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  • Same here - also ordered one from smyths and it's home delivery. Transaction is pending on my card and have yet to get a confirmation email so fingers crossed but unsure if it will come through. Worth a shot anyway :)

  • Been tryin to get a Series X since launch but really only been checking online. Walked into Curry's in Limerick Parkway Retail Park yesterday, and manager said they were expecting some Series X but not in yet. Chanced it this afternoon They got 3 in. Picked one up. They don't put them online and just leave them on the back counter the manager said. Might still have one left if anyone wants to try. Alas they have no telephone number you can ring, just the call center who can't check store stock.

    Also on pricing their website says 529 with 3 months game pass ultimate. The shop deal is 549 with a controller. They had 3 month game pass cards in stock and would have done me the online deal but the cards scanning for them at all. In the end I only paid 500 and got the Series X but somehow ended up with a 2nd controller in the bag.

    Signed up for Game pass...but my broadband is so pants, am still waiting for Doom Eternal to come down. Have a bunch of others queued as well (GTA V, Gears 5, Horizon 4, Halo Master Chief Collection, Jedi Fallen Order). Should keep me busy for some time. Also Witcher 3 and Bioshock Collection can be had for a tenner or less as on sale now. Looking forward to Diablo 2 the most though. Will finally put my LG CX48 to some sweet gaming use as it's only been a glorified monitor for WFH since I got a it a few months back. Have not gamed on consoles in 3 years+ (other than the Switch) so a lot of catching up to do.

  • Ori and the Will of the Wisps you need to download from GamePass and play 4K 120 FPS HDR on that console and TV. Incredible game.

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  • What are the drop situations like at the moment?? Looking to pick up an X to compliment my PS5.

  • Same boat as above. I have been watching the usual retailers to try and order one the last few weeks but no luck.

    Is Argos any use? The website says I can reserve and collect in a week in most nearby Argos stores but I am not sure I trust it?

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  • I got mine in my local Curry's and they told me they get them in dribs and drabs and just leave them out behind the counter and they are gone within half a day. Both Series X and PS5. They don't bother putting them online. So maybe check out your local Curry's and have a word with the manager. He/She will give you an idea when they are expecting stock next.

    For Gamestop the advice I was given by the manager was setup an account on their site, follow them on twitter and setup an alert. So when stock drops you will be notified on your phone. You can either then login and order online or if you have a good relationship with the staff, ring the store and ask them to hold it for you.

  • I ended up saying "shag it" and I bought one in CEX, paying an extra €150 in the process.

    That said, I had a lot of things to trade in, so it cost me only €65 cash.

    It's not the best solution, but if you've been waiting nearly a year to find one, it might be worth it to you.

  • Any one got any leads on a series X little lad is angling towards one for xmas so time to start looking

  • You shouldn't have any problem getting one. Smyths saying they'll have stock this month. You can also go into any Curry's and ask, they usually keep them in stock out the back but don't put it on their site. I'd also try asking at the counter at Argos. I'm sure they've been getting them in, but they don't make them available on their site. If you try to reserve one at a kiosk in-store, it will tell you to talk to a manager.

  • GameStop is live now

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  • Just got one

  • Likewise, thanks @finno

  • Did you guys order from Gamestop online or venture in store? Showing out of stock on their website now alas

  • Ordered online and got a email confirming , can see transaction pending on credit card today.

    Hopefully comes in the next day or so. I used a discord chanel for alerts think its called cosies

  • Special Edition Halo ones went live today

  • Looks really nice, shame I have already gotten original one as I would of went for this instead.

  • Quite a strong showing for the first limited edition, I like it. Think I would have preferred if the stars section was larger, but the controller looks lovely. Shame they didn't update the Elite 2 controller to have the share button as well, plus it still doesn't have DLI, despite the original Xbox One controllers having it.

  • CEX are paying €492 cash for the Series X so might be an option if you can still get one of these

  • Yeah that's a good point, shame not out till November tho would miss my 1 at moment if I got rid of it now.

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  • Ordered mine last night. I think it looks great! Found it too hard to resist for many reasons, including nostalgia even though I can't believe it's been 20 years already since I bought my original Xbox. Still have that console and it works perfectly, albeit it has a 24k xenium in it. Still have original Halo hard copy too.

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  • At this stage, I think it's hard to find an original Xbox that hasn't been chipped.

  • I have one here in the attic that's never been modded if it's any good to you? No cables though but there is a controller floating around.

  • The existence of original Xboxes, unmodded is also hard to believe for me. Their security could be cracked by following a 3 minute tutorial.

    I've been keeping an eye out for the Series X on and off, but now that Halo draws closer, I'm very tempted to just settle for the S!

  • Just an FYI. My husband picked up a series x in Tesco Clarehall last night. He was asking in Liffey Valley and another customer overheard him and said his friend had got one in the Clarehall branch so he tried and got the last one. Just sharing so that others can try Tesco and hopefully manage to get one.

  • +1 on the above post. Called into my local Tesco and picked up the Series X today. Wasn't on Tesco website so advise would be to call in and ask.

  • Did likewise but they told me they "don't sell consoles, definitely not". Anyone know if any of the Tescos in Cork County carry the Xbox?

  • More Halo console bundles up for preorder on GameStop, just nabbed one myself:

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  • Maybe it was just that particular branch? The branch we got one in is a large one.