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Netflix Recommendations Thread 3.0



  • Oh, I guess that's the Russian Chernobyl production made as a rebuke to the HBO miniseries, which apparently got nationalists all ruled up - and supposedly implied sabotage of the plant (rather than institutional incompetence)

  • i think it concentrates on the first responders and not the causes

  • 9to5: The Story of a Movement (2021) :In this documentary, female office workers in '70s Boston inspire change with a call for better pay, more opportunities and an end to sexual harassment.

    Cousins (2021) :Separated as children, three cousins with an unshakeable bond confront their painful pasts and embark on an emotional journey to find each other.

    Words Bubble Up Like Soda Pop (2021)(Japanese): After meeting one bright, sunny day, a shy boy who expresses himself through haiku and a bubbly but self-conscious girl share a brief, magical summer


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  • Chernobyl 1986, seems to be a film rather than a show.

  • I see S2 of Warrior Nun is due to start filming next month, which probably means it won't be out until next summer~ish time, meaning 2 years between seasons. Will probably have to do a re-watch before then.

  • Hmm, forgot He's All that was going to be a thing. Might just go back to forgetting it.

  • I just noticed that The Sweetest Thing (2002) is on Netflix. The reviews are terrible, and they're partly right: it's a trashy movie with little redeeming value, part romcom and part shock comedy, with some scenes that will burn themselves in to the memory whether you like it or not. Cameron Diaz and Christina Applegate star with Selma Blair, all spending major portions of the movie in bad underwear. I have no idea how it got made, but I'm still glad it did: the makers of Bridesmaids must have been watching.

    The history of military conflict in Afghanistan [has] been one of initial success, followed by long years of floundering and ultimate failure. We’re not going to repeat that mistake.

    -- President George W. Bush, in a speech at the Virginia Military Institute.

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  • Kingdom: Ashin of the North (2021)(Korean): Tragedy, betrayal and a mysterious discovery fuel a woman's vengeance for the loss of her tribe and family in this special episode of "Kingdom.

    The Movies That Made Us Season 2:These blockbusters brought us together and gave us the time of our lives. Meet the actors, directors and industry insiders who made them happen

    Masters of the Universe: Revelation Season 1 (2021) :After a calamitous battle fractures Eternia, Teela and an unlikely alliance must prevent the end of the Universe in this sequel to the '80s classic

    Revelations: The Masters of the Universe: Revelation Aftershow Season 1(2021) : Take a behind-the-scenes look at "Masters of the Universe: Revelation" as showrunner Kevin Smith and others interview the cast about their iconic roles.

    Sky Rojo (2021) 2 Seasons (European Spanish) A fatal turn of events at a brothel sends three women haunted by their pasts on a wild run from their pimp and his henchmen

    Blood Red Sky (2021) (German) :When a group of terrorists hijacks an overnight transatlantic flight, a mysteriously ill woman must unleash a monstrous secret to protect her young son

    Bankrolled (2021) (Spanish): Two directionless millennial bros get high and pitch a bold new social justice app that raises millions. Then they have to come up with the app

    A Second Chance: Rivals!:Crushed when she doesn't qualify for the Olympics, a now-grown Maddy Cornell finds new purpose coaching young gymnasts going up against a rival team

    African America (2021) : A disgruntled South African woman leaves her fiancé and embezzles money from her job to pursue her dream of being a Broadway star in New York City.


  • '71 was previously on Amazon Prime - a very strong film.

  • '71 is a film I've been meaning to watch for flippin' ages. Must get around to it, finally.

  • Masters of the Universe, Kingdom and Movies That Made Us. Busy weekend.

  • Watched blood red sky..i love anything set on a plane..especially since it's been so long since I have been on one :(

    Its kind of what I was expecting I wouldn't watch trailer before....enjoyable enough

  • I watched Midsommar the other night, that was a strange film

  • Yeah midsommar was a weird film and very slow paced

  • Watched 'wild bill' the other day. A decent uk drama about a guy who gets out of jail to discover his 2 sons have been abandoned by their mother. A solid 7 /10 .

  • Blood Red Sky is a nice vampire B movie a fun two hours mindless entertainment.

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  • More like Z movie schlock but enjoyable so far. I'd guess it would be even better if you were drunk. I'm not in a demanding mood tonight so I'm happy enough with it.

  • I watched "The Death of Stalin" last night. There were a few laughs in it. I am also halfway through "heist" and " How to become a Tyrant". Both of these are very enjoyable so far for me.

  • I started watching Why Are You Like This, an Australian comedy about 3 best friends in their early 20s in Melbourne. It really skewers that age group in a way I haven't seen before, it plays up the whole internet culture, activism as a personality, cancel culture kind of thing, but in a good way.

  • Chernobyl the movie, rather good so far

  • Just finished Blood Red Sky, very enjoyable for what it is. Worth a look. I watched Kingdom Ashin of the North last night, very good and I can't wait for series 3 of that show.

  • Blood red sky pleasantly surprised me, enjoyed it.

  • Another thumbs up for blood red sky here. Not mind blowing or anything but a solid genre film with a fun premise.

  • Watched once upon a time in Hollywood last night, I enjoyed it, its very Tarantino

  • I have not watched a Tarantino movie in 14 years. I really should go back and catch up on what I've missed.

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