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Smart Tariff Unit Rates

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    Let's compile a list of "smart tariffs" as this sounds like something everyone will need when switching suppliers

    Is it just me or this is nowhere near as good as the standard night/day rate meters?


    The night rate is expensive enough and apparently there's also a Paek rate where it gets even more expensive.

    This is for BordGais which I am currently with, using an Urban 24 hour tariff where my unit rate is 14.94c/kw (VAT inc) but I am at the end of my contract and need to probably move.

    One very strange thing that I was told is that once you move to a Smart Tariff, you CAN'T EVER go back to the non-smart tariffs, i.e. the 24hr one.

    There's more things to take into account, like std charges which are not the same, etc.

    Absolute nonsense if you ask me as this is the whole point of the smart meter but just looks like a way to get you ripped off even more as these rates are not great at all.



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