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4k UHD Blu-ray recommendations



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    There is other stuff going out soon in 4K according to Zavvi's website & Blu-ray.com.

    Basic Instinct, Howard the Duck, Indiana Jones, Space Jam, My Fair Lady, Mortal Engines, X-Men Apocalypse, Ghost in the Shell, Shrek.

    And many more to get added into the list when they get announced.

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    Films, especially older ones, often don't have a definitive look and even when they do transferring them to different formats will inevitably result in them looking different. It's not as simple as the same just in better resolution or whatever, especially where hdr is concerned. New masters created from negatives have to be colour corrected from scratch and these days that would be done using technology like digital colour grading that didn't exist when the film was released. Not to mention that they being put onto a format that is technically superior to 35mm film projection in many respects. Ideally the dp (when they are still around) should supervise new transfers - directors are not always a good judge of these things.

    Early Blu-rays suffered from lazy or revisionist masters too. I suspect hdr is being abused in many cases to create unnatural or excessive contrast similar to how dnr was abused with dvd and blu-ray. Once the novelty of hdr wears off I think we'll see better, more accurate 4k releases.

    This is my take on 4K HDR too. On the few that I've seen, I've noticed that while the colours are indeed vivid, they can also look artificial too and it can be very difficult to ignore that and just enjoy the film.

    There also seems to be a thrust of "Well this is 4K and HDR, so therefore it's automatically better than the 1080p blu". But I've seen some new remasters and that certainly hasn't been the case at all.

    I can also recall the early days of Blu Ray and people swearing that a picture that was scrubbed to hell and back with DNR and then edge enhanced looked better than the DVD counterpart and I thought I was going mad when I saw things different.

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    This guy reckons that most of the time there isn't much difference between 4k and standard blu rays.

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    The near death of physical media really makes me sad. I've always been into collecting dvds/blurays and to a lesser extent 4k Blurays but i notice the law of diminishing returns has kicked in even for me as a cinefile. I had close to 1000 DVDs back in the day and then about 400 blurays and about 30 4k disks now. The main reason for this is not wanted to rebuy films unless i really love them - i looking at you lord of the rings, braveheart, gladiator etc which i have literally bought on all formats. I've always liked having a physical collection.

    Out of my circle of friends all late 30s early 40s only myself and one other chap would ever buy 4k disks and most wouldnt have bought regular blurays. Streaming is mostly to blame but the price of the 4k format does not help IMO. My broadband is rubbish so streaming 4k has never really been an option. Last weekend i was watching avengers infinity war with my daughter on disney plus (even though i have the bluray but was too lazy to get up and put it on) the quality difference is unreal to my eyes between streaming and phscial media but i do note that others have far better internet and so the difference would probably be less noticeable.

    Back on topic i find zavvi very good with offers such as 2/30 or 3/30 but new titles are ridiculously expensive.

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    4K blu rays are too expensive. Take out the blu ray included and make them cheaper.

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    jones wrote: »
    Out of my circle of friends all late 30s early 40s only myself and one other chap would ever buy 4k disks and most wouldnt have bought regular blurays.

    The fact of the matter is that Blu Ray is still a niche market, despite being over ten years old. DVD is still king. 4K is an even deeper niche and will probably never get to a point where it can be considered truly mainstream in any way.

    The vast majority of people simply will stick a few bob on a DVD and be perfectly happy with it. They'll never even know or care about the qualitative differences that the higher scale of resolution brings, nor do they understand a single thing about bitrates or how a movie is mastered for home release.

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    I recommend The Irishman on Netflix.

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    Staggering upgrade for the In The Line of Fire 4K version


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    The original Star Trek movies are getting a 4K boxset release. However; the boxset includes the first 4 films with films 5 and 6 omitted.

    Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan comes with a director's cut. However all other movies within this boxset include the theatrical cut only.

    Paramount have also announced plans to release a new 4K HDR restoration of the Director's Edition of Star Trek: The Motion Picture on Paramount+. The restoration will take 6-8 months.

    There's also some recent good news for fans of The Shawshank Redemption & The Thing.

    They're being released on 4K UHD Blu-ray from this September.

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