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Share your printer(s)

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    I thought it might be interesting to compare printers. These are mine:


    Left is a Creality CR-6SE; right is my FLSUN Q5. The Creality is what I use for engineered parts that I need dimensional accuracy for - basically, parts that will be assembled. The Q5 is faster but just not accurate enough for those sorts of prints.


  • Here's my Ender 3 Pro in Lack enclosure. Done a few printed mods, Octopi and changed the main board to a SKR MINI E3 V2. Notable difference in noise but plan to tackle the fans at some stage.


  • I've got a Wanhao D-9 that is criminally underused at present.
    A favour for another boards member in the last week is the 1st time I've used it in 9 months.
    Hopefully it will see more use in the coming months.

    I'll share a pic later, but as an aside.
    It's nice to see this forum finally get the nod and get up and running.
    Hello everyone!

  • Hi!
    I've an Ender 3 pro and Octopi that I knocked together a (very bockety) enclosure for . Will pop up a picture later

  • Dingatron wrote: »
    Here's my Ender 3 Pro in Lack enclosure. Done a few printed mods, Octopi and changed the main board to a SKR MINI E3 V2. Notable difference in noise but plan to tackle the fans at some stage.

    Where did you source the Plexiglas?

  • Where did you source the Plexiglas?

    I got it from and they pre-cut so no faffing around and very reasonable price, cheaper than anywhere else.

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  • Ender 3 Pro, Anycubic Kossel Plus, Anycubic Photon (resin) and a very rarely used Mendel90 from back when you updated your Z height offset by re-flashing the firmware!!!

  • I have a humble Ender 3 Pro with OCTOPI.
    Only mod is a glass bedplate plus some stronger leveling springs. Use only PLA filamint.
    Have ongoing bed adhesion issues. Have to use a brim to get anything to stick. The work area stinks of hair spray.
    Thinking of going back to the magnetic thingy that came with the printer.
    But the glass plate is stuck!! Work in progress!
    Not a happy punter at the minute.

  • Have you tried lemon juice for the glass plate?
    Works well with PLA, first use the lemon juice to clean the bed then leave a little on the bed just before you heat the bed, gives good adhesion then when you let the bed cool and the temp drops below about 35 degrees the part often pops off by itself.
    Plastic jiff lemon works well.

  • First printer set up and first practical print, a filament clip - I don't think it is the right one though filament fairly tight (did something called Hatchbox my spool is 1kg ERYONE)


  • Ender 5 pro (Bltouch added)
    Prusa Mini + (with filament sensor. Love this printer)
    Monoprice Select V1 (not used at all really must sell it)

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  • Artillery Sidewinder X1 V4 :)

  • Wanhao DO with MK2 upgrade.
    In my "printer" cubby, quite a large print volume at 400mm³ and despite owning it for 2yrs I'm only recently starting to use it again after over a year of it lying idle.


  • Using an Ender 3 with an ipgraded Meanwell Power supply and enclosure i found on thingiverse, so its kind of like a DIY Ender 3 pro.

  • Have a Creality Cr 6 SE on the way.

    Have two Intamsys industrial FDM printers in work. The Pro 410 and the HT. Both capable of printing the high end thermoplastics like PEEK, PEI etc.

  • said in the thread in bargain alerts i'd post some pics here, will get to it, but my printer humming away today (printing full set of socket, spanners and all other tool holders for my toolchest drawers. )

    Heavily modded ender 3 pro, SKR Mini E3 V2 main board, E3D Hemera extruder/V6 HE, upgraded to dual drive Z axis, (seperate motors on each side).

    yeah, i need to cut the new thread bar to height, and i need to design a stand for the power supply (doesn't mount to the frame anymore as the second motor is there now). but apart from that this is pretty muchas far as i will take it. until i buy the XL kit and increase the bed size :) i have a BL touch, but have never had an issue with bed levelling so never bothered attaching it



  • and my full intention in going to the hemera were

    1) print faster - unless there is tight angles or circles for which i run slower, i can run at 100+ and it prints just fine
    2) flexibles and try ABS .went to 3djake site the other evening to order flexible and abs, bought 4 rolls of pla and forgot to get the ABS and flexible. get too distracted when i go to that site