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F1 2021 Round 7 : French GP (Paul Ricard)



  • CmonLewis

  • Danny Ricc having a decent race. Glad to see after his struggles.

  • So who's tyres are getting hammered more here, Max out front or the two behind?

    Not sure how Perez is going to be in the mix here, he has made a second and a half back up since coming out though.

  • BrentMused wrote: »
    Good opportunity for Bottas here with Lewis not having DRS on Max.

    Let's see if he'll take some of his frustration out.

    And Bottas has already slipped out of DRS range.

    FFS, he doesn't do himself any favours at times.

  • Hamilton much closer now.

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  • Why did some teams leave their drivers out so long on the first set of tires if it’s going to be a one stop race?

  • Those staying out are going to have to be very fast at the end to make up for long stint. Leclerc making up places showed that the undercut was the way to go. Surprised merc didn't have Hamilton in earlier. VER will have his work cut out for him.


  • Max playing a blinder here but I don’t think he can hold out for much longer.
    I hope to be proven wrong!

  • Have Mercedes got another set of mediums? You'd have to wonder if bringing Hamilton in later on is in their minds if they do have one.

  • Wonder if we will see Hamilton pit again sooner than scheduled

    Leave Bottas out to pressure Max.

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  • I think there are some games in these radio messages.

  • Seems like everyone is thinking a two stopper.

  • This has to be a two-stopper. LeClerc is all over the place.

  • Can Perez do one stop if everyone else doing two?


  • Lando's front left looks fairly bad again,

    Surely this has to be a two stop?

  • There’s going to be more stops the tires aren’t lasting

  • The state of Lando's tyres and they're only a few laps old.

  • Mercedes thinking about a 2 stopper, but I don’t think they’ll actually be able to catch Perez if they do.

  • Sabre0001 wrote: »
    Can Perez do one stop if everyone else doing two?

    If anyone can, it's him.

    He's quietly putting in some lovely lap times too.

  • Could be a good day for Aston Martin and perez if this goes to a two stopper

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  • I think there are some games in these radio messages.

    Martin brundle is thinking the same. If the info being said on the radio is accurate.

  • Even the hard tyres are getting shredded after only fairly short stints.

  • Redbull in an awful quandry,

    given the time Perez has made up on his tyres i'd risk it and go first with Max.

    Surely looking about these tyres cannot last to the end.

  • It's coming up to crunch time and this pit decision. I'd expect stops as tyres are turning into mush

  • Max pitting.
    The mercs will have to respond you’d think as more than a few drivers are saying the same think about the tyres being goosed.

  • Merc too slow with their pit calls

  • Next message to Segio is let Max through.

  • Good shout from Red Bull I would think. Can't imagine Mercedes were putting on such awful pace.

  • LH tyres look sh1t

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  • I think Max made the right call.