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PAINT - Here comes the Summer Sun (hopefully)!

  • 03-05-2021 8:11pm
    Registered Users Posts: 2,680 ✭✭✭ ari101

    I promised I'd run a paint game back at the end of Feb, so now that RL is out of the way ;) I'm striking while the iron is hot - I have shamelessly stolen lots of Ecto's last OP :o

    What is Paint?

    It is a chain game. You sign up to either describe or paint or if you don't mind which you do. Your host (me) chooses an image and sends it to the first describer in the chain. They then PM a 10 word description of the image to me.
    I send that description to the first painter in the chain. They use that description to paint a masterpiece (using MS Paint or similar). When they have completed their painting, they send me a link to their image which I then pass on down the chain to the next describer.

    It's hilarious fun - see here :)Easter(ish) Paint Reveal

    Sign up on below and say if you prefer to describe or to paint. Nothing more to do until I send you a description or image via PM to inspire your poetry or art! :D

    I'll put a link to free image hosting for the painters, if needed, when we have a chain ready :)

    Probably aim to start the art in mid May if we have enough links...