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Random Wrestling Thoughts (Part 2)



  • The Eco match battle for the Environment that WWE never had can finally happen now Eco Juice Robinson vs Eco Bryan Danielson

    I love a good Signature.

  • It's one of those moves that has the ability to look both impressive and shite. No impact off it whatsoever.

  • If Gallows was doing on his own, fair enough, it's a twisting suplex or something.

    Anderson actually ruins it by limply tossing the legs down like a bag of cement. Put some razzle dazzle on the move!

  • I wonder how Tessa’s rehabilitation is going and which company will take the gamble first.

    I love a good Signature.

  • Massive massive coup for AEW If the rumours are true about 2 big stars debuting/returning

    wwe have themselves to blame in a way for there stubborness. Not saying Phil and Brian are saints themselves either. wwe could of thrown money at them

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  • Bryan is pretty much a saint in pro wrestling!

    I love a good Signature.

  • That's the thing you don't let your competition gain traction.

    For me the aew story so far is following a road map that wcw did. The good parts! Not the bad lol.

    Turner had deep pockets. So does Khan. Money is the only way to complete with wwe. Wcw started in 1988 but a few years later began to get the biggest names in wrestling like Hogan and Savage (even if they were past their prime) Later Hall and Nash. Bishoff, which looking back that man was smart, he made his tv completely different to wwe. Think nitro and raw from 95/96. Nitro had surprises, it featured luchadoors, guys like benoit, Eddie, malenko and jericho who cut their teeth in Japan. Heck, bishoff openly admits the nwo was lifted from njpw. He basically took the best of else where and all that was also nothing like the wwf were doing.

    Aew is doing very similar! They've got some of the best talent in the world. They're trying to surprise viewers. They're not just wrestling a wwe style. Promos don't feel like they were written by some writer.

    Wwe shouldn't let aew grow. What's the point letting their product become a speeding money train and then wwe decide to change their product. Mad like.

  • Andrade; Great wrestler, handsome, fùck all personality.

  • Shouldn't we be calling Daniel Bryan, Bryan Danielson again? since that's the name he had on the indy scene and most likely he'll go back to using that name if he wrestlers outside WWE.

  • He's been Daniel Bryan for as long as he was Bryan Danielson and more people know him as Daniel Bryan.

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  • Well technically he's been Bryan Danielson since the day he was born so I guess that's what's best to use so there's no question as to what he'll be introduced as.

  • The faux Eddie mannerisms that he does as half tribute, half heel tactic is a reminder of his shortcomings.

  • So I get up at 5am to fly to LA for the first PWG show in quite some time. It's a proper bucket list item for me so can't wait and the show is Mystery Vortex. No wrestlers or card have been announced so every entrance is a surprise. Any guesses as to who might make appearances?

    I think AEW will definitely have a few on there - would love Sammy or Darby to show up.

  • How can one watch PWG in Ireland? GOOGLE has been no help.

  • The only two ways are to buy the DVD/Blu Ray when it comes out - usually two months after the show. The other option is to subscribe to Highspots video service, tenner a month but the catalogue is amazing. The only issue is they get the PWG shows about 10 months after the fact.

  • I have a high gore/squeamish threshold but something about bladed foreheads makes my skin crawl...

  • Yeah I don’t like it either. I don’t know the reasons behind it but to me as a fan it seems like they’d never been shown how to blade properly. Abdullah the buthers head in even worse than new jacks was.

  • I can't remember the wrestler who said it, but accordingly when you blade you just do a nice little flick with the razor and it will heal. Guys like New Jack dug deep and got that "cheese grater" effect after a while.

    It is mad looking at it. Your face is your money maker so who wants this disgusting mark.

  • My problem with blading is that it's so unsanitary and dangerous. I mean I've always been told about the dangers of having contact with blood, and how it can cause illnesses so I can only imagine the risks wrestlers are taking by bleeding in matches and making contact with each other. I'm not surprised that certain wrestlers have hepatitis.

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  • It's insane to say but a few have. Abdullah the butcher was blading when he had hepatitis. He wouldn't say a thing even if the other wrestler was blading too.

    I do believe it was the guy behind the YouTube channel The Hannibal TV was wrestling Abdullah and he contracted hepatitis from him.

    Didn't Bob Orton blade all over the taker once and then the taker learned Bob had hepatitis!

    The subject of blading is a weird one. On one hand there is no need to do it as its not safe. Not in this day in age. The argument comes that if in say a hard-core match and two guys are hitting each other over the head with items why isn't there blood. In an ideal world, in a big promotion like wwe, those two lads would get blood tests before doing it. I heard that wwe do test when they DO allow blading (rarely) but I've never heard a wrestler say he was tested before blading. Up in the air.

    All I know is you'd be mad to blade on the indies. That's for sure! Lol.

  • Seeing as it’s ten years since Christian and Randy Orton had that series of classic matches in 2011, I know I’ve said it before but I really don’t think Christian gets the credit he deserves. I may be wrong on that but to me it’s always edge(not that he doesn’t deserve the credit he get to be clear) who gets remembered more, when Christian to me was a better wrestler, albeit edge was a better all total package. It’s just something that annoys me.

  • Yo any of you guys seen this? Would love to see it. I looks like the right type of primo bollocks!

  • I always liked Andrade.

  • Dave triggering people is always funny, why would Andrade care what he thinks?

    The funny thing is Meltzer was very positive about the match, those snitch taggers are lame as. And it's hardly that outrageous to suggest that El Idolo hasn't set the world on fire since he left WWE. Just comes across as cry more Andrade really.

  • It's pathetic how desperate wrestlers are to top one man's arbitrary rating system and his sad little cultists.

  • 3 years ago today, Becky turned on Charlotte which lead to her eventually becoming the Man and a mega-star.

    I was lucky enough to be in Brooklyn for it.

    Anyone been present for a significant wrestling moment?

  • If you just going by the image on the screen, you'd wonder what type of show you're watching. Plus she seems to have a monobrow

  • Was the pop as loud as it seemed on TV? It was one of the increasingly rare moments in WWE where the crowd had Attitude Era levels of excitement.

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  • Nice!

    I've had a few big ones.

    -Saw Okada vs Shibata at Sakura Genesis in 2017.

    -Was at AEW's Blood and Guts

    -Witnessed the return of Super Dragon and Tommy End at PWG

    -Saw Rock/Cena at WM.

    -Dolphs world title win over Alberto after the cash in was good fun too.