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Post -Primary Timetable for 2021/22...when do you get yours?

  • 19-08-2021 11:24am
    Registered Users Posts: 370 ✭✭ Beaulieu

    Just curious...we are still awaiting ours. What's the position in your school?


  • Got mine 2 days ago in the post.

    A cousin of mine works in a school where they had there timetables in June, which I thought was exceptional.

  • No timetable here. Now that I think about it wasn’t there a circular at some stage about s&s saying we were supposed to get it in June 🤣.

  • Got mine 2 days ago, it’s not too bad personally, which can’t be said for a lot of my colleagues.

    My partner got theirs back at the end of May but I think their management and in particular their principal is exceptionally efficient.

  • We always get our provisional timetable at the end of May which I think is exceptional. It also gives us all time to complain and compare, I understand why management in other schools might leave it til the last minute so staff have less time to air their grievances! Having said that, it's great knowing in advance which subjects and groups you'll have!

  • Always get ours in June…. Usually towards the end of June which is great really. Great management though to be fair

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  • I know which subjects and groups I will have, but no sign of a time table yet.

  • We got ours today, which is about the usual timeframe, a week or so out from returning.

  • No sign yet, we usually get it before starting back. I know in the past it has been available on leaving cert results day, but hasn’t been uploaded on vsware at that stage.

    I’d like to know what years and groups I have at least.

  • Got ours in May.

  • We got ours yesterday so not too bad, we are back this Thursday.

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  • I find it interesting to see how many got theirs in May/June. Sign of management being very much on the ball.

  • I’d be interested to know where in the country they are too. Hiring and leaving and re-hiring goes on all summer in ours due to shortages and so allocations/hours change as it passes. To be honest ours is usually physically on paper on the first day we get back. Which I’m not a huge fan of as it’s late and it is in breach of the circular because SandS is supposed to be finished by then. Having said that we don’t follow the SandS circular either and have to email our preferences which may or may not be approved….

  • I'd imagine having a timetable ready in Dublin city would be difficult, you always loose teachers late!

  • Yup got emailed by the principal this evening because a full contract maternity in music/sphe just fell through and we are now hiring for an immediate start. He was asking me to spread the word.

    There’s just so much movement in temporary and short hour contracts it’s got to be a nightmare