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  • I don't think it did..... that's been annoying me for a long time now!

  • Somebody posted on the Amazon thread 2 minutes ago. Looks open now - may not have been when you posted:

  • Thread titles which include quotation marks are not formatting correctly.

  • I quote a post in order to reply to one or two points, in, say, a 5 paragraph post.

    Previously I could delete all the bits I'm not replying to. Now I can't. There's just the whole quoted post there, which is completely useless - I can't edit that at all to cut it down, and when I finish my reply and post it, the entire quoted post is sitting there at the top.

    What's the point of that?

    TL;dr: Please restore the functionality to delete parts of and/or edit quoted posts.

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  • I thought the downtime yesterday would import the 'my forums' but I still don't have them.

    Genealogy Forum Mod

  • Desktop - Chrome

    • Functionality of "go to first new post" doesn't seem to be available any longer
    • I can't find a way to "mark all forums as read" so that I can see new stuff at a glance
    • When leaving a comment it's not obvious how to format text (though I've just noticed the "paragraph" mark to the left of where you're typing has some of functionality, but not all. Double clicking a word gives you more formatting options, like bold and strikethrough, but the icons have no alt text/tool tips for accessibility.

    It's no longer simple to find new responses to a topic you've posted in easily.

  • No it didn't. I have been doing that constantly out of habit

  • Wanted to quote a poster who previously made a statement and wanted to look up his/her post. Click on the person's username and you can't see there old posts, this is on mobile.

    Anyone trying to edit a post on mobile (not sure if I been answered already) click the cog wheel at the top of your post and it gives the edit option.

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  • The noficatio s are filli g up my screen and boards is drowning in the. Mmmhelp... Suffocating

  • You can see a users comments if you scroll right down to the bottom of their profile page, where there should be an option to click on marked "comments".

    Of course, it's far more difficult, counterintuitive and cumbersome than the absolutely effortless way there was previously - and of course the way the comments are formatted and listed once you click in would break your heart - but the basic feature exists.

  • @Lumen Cudos, i am using desk so didnt realize that. should start mentioning it

  • There are a *load* of them pre-enabled in your Profile - I turned the vast majority of them off.

    Not your ornery onager

  • Not your ornery onager

  • On the main new look boards feedback thread, my browser(Firefox on mac) tells me a page is slowing down my browser. It appears to be javascript based. Clicking on the like button takes about four seconds to register the action. If I tell firefox to stop whatever it is slowing things down and then try to hit like I get this:

    Rejoice in the awareness of feeling stupid, for that’s how you end up learning new things. If you’re not aware you’re stupid, you probably are.

  • Major freezing going on in both touch and desktop the last half hour or so.

    Typing this to see if I can actually get a post through in one go.....

    ETA ok, maybe whatever fit the site was having is over.....

  • On the mobile version I am still being inundated with notifications, can't find my posts and there are no second pages of forums.

  • I cant find a way to see who liked my post on my I phone

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  • This is probably much more helpful than dozens of pages of the same Roll it Back and this is terrible posts.

    Desktop Site:

    • Functionality - An easy way to see another users posts. Again, I'm assuming this will be coming shortly but even something like on the mobile site where I can go to a profile and click on comments.
    • User Experience - Add a comma to the post count.
    • Functionality - To bookmark a thread that you post in, either enabled automatically by default or an option in the profile to select to do it automatically if the user wishes.
    • Bug - If there are two posts (or possibly more) by a user on the same page, then hovering over the username on the lower post activates/displays the dropdown menu on the higher post.

    • Functionality - Show the the Groups that a user is a part of, moreso to ID a mod or admin type rather than just Registered Users, like it does on the mobile site.


  • Anyone remember what starting a car with a choke was like on a frosty morning?

    If you don't it spluttered like Boards today. 🙄

  • You can only see on the Desktop site. I think you click 'aA' in your browser settings to change over.

    On Android when you change you have to hold over the Like button, cancel the notification that tells you you react to your own post, and then you'll see the first 10 I think. This is on the ever expanding list of things to fix!

  • Is there a way to get the Childfree by Choice forum more accessible?

    Currently, the only way I can get to it is by manually going to and accessing it through that. It doesn't appear in as a child forum, and the link under the Family subcategory doesn't work. It makes the forum totally hidden unless you try really hard to get to it.

  • Many inbound links from Google search are of the form :



    cannot type domain as forum tries to fetch it

    All are now 404 on site, which effectively nukes any SEO benefit from 20+ years of posting.

  • What's the boards slogan?

    • Site is way too slow. Even hovering or clicking "Like" (should be "Thank") takes ages.
    • Can't see who thanked a post without hovering and only a few can be seen.
    • Need full date and time on all posts, time can only be seen on today's posts (e.g. you want to get back to kickoff time in a sports thread to avoid spoilers)
    • Need post numbers!
    • Need an individual link for each post (as used to be on the post number)
    • Need to be easily able to search your own and other posters' posts
    • Date ordering in searches seems to be all over the place (as well as the last post date issue)
    • Posting in a thread doesn't automatically follow it
    • Threads with unread posts look the same as ones which are all read.
    • No BBcode. Formatting text is difficult and limited.
    • Waay too much wasted screen real estate. User info on the left is much too wide. Huge wasted grey area on the right. Even the big gap between one post and the next wastes space.
    • Basically on desktop we have something a bit like the old touch site, but with about half of that limited amount of functionality not working...

    Bring back the :pac: !

  • Just discovered a new one :

    • When you reply to a thread your post appears at the bottom, but any new posts which were added while you were typing don't appear unless you refresh the whole page

    Bring back the :pac: !

  • Boardsie Enhancement Suite - a browser extension to make using post-migration Boards on desktop a better experience (includes full-width display, keyboard shortcuts, and a dark mode setting)

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  • Anyone figure out how to receive email notifications from threads you have previously posted in. It always worked in the old site. I've enabled what I though was the option here already but no emails. Enabled pop up but if you don't click it instantly it disappears and then it's gone.

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