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  • The two 'new' forums, 3D Printing and Childfree by Choice, do show up there, but Vanilla has basically created duplicate forums for those that sit under multiple parent forums (or that had redirects from one forum to another on the old boards). This is what shows up when you go to the Childfree by Choice forum listed under Topics under Family:

    Whereas all the old threads are accessible through the very obscure and hard to find route of going through Categories. Topics doesn't have the "What's New/New Forums" listed as a topic, if you get me.

    • When you hover over a username, a box appears with "View Profile" and "Send Private Message", but you can't click on either of them as it disappears as soon as you move the mouse.
    • The avatars have been ruined. Used to be a decent sized rectangle, now a tiny circle which renders them pointless
    • When I click on my avatar, I get a box with white text on light grey background! Seriously?? It took me a while to realise that there was text there at all
    • I can see my PM Inbox but not my Sent messages.

    Bring back the :pac: !

  • Ugh, yeah, I see what you mean. Other option is to follow the forum, which can only be done on mobile 🙄. Go to, then click the gear-wheel to the right of Childfree, and click follow on the pop-up.

    Then on desktop, you can go to

    Boardsie Enhancement Suite - a browser extension to make using post-migration Boards on desktop a better experience (includes full-width display, keyboard shortcuts, and a dark mode setting)

  • Hi ,

    I seem to be getting alerts for everything in the richer sounds talk to me forum but i am not subscribed...Any ideas


  • Now that's helpful (if a clunky workaround). Thank you!

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  • It is being called the inbox, but it has all of the messages in there, kind of.

    The blue one, I sent a message, and didn''t get a reply. Which is grand, there is only one message between me and blueman.

    The black ones were all to the same person but with different subjects. Black 2 on the 29th of June was a direct reply to my message to them also on the 29th of June and had my message quoted (and their original message to me).

    I sent a message to Red, and Red replied to me without quoting my post, so maybe that's why it shows as two message, and it is displaying as two seperate posts when you go into that "thread" or "message group". My PM to Red, and Reds PM back to me.

  • Found a pretty serious one. If someone quotes a post which quotes a post, but they have quote level set to 1, the text of the first post is attributed to the second poster.

    Let's say Alice posts : Something offensive, libellous or defamatory

    Then Bob quotes Alice's post:

    Bob: Alice posted "Something offensive, libellous or defamatory" No Alice, you're wrong and here's why...

    Then Carol quotes Bob:

    Carol: Bob posted "Something offensive, libellous or defamatory" Text Carol posted.

    NOT good. Not good at all.

    Bring back the :pac: !

  • Niamh Tagging you as I'm not sure if you guys are aware of this thread. Lots of relevant bugs etc listed here

  • Feedback

    On desktop, windows 10, chrome

    Clicking on "Discussions" brings me to a page showing the latest posts for all forums. The url is

    However, if I am on mobile and I go to the Discussions page I see the same. The url is also

    On mobile, if I now set the view to "Following" instead of all, the Discussions page will only show content for the forums I'm following. The url on mobile is now There is more to the url, but that is the only part that matters

    Now if I come back to desktop and open that page again, I now see the same content as what I just set on mobile even though I have not made any changes to the site on desktop. There is no view button to change between All & Following on desktop so I have to go back to the mobile site to switch between views. The desktop url has not changed during this as remains as

    Lastly, using the mobile url on desktop works fine.

    Just some weird behaviour that I wanted to flag

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  • That's a known bug since the unsuccessful update. Niamh is aware and it should be rectified soon. It's bloody annoying though!

  • Well I selected Heading 2 and now I can't unselect it on mobile

    Just realised that it reverts to normal once you hit enter, minor annoyance

  • The stars and cogs are not showing up properly on mobile. The page width looks to be determined by the top header but the cogs and stars are outside this width so you can just barely see both.

  • That inability to edit down a quote is insane.

    You need to quote everything and cannot highlight the particular part you wish to respond to.

