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Has the 1 week downtime & move to vanilla killed this place?



  • Just after seeing the top navigation now ;)

  • Yep I'm still lost. I am more of a browser anyway but it's not that friendly there either.

  • No they ain't, previosuly if you commented on a thread, the thread woud subsequently show up in "my threads". The notification options are for emails or pops, which would be cat piss in comparison

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  • Sorry, when you said “notifications”, I thought you meant “notifications”.

    The lack of “my threads” and not having threads automatically bookmarked when you post on them is a pain in the arse, though.

    Edit: Actually, check the Home page. Are the “My Forums” and “My Threads” tabs working as they did on the old site now?

  • Are they going to change it? I can’t see boards lasting too long if they don’t.

  • I just don't understand how they didn't do it in a test environment. Why wasn't everything tested first and then transferred to the live environment.

    Surely even the basics could of be done in a test environment. Is it down to budget? The wrong people in charge?

    I'm honestly stunned and bewildered how they let his happen without it all working in a test environment.

    I'm not to judge but the way some of the regular long term posters were treated in prison forum by certain moderators is why the site is dying a death.

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  • It's definitely slower than before, but as mentioned most likely down to the new layout, white space and lack of previous features. But, as someone who uses this site completely free, I have literally no reason to give out. Over 20 years of content to be moved for thousands(?) of users, pictures, videos, links.... I don't know the structure of Boards, but I always assumed it was a skeleton crew to run it, considering it's probably free for 99% of the members. Fair enough if you're a paid subscriber, but that'll be smoothed over with free something or other.

    I just hope it can return, because it would be a shame to lose it, it's the last forum I still post in, with the handful of others I liked closing down over the last 10 years. Can't be easy to keep a site like this going, hard to understand how it would be profitable tbh, but I'm not a business person. I'll keep sticking around anyway, the Gaming forum is basically my news source for gaming.

  • Come back!!!!!

  • I can just echo that the layout and navigation around the site is awful to the point of off-putting , even trying to find my regular fora and threads on the touch site is a pain.

  • and lack of users will result in lack of advertising revenue - so something will have to give😐️

  • I think the more systemic issue for Boards in the medium term isn’t the move to a new platform (where things will be resolved) but rather its user base, which now appears to be mostly made up of cranky lads in their 40’s and 50’s moaning about change, political correctness, and modern music.

    It’s a demographic that appears to be impossible to please, and, more importantly, a demographic whose opinions others don’t want to read or respond to. Bang of denim jackets, receding hairlines, and retro computer game consoles off the place.

  • On the old mobile site, not - I was able to view the most thanked posts of the day. Is that feature still available? Would appreciate a reply from a mod here as I've asked numerous times without a reply.

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  • Well.. for my own part, I find the whole thing extremely clunky. It's difficult to find threads that I'd been posting regularly to, and when I do, I can't go to the last post after mine, as opposed to the last post of the thread. On active threads, it's too easy to lose track of the discussion without that feature. The lack of ordered posts by date, is annoying too.

    I'm solely on desktop, and the new appearance hurts my eyes. It makes them tired far quicker than the old format. TBH That's the killer for me. Why stay on a site that hurts my eyes?

    I liked the simplicity of the older format. That's gone now, and I have little appreciation for what's replaced it. I understand the desire to change, and improve what went before.. but.. I don't see any real improvements.

    Still, I was looking for an excuse to decrease my boards usage, and this change has certainly provided one.

  • The change has definitely emboldened the woke / social justice warrior types (who always no matter what and say black is white if it suits their point) in the place so much so their post count for 1 in 3 posts here, up from 1 in 5 in the old system.

    xieann, you may go the way of 5rtytry56 soon enough

  • I used to use it 90% on my phone. Now it's unusable on my phone in mobile mode. It's OK in desktop mode but obviously tiny so I don't bother with it so much. Spend about 5 minutes a day on it now when I'm at my P.C. just to check some threads I'm following.

  • It shouldn't be up to the users to start adding bits of code, addons, or anything else to their browsers to make the site somewhat usable.

    We have users such a Gregor Samsa offering help and at the same time excusing the site due to how many people they manage to keep some commerical sites in operation in comparison to the small numbers involved in boards.

    I would have quoted his post, but not sure how mulit quote works anymore. !!!

    One question for Gregor is: would you roll out a new site without adequate functionality testing, without user acceptance testing of some sort ????

    It doesn't matter how many staff you have, the rollout of the new site was badly planned, ill timed, and that is before we even look at the fact that the site is poorly designed.

    This fiasco could be used in future in web design courses to show how not to do things.

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  • I'm not excusing anything, jmayo. I kind of resent that comment, to be honest. I'm not the problem here at all. I'm just pointing out the reality of the situation Boards is in. The're under-resourced. Under resourced to to this migration or to maintain a site of this size regardless of platform - which puts them in a Catch 22 situation (unless they hire a proper team, or outsource to one). That's a simple fact.

    I'm not sure why you're asking me if I'd roll out a site without adequate testing, when I clearly said "Where they went wrong was in not preparing properly". Maybe I was too general in that statement, but "preparing properly" includes testing. Lots of testing.

    I 100% take your last point about this being an example of how not to do things, but it's squarely a Project Management issue, not a Web Design one. There was clearly no proper project management done in this migration.