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Summer 2021 General Discussion



  • cooler than recently here in Meath after a foggy night, sun trying to break through and currently 20C.

    The peak of the heatwave is passed now, today should be still very warm but temperatures generally a degree or two cooler than recent days.

    Looks warm up to Monday and then a big change to something much cooler and more unsettled. All models looks cool and unsettled from Tuesday and this lasts into the following week. Last few GFS runs is showing hints of things settling down and temperatures recovering during the 1st week of August. After the June dry and warm spell, the first 7 to 10 days of July weren't great so we're probably going to go through something similar next week and the week after that. I would love to see another 2 decent warm spells, one in August and another early to mid September.

  • Blue skies now appearing again in Dublin 5 and sun has burnt through the initial haze. 23 degrees

  • Clouding here now after blistering sun.

    Butterflies hatching and revelling in drying their wings...

  • Donegal Airport 27°c at 11am, wow!

  • Cloud is building towards the south east, here north of Kilkenny City.

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  • beautiful day in Meath. At 22c now in Navan, sun has come out to say hi. Happy friday all!

  • Yes, several times voted the most scenic approach in the world, it must be amazing up there this morning.

    METAR EIDL 231030Z 15003KT 120V190 CAVOK 27/19 Q1017=

    Belmullet is also on 27 °C (26.8 to be exact).

  • Sun getting stronger now, still a good bit of haze around. Temperature has jumped 4C in the past 20 minutes with more in the way of sunshine. Temperature now 24C.

  • Oak Park has now reached a mean temperature of 18.0C. We have another 3 to 4 warm days to go before normal service resumes so I think by Tuesday Oak Park may be sitting at 18.4 or something like that. Once the cooler air arrives that will leave just 5 days for the mean to drop again back into the 17s and 16s in most other areas.

    The cooler weather doesn't really begin until Tuesday so i'm hoping that the models are overcooking the cool potential and that by the beginning of next week I hope to see the charts not as cool as they look presently. I don't have big hopes for August but hopefully we can swing at least a week of dry and warm weather around mid to late August.

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  • Great stuff there Goldfinch, you can feel the heat in those photos.

    As a keen photographer my self would you mind telling us what sort of gear you`re using there, and do you use RAW mode?

  • Odd, the very warm conditions seem to be extended every day on the Met forecast.

    Seems to be a very nice setup for the weekend now, with Monday the return of rain and cooler temps.

  • Tomorrow will be a cooler day particularly in eastern and midland areas but still relatively warm.

    Sunday will be warmer than Saturday, particularly over eastern areas compared to Saturday.

    Monday we will be hanging onto the warmth by our fingertips with the Atlantic marine air making it's presence felt in western coastal areas.

    Normal service resumes Tuesday.

  • Sun feels a lot stronger today here in Donegal, it was a bit hazy at times yesterday.

  • These videos from 1990 and 2001 show it in its present location and the site was grassy back then :)

  • Aside from the drop in temp what is the weather looking like for this day next week? I know we can't know for definite as it's beyond 5 days but once it's not too wet I'll be happy.

  • EDIT: Sorry Rikand, was just commenting on the first video where the equipment was beside buildings!! The other video is indeed the current spot. Changed my post.

    Current site below. Looks as good as you can get. Some small patches of concrete (one right in front of the screen) but nothing major.

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  • I don’t know if you can. I’ve seen red skies like that in November!

  • Another cracker of a day here in South Cavan, slightly hazy with a bit more of a breeze than the past few days.

    Pity its coming to an end this weekend, I'd take another few weeks of temps in the mid 20s.

  • Status Yellow - Thunderstorm and rain warning for Ireland

    Met Éireann Weather Warning

    Thunderstorms in places this afternoon and evening with lightning, hail and heavy downpours resulting in localised flooding and hazardous driving conditions.

    Counties most at risk are Wicklow, Kildare, Laois, Offaly, Tipperary, Clare, Galway, Mayo and Roscommon.

    Valid: 13:13 Friday 23/07/2021 to 20:00 Friday 23/07/2021

    Issued: 13:13 Friday 23/07/2021

  • Dewpoint is 20 °C at Derry Airport (temperature 25)...

    METAR EGAE 231150Z 06007KT 9999 FEW030 25/20 Q1017=

    ...and it's 19 °C at Donegal Airport and Custume Barracks (Athlone), though temperature is higher at 27 °C.

    METAR EIDL 231300Z 36008KT CAVOK 27/19 Q1016=

    METAR EIAC 231230Z AUTO 05007KT 010V100 CAVOK 27/19 Q1015=

  • That cell will be right over you soon. Enjoy!

  • Just looked at the radar! Surprised reports from Kildare posters not coming in.

  • Much breezier here today in Co.Antrim. Still hitting 27c but feels warm rather than hot with the breezes. Strong sunshine.

    More like a windy day in Gran Canaria than a day in Majorca lol!

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  • Would have loved a good evening or midnight TS before this spell is out. Alas it is not likely to be (in NI)