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Reckless conduct can be expensive. Rightly so.


  • In case the link dies....


    22nd July 2021 18:05Adam Richardson

    A man has been fined after pleading guilty to 2 offences following a joint investigation carried out by the Maritime and Coastguard Agency’s Regulatory Compliance Investigations Team and Hampshire Constabulary today (Thursday).

    Sean Gower, 40, of Newlyn Way, Port Solent, who appeared before Isle of Wight Magistrates Court, was the master of a 6.5 metre-long RIB vessel which was almost directly involved in a collision with a Red Funnel passenger ferry, Red Osprey, in the main fairway of the River Medina on Saturday 12th September last year.

    Mr Gower was handed a £2,000 fine, with full legal costs awarded to the MCA (£3,953) and an additional surcharge of £190 – making the total amount payable of £6,143.

    Mr Gower, along with 3 companions in his vessel – none of whom were wearing lifejackets – departed Cowes Yacht Haven, Isle of Wight, and were shown on the Red Osprey’s CCTV camera to have been over the harbour speed limit of 6 knots before overtaking and turning sharply across the bow of the Southampton-bound ferry.

    The dangerous manoeuvre, which was measured to have taken place at just 8 metres away from the ferry’s bow, forced the master of the Red Osprey to go hard astern and also caused a temporary loss of manoeuvrability and awareness. The RIB continued on its passage at speed, towards Portsmouth, despite the presence of other small craft in the Solent at the time

  • I've seen some fairly idiotic behaviour over the last few weeks.

    Lots of power boats/ribs/yachts crossing the channel in Dublin Bay from Howth to Dun Laoghaire and vice-versa, just as ships were entering/leaving, and none of them calling into VTS to inform of their intentions.

    I'm also seeing lots of power boats in Malahide lately going in/out through the channel at 20+ knots... right up as far as the marina. Or when leaving the estuary, once they appear to be in open water (clear of the beach), they'll open up and blem right past you at full speed despite still being a marked channel. Its not very nice getting hit by a 1m bow wave in the channel when I'm very close to touching the bottom going over the bar.... (2 hours either side of low water is my limit when going in/out of Malahide, and that gives me about 30cm clearance under the keel).

    Maybe it's time for some form of ICC/Licence for leisure boating in Ireland? and giving the Garda/Coastguard a remit for policing it.

  • Lot of jet ski **** in Howth lately blasting in and out of the harbour at full speed and then over at Ireland's eye whizzing between anchored boats and pulling stupid stunts

  • Cork harbor is not much better, I've been swamped twice this summer by boat wake. (Taken unaware) Often I have to quickly stop fishing and turn my boat into the wake.

    Not life or death, but nobody to report to, I've photos of both boats, I've stopped going out on Sundays due to idiots out there.

    It's the poor feckers in canoe's I worry for .

    5 capsized by one boat one Sunday that the RNLI had to rescue off spike island.

  • I worked with a dodgy character years ago. The job was a front for his nefarious income. Himself and all his mates bought jet skis and hadn't a clue how to use them. Not only did they not know how to use them but were completely unaware of any rules, didn't bother to learn any seamanship or what markings were what, they didn't even know what the tide was. They ended up wrecking their jet skis and one of them got a concussion and another ended up in hospital with sun stroke.

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