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2021 US Open



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    You could be right, but I still think it was an odd thing to say on behalf of DM. Then again it could be the case that he was all over the place mentally after winning his first grand slam. His playing possum thing when he won was certainly a bit odd. I was worried he fractured a bone :D

    If you want to put a bet on for any of the slams next year Djokovic is the comfortable favourite each of them aside from the French Open.

    No I get that but I'm just taking everything into the equation. Many have said that Fed had it easy that led to his number of wins, but you could equally say Djokovic had it easy in recent years too. I'd totally agree with you that Djokovic has the will to recover from yesterdays defeat and rise again. The fun part is waiting to see what pans out.

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  • Registered Users Posts: 8,810 ✭✭✭Hector Savage

    Nah no way, he meant it as genuine respect and a fact ... as it stands he is the GOAT, he beats Rafa and Federer on H2H and double career slam ...

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    Yes I think that Djokovic will do well again next year. It is unbelievable how he can better every year compared to his rivals who are 10 + years younger and getting better every year also . I wouldn't be surprised if he hasn't another level gear change in him

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    Probably when he was 25 he wouldn't have lost his legs at the final stage though, notwithstanding the fact that the last few rounds against tough opponents meant he had 5 extra hours over Medved en route.

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    he had a fairly poor year in terms of winning tournaments following each of his other 3-slam years so if past performace is a sign of future whatever, he probably wont be winning many next year. Or the year after, for that matter, if he is still playing at 36.

    It's possible that he was half gassed coming into the US Open.  Dropping sets to people he shouldn't be dropping sets to (expecially first sets) would indicate to me that he wasn't feeling fresh.

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    Would agree, think age was a factor, giving away best part of a decade to Medvedev, regardless of advances in sport science, age is still a big factor. At elite level sport a 25 year old should at the very least match a 34 year old, but most likely outlast them. Recovery also slows with age ( especially after a tough match).

    A younger Djokovic most likely wouldn't have dropped all those sets on the way to the final, would recover better from the semi final and be fresher for the final, all those percentages add up, a fresher Djokovic ( both mentally and physically) would have performed better and the match would have taken on a different complexion.

    Djokovic is far from done, but, getting to that age when his performances are likely to become less consistent than they have been.

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    Well the bookmakers have him favourite for the Australian open in January although the same group of bookmakers have Naomi Osaka as favourite for the women’s crown when it’s not even clear she’ll be playing there.

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    It's mad that some are trying to write off Djokovic or suggest this may be the beginning of the end in a year in which he won three of the four grand slams. He'll be the favourite at three (if not all four) of the grand slams next year. Had he won on Sunday we'd be questioning how many grand slams in a row he'll win!

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    As I said Djokovic is far from done, I expect him to win a few more, but, it'll get harder for him as he ages, slower to recover, not winning matches as easily as before, it all adds up, a percentage or two drop here or there make a significant difference overall, it's the cumulative effect throughout the tournament.

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    Agree, it does seem mad but I think this was the first time he was actually beaten, while fully fit, in a non-FO GS since his meltdown ?

    I found this top 20 list interesting

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    It's a misnomer all this "wouldn't have dropped sets" stuff

    Players frequently drop sets going through grand-slams

    Djokovic had far harder 1/4 final and semi-final opponents than Medvedev

    That's what did the real damage

    Two tough 3 and 1/2 hour matches in a row with long sets and long on-court rallies just before the final against the world number 4 and 7

    And obviously the fact that he's older meant that he couldn't recover as well from these

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    Federer's peak years (victory-wise) seemed to be considerably younger than Djokovic and Nadal. He won nothing from 31-35, years when Djokovic added on 4 or 5 each.

    Federer's 3 titles when he was 35/36 really stand out as an anomaly. Although they were as a direct result of Djokovic's crisis, only 1 other player in history was winning slams at that age.

    Winning slams in your 30s is the exception rather than the norm, and Ken Rosewall aside, it's only the Big 3 who have done it.

    Nadal is not the oldest Spaniard to have won a GS

    Federer was borderline delusional if he thought he could win Wimbledon this year at almost 40 years of age.

    Ken Rosewall and Federer's golden twilight aside, nobody north of 35 wins GS, so Djokovic and Nadal only have next year to add to their tally before things dry up.

    It's one of the few tennis lists that Borg doesn't show up on, even down on page 5 :)

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    Winning a slam past the age of 35 is the exception, but, in Nadal and Djokovic you're talking about two all time greats. In Nadal's case if he can stay reasonably fit, he will still be a serious contender at the FO for another few years, likewise for Djokovic at Wimbledon. One thing in both their favours is that they don't have a younger potential all time great like themselves chasing them.

  • Moderators, Business & Finance Moderators, Sports Moderators Posts: 14,745 Mod ✭✭✭✭whiterebel

    If ND hadn't got rid of his team and started listening to a loony he'd probably be on 25+ too. It was a big mistake by Fed, though.

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    Djokovic fired his "team" in mid 2017 after not winning a slam in a year and losing to a relative nobody in the Australian Open in 2017 2nd round

    Becker was already gone from 2016

    It took him until the following year to win slams again because he had to get an elbow operation (missed US Open) but he has won 8 slams since - he has won more than half of all the slams held since the start of 2018

    I'd say that that has worked out not too badly for him

    It's actually the most successful 4 year period of his entire career for slams!

    And he would have won Wimbledon last year if held and was en route to taking the US Open 2020

    That would have made 10 of 16 slams

    He hired back his main long-term (from a teenager) guy Vajda in 2018 anyways after only 1 year so it was not really a clear-out at all in the end as the long-term principal guy was brought back in

    So effectively he only changed his fitness coach and physio

    Ivanisevic came in in 2019

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