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Has the 1 week downtime & move to vanilla killed this place?



  • And a week or so of using r/Ireland made me think that the place is terribly overrated. It's not that bustling with activity, most of the threads aren't that interesting, discussion isn't great overall - the format sucks for it - and whatever about the many user unfriendly features of this version of boards it's still better to look at and has far more functionality than reddit. Reddit is just plain ugly. Boards isn't what it was, that's for damn sure, but it's still streets ahead in terms of what it offers than r/ireland.

    Yeah I really don't get the reddit love and I'm on a few subs there. Not r/Ireland though. I don't think I've ever posted there. Read it a fair bit down the years. I could be wrong but always got the impression it was a bit revamped as far as the vibe went. Which is grand if that's your bag. Though it seems to have had an uptick in popularity in the last fortnight.

    Rejoice in the awareness of feeling stupid, for that’s how you end up learning new things. If you’re not aware you’re stupid, you probably are.

  • Ya, boards is a lot quieter since the update, and whilst some will say the weather is the cause of that, that wouldn't have lead to this amount of a drop. To me the week offline and then this abomination are the cause of it, and I don't think you can fix this site fast enough to stop it. It's rollback or this site is done for imo.

  • I got promoted as well. Don’t know what it means either. Very pleased for some reason, but now worried that relegation is an option😄.

    Finding it hard to navigate new site, but I’m not great at that sort of stuff anyway. Probably work it out is six or seven years so I’ll keep at it.

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  • one hour downtime today,

    fingers crossed they'll just revert to the old

    (any management reading this? - please do)

  • Ok I'm getting cross with it now 😡

  • I find that I naturally skim read posts now and they seem very uninteresting. Think it’s a combination of the layout, colour but also how quoted posts are shown - much harder to follow a thread unless you invest time. Or maybe it’s that some good posters haven’t come back.

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  • Unfortunately the new format is far less intuitive and I find myself connecting far less.

    Many forums are dying (I guess replaced by Facebook groups or other social media), and I fear the new Boards format will not help at all.

    Was any user testing done before (such as through a focus group)?

  • Is there any way to go to the first unread post in a thread? That's vital for any enjoyment of the site for me.

    Maybe it's there somewhere and I'm just too old to find it.

  • I can see the comments section on the mobile version but not on the PC version (Chrome browser), maybe my browser needs updating or that feature is off on the PC version at the moment.

  • Have they made it impossible to close your account ?

  • It's not available in settings anywhere yet.

    They've said an email to [email protected] will start the process manually.

  • Desktop here mainly - no list of my comments available.

  • Is it not just possible to revert to the old interface? This is horrid

  • Weird one here? You have just made two posts. If I hover the mouse over your username on the second post the View Profile/Send Private Message drop down appears below your username on your previous post.

    Wake me up when it's all over.

  • Hopefully the shutdown later today will fix some of the issues, still prefer the old boards.

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  • It is not just a new interface. All of the data has been moved to a new platform. One that is based outside the EU so god knows what the GDPR implications of that are.

  • I find it impossible to know if its dead or not, so overly difficult to navigate around!

  • You gotta jump through some manual hoops!

    Not ideal, but still looks a lot better imo

  • crap layout and not user friendly especially on mobile with no option to switch to desktop. No drop down menus/list of categories and topics

  • I miss easily being about to find out who has quoted me so that I can reply. If they've gone to the trouble of replying to me, I generally like to reciprocate unless they are one of my very small list of ignored users. I also miss being able to search for my favourite forum members easily. These things actually do matter to me when using this site and I'm not finding either that easy. And I only like using the site on my laptop. My phone - I'll use it reluctantly but it looks awful and is not easy to use. So that's pretty much out for me.

    Maybe the things I miss seem petty but the internet is a tough town. It doesn't take much to lose one's attention.

  • No idea but i won't be hanging around to find out.

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