men, is just weird. Just the way they do it. Kinda reminds me of these types:

  • Greatest fans in the world. Oh the irony.

  • Medvedev isn't really an aggressive player and Djokovic was poor enough tonight that he didn't have be. He played well enough to win however which is the main thing, he is mentally a bit ahead of Tsitsipas and Zverev at the moment.

  • interesting tournament overall on the men's side, with a couple of bolters doing well and a new champion. The lack of a good competitive final took a bit of the gloss off it however. No problem with Medvedev winning but would have been nice to see Djokovic carried out on his shield rather than offering minimal resistance.

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  • Well Done Daniil Medvedev

  • Feel a bit sorry for Djokovic seeing him in tears.

    Must have been huge pressure on him, very professional through the ridiculous amounts of photos taken afterwards.

    Will he try to alter his game and play more aggressively to shorten points as he gets older like Federer I wonder.

  • Don't think so, with Medvedev and Zverev getting better and better as well as the new lads like Alcaraz, Brooksby and Sinner coming through, I can't see him winning Australia ... not even close.

  • Indeed, his race might well be run and age catches up eventually. Thought there was a touch of that on the podium in his post match address to the crowd, a realisation that his ability to dominate is fading. As for smashing the racquet during the match and the tears etc., put that down to the gamesmanship that he's indulged in over recent years. Thankfully Medvedev was strong enough to ignore that.

  • He's far from finished but his era of complete domination might be coming to an end alright. I'd still fancy him to pick up a few more, on paper he has little competition at Wimbledon next year anyway.

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  • I picked Medvedv to win....woke up this morning quite happy....Nole is just not as quick around the court as he used to be

  • Zverev biggest problem has been his flakiness and we saw in the US open that hasn't changed 5 setters vs 3 are a much different beast.

    Medvedev definitely has the game but you also sense they' a lull from winning his first GS. The young pretenders really haven't shown anything as GS level to make me thing they could beat Novak.

    Given his age, it's Novak's route in GS is what will decide his outcome. In a one off 5 setter Novak is still a cut above everyone else. But if you throw in a lot of 4 setters and one big 5 setter on route then it's a different beast. I think how he realises that and adapts will be interesting.

  • Stunning result. The thing is now that the other players start to smell blood with the old guard. Musetti and Tsitsipas in the FO, Zverev in the Olympics and now Medvedev have shown that ND can be beaten. With Nadal not playing for probably 6 months and Fed probably done and dusted, the younger players know their time is coming. Interesting point in commentary last night, that ND had a 5-3 record v DM winning the first 2 until Medvedev's game matured matured, last night making it 5-4 overall. In the last 7 it is now 4-3 to DM.

  • Future routes to a final key to Djokovic winning more slams.

    Medvedev had a pretty easy route to this final, his side of the draw fell apart once Tsitsipas lost to Alcaraz and then Alcaraz got injured. He still of course got his business done without dropping many sets.  He doesn't appear to warm to grass or clay which may limit his overall slam total, but he looks good for 3 or 4 more hard court slams at least.

    Djokovics side of the draw played to its seedings (until the final of course). I read that that this US Open was the most sets he had lost on route to a final all year and his legs finally went (maybe partly down to nerves/stress too, but part of it was undoubtably physical).

    He is sinking back ot the level of the rest of the field and will lose more sets earlier in slams as a result. As he drops down a few ranking places he will get trickier matches earlier. The accumulation will start to tell.

  • Part of me hopes all 3 of them stay on 20.

    Would be fitting

  • Rather that then Nadal win another, and right now that is the most likely...

  • Djokovic is a far shorter price to win Wimbledon than Nadal is to win the French Open

    The lost of the grass court season in 2020, coupled with a shorter than normal one in 2021 due to Covid also has left the players who haven't "learned" how to play grass effectively behind in their development

    It took Sampras and Federer 5 attempts before they won Wimbledon

  • I was checking Twitter at lunchtime and unfortunately Emma Raducanus win which has gotten mostly positive reaction is being used by both left and right wing people to justify their point of view of Britain. It’s ridiculous really.

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  • I am already dreading watching Wimbledon on the BBC next year - can you imagine the constant **** over Raducanu ? :D

  • Maybe it would be some craic if she declared for China after all 😂?

  • I thought when DM said of ND that he's the best player ever in this victory speech - that's like an indirect self compliment to say when you've just beaten 'the best ever'. And it was also like saying - your're done now.

  • Yeah all that kind of stuff is insufferable. You can't get away from policies in any area of life these day, and it's not just on Twitter, alas.

  • Well it’s always bad when any British player male or female shows any kind of promise and after the way she went out this year, there was going be this redemption storyline that the BBC would flog because that’s what they do, and if you’ve watched enough Wimbledon tournaments on TV over the years they can’t wait to ramp it up. The difference is unlike most a British player has actually done what they normally expect will happen. And it helps she seems very likeable.

  • I think that you're projecting a bit there.

    Djokovic was certainly done yesterday but he's not done done.

    Medvedev is most likely the next world number one as Djokovic himself said but he himself is number one for now.

    Saying that the world number 1 is done is madness.

    If you want to put a bet on for any of the slams next year Djokovic is the comfortable favourite each of them aside from the French Open.

    He plans on being around for the next Olympics in 2024.

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  • It's a pity that the Chinese swing has been cancelled again this Autumn because of Covid, but I don't think she's got too much to complain about right now. She was originally supposed to be playing qualifiers over the weekend for the WTA 250 indoor tournament in Luxembourg this week. I don't think she'll ever be playing qualifying again.

    As for the hype at Wimbledon next year (... and the year after, and ... etc.), she needs to have a chat with Andy Murray sometime.