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How do I request a stop be added to a train service

  • 12-08-2021 4:45pm
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    The Sligo to Dublin train runs nonstop from Maynooth from Drumcondra.

    After Drumcondra it typically stops for a couple of minutes before driving into Connolly.

    The Sligo to Dublin train does not stop at Broombridge; it does go through Broombridge.

    Historically this made perfect sense as Broombridge was a dangerous wasteland.

    However Broombridge is now the terminus for the Luas Green line (admittedly you can pick this up at Marlborough street which is only a couple of minutes from walk from Connolly) and the Luas Green line serves Dublin Polytechnic in Grangegorman. This is also a location where you can change trains to get the M3 Parkway suburban commuter trains if needed.

    I believe it would now make sense for the Sligo to Dublin train to stop at Broombridge (and also at Drumcondra) in order for passengers in general and Polytechnic students in particular to change to the Green line tram. I don't believe in practise that this would have any significant impact on ACTUAL arrival times in Connolly.

    Do any of you know who should I write to and is there an public consulation system for matters of this sort?



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    Would you start with local TD/Councillor?

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    Write to TDs in every constituency along the line. This improves the chances that the NTA will be asked about it and also that other politicians will know it's a real issue if they hear someone else mention it

    The Sligo service is slow enough as it is so any extra stops should be coupled to something like a line speed increase elsewhere, or a new loop to reduce how often trains sit in, say, Boyle, to ensure end to end times are not affected. Some services do have significant recovery time already though

    Irish Rail proposed reopening the second platform at Enfield in ~2012 which would allow it to be used for in service trains but it is not the most important place for an extra loop currently.

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    Good idea and I think as L1011 suggests all TDs along the line would be interested. I suspect that this would only need a nudge as the infrastructure largely exists and (this is a slight exageration) if you're lucky enough to have an on time uninterrupted journey from Enfield you'll have to wait between Drumcondra and Connolly to get your alloted slot.

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    Definitely contact your TD and ask them to contact the NTA.

    Last year, Michael Lowry TD and Jackie Cahill TD successfully pressured Irish Rail into having the 17:05 from Heuston stop at Thurles. The stop was removed- they got it reinstated (or at least claimed credit).

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    Contact the NTA, point out how their plans require inter-modality to be developed and this is an easy and sensible solution to that.

    PLEASE don't call it a Polytechnic though, it's not a term used in this country and the actual name is TU Dublin.

  • Registered Users Posts: 2,744 ✭✭✭marieholmfan

    Thanks 9320 and everyone else for your sensible advice and I will be sure NOT to use the term polytechnic.

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    They will just say it’s not feasible and move on. The only way to get these things changed is statutory consultations and even then they’ll just say it’s not feasible.

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    Sorry, what statutory consultations are required to have an additional stop on an existing route timetabled?

  • Registered Users Posts: 28,541 ✭✭✭✭end of the road

    you would need to contact tds, but realistically there is no need for these stops, that is what the stop at maynooth is for.

    Protect the rights of the alcohol enjoyers of ireland. Remove all funding from alcohol action ireland now!

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  • Registered Users Posts: 1,675 ✭✭✭lintdrummer

    The commuter trains that originate in Maynooth all stop in Broombridge. They are very regular. Perhaps you could check the timetable and a quick changeover in Maynooth would suit you?

    Adding a stop at Broombridge for the mainline service might happen in the long term, it makes sense with the Luas connection. But in the meantime the Maynooth workaround could be an option for you.

  • Registered Users Posts: 2,744 ✭✭✭marieholmfan

  • Registered Users Posts: 2,744 ✭✭✭marieholmfan

    Great advice - not directly relevant for me as I don't usually need to change trains.

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    This will definitely have to be looked at when there is Luas going North of Broombridge also. Sort of comparable to this is how many Intercity services coming in to Amsterdam stop at Sloterdijk and/or the other outer heavy rail stations in Amsterdam to allow interchange to tram/Metro

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    It is arguable that any interchange stop, especially at a major terminus like Broombridge (given that the Luas terminates there and its proximity to Broadstone Bus Depot) should be added to all trains (Commuter and Intercity) along the route alignment. Otherwise, you have v-shaped commutes. We should be providing incentives where possible and convenient for those currently making such journeys by car.

  • Registered Users Posts: 1,303 ✭✭✭patrickbrophy18

    Also, having to alight at Maynooth to get a slower train to Broombridge only serves to pad the journey time. We need to take a more holistic approach to encouraging use of public transport.

