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Covid 30th.... possible?

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    I am wondering about people's experiences of having a milestone birthday in Covid.

    I turn 30 at the end of December and friends are encouraging me to consider celebrating it after two very difficult years (as well as Covid) and as I'm usually not a person who enjoys birthdays as with the particular date mine is on people tend to be tired from Christmas or have plans for NYE so I usually avoid asking people to celebrate with me.

    A friend recently encouraged me to use NYE as the night to celebrate as my birthday is the 30th. Everyone in my circle and family are fully vaccinated. Friends are saying they would enjoy attending something for the 30th given the many failed attempts at celebrations in the past.

    With covid the situation could change but it would be for around 18/20 family and close friends depending on the situation nearer the time I am thinking about booking something ahead of the usual rush...

    Will that even happen this year? It isn't a big deal if it needs to be cancelled in light of any potential Covid level 5 situation.

    Does anyone have any experience of having a birthday celebration / meal in a restaurant in Covid for an event or any suggestions? TIA.


  • You better get booking very very soon.Being vaccinated is not a guarantee of immunity from covid.Present rules wouldn't make a happy birthday celebration but who knows for Dec.A small outbreak today in West Wicklow among a vaccinated group today(Tuesday)-2 very sick,not in hospital yet.

  • New years eve would be the worst night of the year to be booking anything. I doubt most pubs would even hold a table.

    Might be able to do something in a hotel maybe or a very quiet rural pub but other than that I'd be booking it the actual night of your birthday.

    Everywhere be jam packed.