    Like here, I'm responding to the first part of your message but have to quote the whole thing.

  • Employee

    We've moved the two "new" forums into their proper place now and done away with the links. Just in case people now go looking for it where it was after the helpful post above!

    The hovering over username is a known issue. Clicking on the avatar is the way to go for the moment. It's strange that you're seeing white on grey though - it should be dark on white. Appreciate the feedback on the avatar sizing though. As mentioned by davetherave, it's a more all-in-one system for storing messages from here on out. Older messages (pre changeover) seem to be just the messages in from a person or just your messages to them. But from here out it will function more like a chat between one user and another and means that people won't have to change their preferences to save sent messages, which has caught people out in the past.

    We are indeed and appreciate the issues being flagged. The unusual behaviour you have noted is an odd one indeed, That is a (not ideal) workaround to seeing recent activity in your followed forums. The intention is to restore the My Forums tab to act as you would expect it to and how it has functioned previously.

  • Any possibility you can have one thread where we can post the Mobile bugs and a separate one for the problems on computer?

    This would make the replies and solutions less confusing for those of us who only use one or the other.

  • This is what it looks like when I click on your avatar Mark:

    Windows 10, Opera 77. I used to use Stylus on the old site but I have it turned off.

    Bring back the :pac: !

  • This is what I see on Android.

  • Mark's might be better for comparison.

  • Employee

    Hi thesandeman, for now it might be easier to keep all in one - a little like how people gravitated towards the previous megathread. There are a few threads for us to keep an eye on (plus for those encountering issues). I could be wrong, of course, so people can let me know!

    @Hotblack Desiato - I can't seem to replicate on Opera. Do you have any Opera extensions that might be interfering? Can PM if easier. Thanks for the heads up though and something we will need to look into further.

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  • I only have two extensions installed in Opera - noCSS (which I'm obviously not using) and Stylus which is currently disabled.

    Interesting thing though - if I maximise the window it looks like this:

    The switch between black and white text seems to happen at about 820 pixels width.

    Bring back the :pac: !

  • If I quote a comment and then try to delete it, it doesn't go away long terms unless I overwrite the post after I hit the delete option

  • No way to see who the mods are for a respective forum

    These used to be listed at the bottom of the page on desktop, don't recall on mobile, but right now there is no way to tell who is a mod and who is not

  • On the groups They are called leaders.

    On mobile they go right across the screen atleast on the soccer forum. Can that be addressed.

    Post edited by shanec1928 on

  • Gonna ask/highlight again re Email notifications on followed threads as my posts keep being missed in threads. Is it gone as an option. All I've gotten on mobile so far was one disappearing pop up which is fairly useless in comparison to an email notification which was always very handy.

  • Not being smart, but did you have a play around with the notification preferences through your profile? Email is listed as an option for each item.

  • No offence taken and I have played about with them. Had them set to email for both 'threads I've commented on' and 'threads I've started' or whatever the phraseology used is. Haven't received any email notifications from Boards since the new site has launched, for any thread that I follow. They show up under my avatar when I click into here but that requires me checking as opposed to the lazier way of receiving the notification. Not the end of the world but it's a little annoying.

  • Yeah, same here. I don't get any emails but if I click on the Notification icon I can see recent posts to my followed threads. But it doesn't light up to let me know there are new posts. Not that I actually want tonnes of emails but just checking how things are currently working.

  • Really missing the ability (on desktop) to hover over a thread and get a snippet of the first post.

    Sorting search results by Newest sometimes only displays 2/3 results per page e.g.:

    Edit: And it would appear from the above that a lot of padding is being added around images in a post (doesn't have all that blank space in the Edit box so I can't remove it) 😳

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  • Regarding forums it seems you can no longer re-order the thread listings as that functionality has disappeared.

    For example you can't re-list threads alphabetically or by thread starter, or when the thread was started or even by the number of replies or views.

    I would have thought that this was pretty standard functionality across all forums software so it would be really strange if vanilla doesn't include it.

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