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COVID "Brain Fog"



  • Fathom wrote: »
    One chronic side effect. Sense of time. Late for appointments. Whole days disappear. Weeks vanish. All of sudden rent is due. Never before covid. Always conscience of time. Never late.

    (((HUGS))) It is all bad with me just now. In a total daze. Grabbing food if I find myself near the kitchen and I have to see what day it is here on the computer. I started with M.E over 50 years ago,misdiagnosed for 30 years but am taking very great care now. Just accepting how it is helps. It IS physical and you have time on your side. Rest is the key. And time does not matter in my life at my age and with no outside obligations.

    All of which is why I am very very happy to stay in total isolation. covid now is not to be thought of.

    Just hang on in there day by day? Do as little as you can. Here for you.

  • Thanks Graces7. Hugs for you too. So little is known about Post-COVID side effects. Only short and mid-term studies. No longitudinal yet. Not enough time has passed. But eventually.

  • Cognitive difficulties, disturbances of concentration, attention, memory.

    Yes, it's ****e and the stuff that helps (lists, reminders, etc) doesn't always help.

    The main thing is to not beat yourself up about it, take each day as it comes, only do what you can and don't overdo it. All sound advice but often very difficult to implement.

    Be kind to yourself, look after yourself - you're the only one who knows exactly how you feel.

  • Cognitive difficulties, disturbances of concentration, attention, memory.
    Mostly forget little things. Occasionally, friends and coworkers will catch me staring into space. I'll get a wave of the hand in front of my face. We laugh. Might as well laugh. Crying solves nothing.

  • BBC File on 4 did a piece on long Covid recently, including medics who had been affected.

    I had no idea over 50 bus drivers had died. That's very sad and probably a higher number now.

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  • Covid-19 still too new. Only short-term studies available. Needs longitudinal studies to evaluate brain fog and other long term effects.

  • May be of interest.

    Next Mental Health & COVID-19 webinar

    The Little Things that Matter Most in Psychiatry: Microbial Regulation of Brain Function and Behaviour

    Dr Gerard Clarke,

    Lecturer, Department of Psychiatry and Neurobehavioural Science

    Principal Investigator, APC Microbiome Ireland at University College Cork


    Webinar 58 in the UCD Academic Child & Adolescent Psychiatry series will take place on Friday 23rd July 2021 at12.30pm.

  • Thanks TBO. This Webinar looks worthwhile.

  • RTE Prime Time on this now. Heartbreaking.

    Saw this on Twitter.

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