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2021 US Open



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    It was on a knife edge for most of the match.

    The third set was crucial.

    Djokovic was just about able to hold serve coming up with big serves to save break points and Zverev was serving better giving up no break points until the tenth game of the set where djokovic managed to strike.

    That's the "famous" game with the three or four points with really long rallies.

    How Djokovic managed to take that set was an amazing display, firstly by doggedly holding on and then of timing and tactics.

    The winner to take the first break in the fifth set was beautiful tennis

    Then the second break was pure Djokovic defense when pretty much every other tennis player ever would have lost the point but Djokovic made Zverev play an overhead smash at a very uncomfortable height that went out.

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    Headline in the Guardian is, 'Novak Djokovic outlasts Alexander Zverev in titanic US Open semi-final.' A real bugbear of mine is describing five-setters as titanic and other such overblown adjectives.

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    Did you watch it?

    It was a great tense battle given the stakes and with brilliant fulcrum games and moments.

    Plenty of high quality tennis from both sides.

    Even the fifth set with two breaks by Djokovic was good and before the fifth started you could argue that the momentum was with Zverev as his serving had been very good in the fourth set - then Zverev took one break back back and sowed the seeds of doubt to put up one final test for Djokovic.

    Unless you watched it live or later without knowing the score you can't really say.

    Journalists stick in adjectives and lesser matches involving Murray have been titled in more hyperbolic fashion by the same newspaper.

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    The AO was also the last slam of the season at the time, and the surface was pretty dreadful in the 70s and 80s. Borg never travelled to Australia, despite having such a good record on grass. Number of slams didn’t matter to Borg and McEnroe, it was more about being No1.

    Very noticeable the increased court speed in the US for the last 2 years, far faster than previous years. Apparently last year the amount of use it got made it quicker, and this year there is a lot less grit mixed into the paint.

    It goes some way to explain how Federer player 6 finals in a row, winning 5 and then never won another, only appearing in one more final. Nadal won 4, and it’s not ND’s best surface historically, either.

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    Great to see the Final on free to air, 1m fee, going to British Tennis as a donation.

    Geez, no pressure Emma, the nation expects .

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    As a 17 year old and before he had gotten close to winning a slam, for whatever reason he never went back, which is strange as it was on grass at the time and he dominated Wimbledon so you'd imagine he would have won a few Australian opens too

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    Surface wasn't anywhere near as good as Wimbledon and being the year end it wasn't popular with the players.

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    He won the French Open a few months later in the same year so it's not like he wasn't good at tennis at the time!

    Borg was 4th seed at the Australian Open when he went there in 1974 and was beaten by Dent who got to the final vs Connors.

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    Let's be real here, is there any way Djokovic loses tomorrow night?

    I think there's a chance if Medvedev maybe plays the best match of his career. Obviously, he'll need to play more like his first grand slam final than the second where he never showed up.

    I suppose Djokovic could struggle if he's feeling the nerves , but honestly has he ever had any major disasters due to crumbling under pressure? Unless I'm having a memory blank I can't think of anything too big. He gets bothered by the lack of crowd support sometimes, but not nerves I think.

    I can see Djokovic doing his usual dropping of the first set, and may even be happy to drag it to 5 so he can outlast Medvedev, but just can't see him losing. Obviously goes without saying I'll be thrilled if Medvedev does win it though!

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    Medvedev said in his press conference that he was caught out by a change of tactics by Djokovic in Australia and that he had a plan this time.

    He comes across as the most intelligent of the pretenders to the throne and has been in good form this Summer and in the tournament so far.

    Looks like Medvedev has improved over this year. Zverev has certainly improved. The Zverev performance level last night would have beaten Thiem from the final last year in straight sets. Not hugely shocking really as it was the worst 5-set match that I've ever seen.

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    For starters FO was on clay, Borg's best surface, 6 months later, (time between both slams that year) a significant time gap at that age (17/18). Also with the exception of Nadal at the FO (a special case considering his dominance there) can't think of another player that won any of the slams on their first attempt ( on the men's side), it's probably only been done a handful of times.

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    As said Borg was 4th seed at the Australian Open when he went, only beaten by the eventual finalist (Dent) who fell to Connors in Connors' career-best year.

    He was not some qualifier 😂

    In any case the actual point was that the other poster said he never went.

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    As the saying goes everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face, that's what happened Medvedev at the AO, who's to say Djokovic won't change up his tactics again to something Medvedev hasn't planned for. Medvedev needs to be able to adjust his tactics depending on how the match is going, he failed to do that in Australia, which doesn't bode well for the final tomorrow.

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    Who knows what's going to happen? That's why people will be watching.

    Medvedev is the best defensive player in tennis after Djokovic.

    He has a better serve that Djokovic.

    His movement is good and his reach is good.

    He has the tools to win.

    Also he should be "fresher" than Djokovic as he's played a good few less hours of tennis on his way to the final.

    And Djokovic who handles pressure well usually, nevertheless will have extra pressure coming to bear on him tomorrow. He's never going to have this chance again.

    Whether he can do it or not remains to be seen.

    I'd like to see Djokovic complete the calendar slam but some who know their tennis are predicting Medvedev to win tomorrow.

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    Who do you predict will win, we all know you want Djokovic to win, but, who do you think will win and don't sit on the fence.

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    Djokovic to win imo.

    Sam Goldwyn: "I'm tired of the old clichés. Bring me some new ones."

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    I'm saying 55:45 in favour of djokovic in 4 sets. It may not go to five sets for whomever wins but it's a tough one to call.

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    We can't even hope for that, no line judges this year!

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    Just tuning in now...Martina Navratilova and Jim courier having a chat about themselves...

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    I'd make Djokovic a clear favourite, I'd like to see Medvedev give a good account of himself and push Djokovic all the way, hope it's not a one sided final like the AO.

    On to the women's final, I'd like to see Raducanu win to complete the fairytale. It's a tough one to call, they've had very different paths to the final, Fernandez has had the tougher path against higher caliber opponents. Raducanu has had an easier path, but, has been very impressive, with fairly straightforward wins. It'll be interesting to see if Raducanu loses a set, how she'll react. Fernandez tougher path could stand to her tonight.

    Very hard to know how both will handle the final nerves, always the possibility that one could flop. Hoping for a good match where both do themselves justice.

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    Not surprisingly they are commemorating the 9/11 anniversary before the match starts.

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    It’s like saying a cricket test match which goes five days(which is how long a match can last) as titanic. It’s just hyperbole for no good reason.

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    These interviews before the match are fecking stupid.

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    have a feeling that it will be a 4 set match tomorrow, not 5.

    for this final on now just hope that it's a decent match with a bit of quality and that at least one of them doesn't disappear over the next year when their game is better known to competitors.

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    Is Naomi Osaka a cautionary tale for both these players in how to handle the pressure that will come with this success ?

    I was harsh on Naomi Osaka when she was has the issues at the French open but from her comments recently I feel very sorry for her because nothing you do should you as unhappy as tennis seems to make her. hopefully this doesn’t happen to either Raducanu or Fernandez.

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    Yes, I can never recall them showing tennis. They just threw enough money at Amazon (a seven-figure sum I hear). The BBC might just not have been able to move fast enough, or bid enough money. Amazon probably see it as good advertising as well, since the Amazon Prime logo is on screen.

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    one can tell that both of these girls are not like Osaka in that respect.

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    High quality so far

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    Raducanu breaks finally!

    That was her 6th break point?

    Some serious hitting