  • Registered Users Posts: 1,001 ✭✭✭gjim

    Integration at Broombridge would also improve the relatively under-utilised northern section of the GL. Requiring a change at Maynooth is not an insignificant inconvenience for passengers who would like to make this connection on any sort of regular basis.

  • Registered Users Posts: 2,666 ✭✭✭PhoenixParker

    There's a new station due to open just west of Broombridge at Pelletstown in the next two months.

    They'll have to redo all the timetables for the line as a result.

    The new timetable may already be finalised but not published, however if it's still in the works, now is 1000% the best time to ask about plans for it.

    I wouldn't be surprised if Irish Rail already have plans for what you suggest. It's been a no brainer since the Luas opened a few years ago.

    (I also wouldn't be surprised if they don't . . . coz Irish Rail)

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    I think you can be fairly sure that if the station is opening within the next month, that the timetable for the line is already finalised internally.

    Remember new working timetables for staff have to be finalised at least a month in advance, in order to go to be printed ahead of any new timetable change. Pelletstown station opening is going to make operating the Maynooth line "interesting" to say the least, given some of the tight turnarounds at Maynooth (it will add 2 minutes onto each individual journey time which will eat into turnaround times at Maynooth/M3 Parkway), and that the entire Connolly timetable is not being recast.

    Bearing in mind that most of the Sligo trains already stop at Drumcondra, I could see thAT another two minute stop at Broombridge is going to cause problems at peak times, given the longer signalling sections on the line, and the volume of trains on the section between Glasnevin Junction and Clonsilla.

    Realistically, I suspect that it probably will have to wait for the signalling upgrade to happen.

    Adding stops like that is much more complex than people think unfortunately.

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    Stopping a Sligo train at Broombridge may save some people a few minutes of journey time, but it will add to the journey time for arguably a greater number of people. people tend to forget that there are downsides to adding more stops.

    I'm sure that if some TDs had their way all trains to Cork would call at all stations. 😏

  • Registered Users Posts: 2,744 ✭✭✭marieholmfan

    In this specific case this statement is incorrect.

  • Registered Users Posts: 1,412 ✭✭✭Economics101

    I'm not so sure about that: it depends on the numbers. For example, you might add 2 minutes to the journey time for each of 150 people and save 10 minutes for each of 20 people (those who hop off at Broombridge). Aggregate gain of 200 minutes (20 x 10) minus loss of 300 minutes (150x2). The 20 will have relatively large individual gains so will be more vocal.

  • Registered Users Posts: 14,336 ✭✭✭✭loyatemu

    there's going to be an interchange with the Metro at the proposed Glasnevin station which will be the next one along from Broombridge.

    So you'd have to stop the InterCity trains there as well, which could have knock-on effects for Dart frequency. It would also encourage more people (from Maynooth I suppose) to use the IC as a commuter service. So there are arguments against adding the extra stops and just encouraging people to change onto the Dart at Maynooth.

  • Registered Users Posts: 25,422 ✭✭✭✭Peregrinus

    Representations from TU Dublin would also carry some weight. Maybe try and get the Students Union to take up the cause within the University?

  • Registered Users Posts: 773 ✭✭✭ChannelNo5

    Its not incorrect. Each added stop means that the following train can not enter the signalling section until the stopping train has cleared the section, and so on and so on. The addition of Pelletstown means more pressure on an already overstretched signalling system will mean that more trains will back up behind as commuters stop at the new station. currently the upshot of opening Pelletstown is that your IC train may end up stopped at Ashtown behind a commuter that now has an additional stop at Pelletstown!! I.e. your journey will be longer.

    It is absolutely a good idea as Broombridge is a major hub now but as LXFlyer says i would think that it will have to wait until the signalling upgrade is complete. I suspect this is the plan and both NTA and IE would say this if contacted.

  • Registered Users Posts: 1,038 ✭✭✭JohnnyChimpo

    So, no point having any other solution in place for the next 5 years til thats built?

  • Registered Users Posts: 14,336 ✭✭✭✭loyatemu

    It makes no difference to me, I'm just pointing out there's 2 options for timetabling the Intercity on this line - you add a stop for everywhere there a connection; or you say if passengers want to access the commuter network they do it at Maynooth and Connolly but not in between.

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  • Registered Users Posts: 1,038 ✭✭✭JohnnyChimpo

    Or.. you respond to passenger demand on an ongoing basis. talk about your false dichotomies