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Sega Blast City Cabinet bundle

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    ITEM: Great condition Blast City, 2P, 1P and Majhong panels, PC, Stepdown Transformer, Stools
    POST\COLLECTION: Collection Only - Glenageary
    PRICE: 1550 EUR ONO
    PAYMENT METHODS: Paypal\Cash\Bank Transfer

    Pics at

    1x Sega Blast City
    I've owned this since 2010 when I imported it to the UK from HK via Ronnie/RKLOK. It's been dismantled and cleaned inside and out. Original, no respray.
    Condition is honestly great.
    Hoping to with the PCBs, or possibly the PCBs first if someone is interested. Will give a discount if you take the lot! Located in Glenageary near Dun Laoghaire, South Dublin. Collection only. Preferably in person, but if you're using a courier then then need to know how to shift these things. It weights over 100KG, and I'll need to dismantle it to get it out of the house.

    This is a tri-sync, so can do 15kHz (most JAMMA ~224/240 lines), 24kHZ (stuff like System24), and 31kHz (handy for Windows at 640x480, or higher interlaced).
    Included PC is wired through ArcadeVGA->J-PAC->JAMMA, with proper wiring for extra buttons, and stero audio. J-PAC has small modification to allow this, to bridge H/V sync, as this wasn't supported on the model at the time without restricting to 15KHz (Andy said he might add it in future).

    * Decals are all original. There's a small scrape out of the right side decals. Otherwise intact.
    * Flourescent tube/ballast is working fine.
    * Coin mech is a 1HKD, adjusted to take 100 Yen reliably
    * Coin bucket
    * Original dimple security key and 4 working locks (2 on CP, PCB and coin)
    * 001 JAMMA loom, Stereo inputs
    * Original glass for control panel, bezel, kick guard (could use a shine), wheels etc.
    * Repro manual
    * Faults - the service mode button has never worked. Never tried to diagnose as it never bothered me. There's a small hairline crack under the control panel. You shouldn't lift the machines by the control panel anyway.

    * Original 29" MS-2933 15/24/31kHz auto-switching display (this is much rare than the MS-2930/2931).
    * Zero burn bright and beautifully crisp at 15kHz
    * Fairly easy to rotate (remove bezel, 4 nuts - just eat your spinach and lay it down if doing solo)
    * The downside - the gun alignment has gradually drifted the past 10 years as is common. This means the colours are visible at the corners on a test pattern. I have some magnetic strips to adjust but never got around to it. See It's not that noticable most of the time

    Control Panels:
    * Original 2P12B is in good shape, fitted with a couple of Sanwa Mesh Balls and Purple/Green pushins
    * NOS unused 1B6B 'licensed' panel
    * NOS lightly used Sega Mahjong panel + homemade loom for use with PC/MAME (with remapped keyboard)

    Consider this a freebie.
    A Core2Duo micro PC mounted to the PCB mounting board.
    ArcadeVGA, JPAC. Additional AMD Radeon 4850 card.
    Running Windows XP at 640x480, a frontend and a various versions of Groovymame.
    It's not really up to the job now and can stutter a bit.

    * Stepdown transformer (240V->110V)
    * 20x 100 Yen coins
    * Original (not repro) Sega ashtray
    * Original (not repro) Taito ashtray
    * A few Sega 5380 locks and keys (Astro-City/NAC)
    * A couple of Seimitsu sticks and looms that have seen better days
    * Random button blanks, buttons, ball top and JST pins
    * 2 custom 'Spectre' marquees - Super Street fighter IV: AE, Ikaruga
    * A couple of cutdown IKEA bar stools
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