How to add spoiler tags, edit posts, add images etc. How to - a user's guide to the new version of Boards
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Welcome to the new platform - Version 1.0 :)



  • Anyone having problems getting e-mail updates on posts they have left.Things will take time so lets be patient.Just fix the Dark mode first.

  • "Now yer talkin' yourself."

  • Outlines clearly the priorities to be addressed, in order, with realistic timelines to completion

    This is the only bit that I'm interested in!

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  • Was there any meaningful testing conducted before this went live?

  • Will ye acknowledge any of the people’s complaints?

    why the site was launched in alpha form.

    users resorting to writing there own code just to be able to use the site.

    the abomination of the site on mobile

    its all a one sided engagement.

  • Community Manager

    Someone was asking earlier about the Childfree by Choice forum - it is located here:

    There were links to it from other forums around the site to generate some traffic cut these links translated across as new (empty) forums so they will be removed as soon as we can.

    Ditto for the 3D printing forum which you will find here:

    And Current Affairs which is here:

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  • Dark mode has been requested a lot - its not something we are looking at right now but is one of our top priorities when we are in a position to start adding new features.

    I'm actually shocked that Dark Mode was not considered a basic feature of new Boards. I acknowledge that it will eventually be in the works but I don't know if I will wait that long. I noticed someone posted a fix but I don't usually use Chome and maybe it's the hear but I don't know if I'm all that bothered.

    I know I'm not a prolific poster but I was always lurking, reading and enjoying Boards. A number of years ago I did end up signing up for Reddit when there was the blog wars moderation and many of us migrated over. I stuck around but I don't know if I will be for much longer. I appreciate all the hard work Boards has done and that this move was much needed and a huge undertaking, but sadly I think the grá I once had has now slowly eroded.

    Best of luck with the fixes

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  • Nice to see that several issues I highlighted are being worked on

    Thank you especially for the info on what is fixed, being fixed, status, on the to do list and so on. At the very least it gives us an overview of where things are and visibility on progress. It would be great if you continued the updates like this for the next week/10 days until you get through the main items

  • Feedback

    • Someone posted a link to the Childfree By Choice forum which I couldn't find since the site changed. However it doesn't seem to be possible to post to that forum
    • Its almost impossible to see text that has a hyperlink in it, as an example, the text "Childfree By Choice forum" above has a link in it but its almost indistinguishable from regular text.
    • Update : hyperlinks are very visible on mobile so the above is is only on desktop however the link text on mobile appears to be one font size smaller
    • Added an image to this post (see top) but it automatically added it to the beginning of the post instead of the end
    • No way to remove the image at the top on mobile that I can see
    • Can't add an image if cursor is in a bulleted list. This is normal however there is no feedback to the user, it just fails to add the image
    • Was able to add the image below but had to come out of the bulleted list

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  • On the desktop that works now. Still Vanilla flavour comes with a big bit of "flaky" stuck in it so sometime it you don't see everyone who has thanked a post. There are some that only show the first 5 others show more than 5 five, can't find any reason for it?

    For example I can easily see that Azatadine has already thanked you.

    Wake me up when it's all over.

  • Do you blame them?

    It's painful browsing through this crap website

  • Do many users still use a “desktop” computer for reading boards? Would have thought most people had moved on with the times and were using mobile devices.

    The idea of someone sitting in, with curtains drawn, on a day like today is just, well, sad really.


    “When you're used to privilege, equality feels like oppression”.


  • What about help desk? Mod lists? Touch site randomly redirecting to a thread from earlier in the day mid reading? Keyboard overhanging report post box?

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  • Odhran

    Is there anyone with a design flair looking at the colour pallet?

    The site is ghostly and anemic.

    Any basic range of pastels would make a huge difference to the readability

  • As i observed, reason for it is the height of the post - the longer the post - more it can display. However, i also noticed that some users dont display the list - once hover over it pops "something", but does not display list. See Odhran's opening post on 15Jul. Glitch perhaps

  • If you want to throw money at Boards you could subscribe for a month..

  • if you happy with "punching" 5-10" its fine.

    Me, however, on x3 screen setup, can see everything in much better resolution and more. Even during work hours, when quite, can allow myself to set one screen to favourite thread and monitor/participate. As for sitting in the room, well... had two ice cold pints and laying in the pool - i can take a break from PC time-to-time, where lots of "mobile" users have terrible addiction, like phone would be "third leg".

    All we have our own habits and preferences, until we find there could be better :D

    Edit: out for the third ice cold :D

  • Make sure whatever colour scheme you choose has good, strong colour contrast between foreground and background colours - see WAI WCAG guidance for measuring this contrast. The Sign In/Register pale blue text on the blue background are examples of low contrast, making text hard to read for many people.

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