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WWE and Coronavirus news



  • Lithium93_ wrote: »
    Florida had a 24.6% increase in Covid-19 cases yesterday, blowing past the 12,274 in New York on April 4, by 3,026.
    Lithium93_ wrote: »
    A Republican state, I'm not surprised they are where they are right now.

    Their Governor, DeSantis, is an absolute loon. When I was over there last year, he was running ads calling himself “the big man in charge”, loads of pictures of him smiling with Trump. Like, literally advertisements, propaganda, for the guy during news breaks, every 15 minutes,

    The major issue for Florida is that they rely solely on a sales tax. The reason a lot of wrestlers (and others) like living there is the minimal taxes taken from wages and stuff. They just put a ~13% tax on all sale of goods instead. Which was brilliant when they were THE tourist hotspot.

    But it’s a disaster for them if they are closed down. Any state wide closing down means no taxes going into the local state governments. The state will literally bankrupt if they don’t stay open. It’s why they are forcing everything to stay open as much as possible.

  • Mike Johnson:
    "They were supposed to tape two SmackDown episodes last week, and I’ve been told by 3 different sources that the second SmackDown taping got canceled at the last second because they had more positives.”

  • The Rock tests positive. (Not sure how to embed Instagram videos...)

    Kevin Nash also says his family all have/had it.

    AJ Styles also said on Twitch that he tested positive a month ago too.

    The state of Florida will begin allowing full capacity attendance for stadiums events.

    Vince has been privately holding out hope for a full capacity WrestleMania. He gets his wish. Whether or not 65K fans show up is another question.

  • Just googled
    At least 55 new coronavirus deaths and 2,251 new cases were reported in Florida on Oct. 6. Over the past week, there have been an average of 2,222 cases per day, a decrease of 18 percent from the average two weeks earlier.

    Yep, sounds like full capacity would be a great idea.

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  • I'd say Hager shares the same political views as the Mcmahons so his criticism rings a bit hollow.

  • "We, the people!"

  • Health Department launches COVID-19 investigation at WWE venues reports that The Orange County Department of Health has asked the Strike Team to investigate 17 businesses in the town that could be potential COVID-19 hotspots. Three WWE venues are also a part of the list.

    Given below is the list of businesses that are being investigated:

    Jesus School, Judah Church
    Amazon distribution center, Boggy Creek
    WWE Full Sail
    WWE Performance Center on Forsyth Commerce Road
    WWE Amway Arena
    Plaza on University Apartments
    Crunch Fitness on Colonial Drive
    Crunch Fitness on Hoffner Avenue
    Starbound Performers

    WWE Statement
    WWE is not open to the public, but rather operating on a closed set with only essential personnel in attendance. As part of on-going weekly testing protocols, Aventus Labs have administered more than 10,000 PCR tests to WWE performers, employees, production staff, and crew, resulting in only 1.5 percent positive cases as compared to the current national average of more than 5%. Additionally, extensive contact tracing takes place, and impacted individuals are placed in 14-day quarantine and then only cleared after they test negative."

    I love a good Signature.

  • and will be complaining about andrew yang if biden wins and democrat's increses higher earners tax

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  • Only essential personnel? Watching this week's NXT, do they class fans as essential? It clearly wasn't only other wrestlers in attendance.

  • So 150 positive cases in WWE.

  • Lithium93_ wrote: »
    So 150 positive cases in WWE.

    What? Really? I wonder how they’ll spin this...

  • TimesArrow wrote: »
    What? Really? I wonder how they’ll spin this...

    Well based on the numbers in WWE's released statement, though maths isn't my strong suit, so I could be wrong.

  • Another but I guess when you’ve people like road dogg and the likes who think it’s nothing this will happen

    Feel like this is very much linked

  • Looks like this might be the reason Mercedes Martinez left Retribution.

    I love a good Signature.

  • Another unnamed NXT star tests positive,

    Also LOL

    WWE wins COVID-19 awareness award of the year
    Cynopsis gave out their Model D awards and WWE and Americares received an award for the best COVID-19 Awareness campaign. The partnership involved WWE and Americare’s Safety Steps campaign, a digital campaign encouraging kids and others to wear masks and do their part to stop the spread of COVID-19.

    I wonder how much the WWE paid for that award.

    I love a good Signature.

  • Seems like Drew isn't the only one with Covid and there has been another major outbreak within the WWE.

    I love a good Signature.

  • WWE have informed talent they will not be providing them with the vaccine as they are independent contractors and they need to source there own if they want it.

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  • It's free so it's hardly that big of a deal.

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  • How easy is it to source it independently though? You'd think it would be in WWE's best interest to get everyone vaxxed as quickly as possible so they cant get sick (and this goes for every other org too)

  • I doubt the other billion dollar sports organizations NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL and every other major professional sport active at the moment are telling there talent to **** off and source your own vaccine.

    I love a good Signature.

  • How easy is it to source it independently though? You'd think it would be in WWE's best interest to get everyone vaxxed as quickly as possible so they cant get sick (and this goes for every other org too)

    I presume America has something similar to us, and everywhere else, where the most vulnerable get it first. Young wrestlers at the peak of fitness will be far down that list. They can wait.

    Damned if they do, damned if they don't, in my opinion. If they bought up a batch of vaccines to do all the wrestlers the same people who are criticising them for this would be saying "Why do they get to go first?!"

    Anyway, half of them are probably anti-vax like that gowl Nia Jax.

  • I'm in big tech here in the states. My employer has set up a full vaccination clinic this weekend to cover employees and even non-employees for those most vulnerable. It's free for everyone - nothing short of a miracle for US healthcare and the intention is to help the most vulnerable in the wider community to help get it rolled out faster for all employees eventually. Shocking that WWE even with their ties to the previous administration didn't at least try to secure some testing - if even for the most vulnerable.

  • Just reading that Vince was so livid that Steve Cutler caught Covid and that's why he was fired.

    Vince had promised his top talent that they were in a safe environment and Cutler was out partying on New Years Eve when he and his girlfriend Deonna Purrazzo both caught it.

    I love a good Signature.

  • If that was the reason then Drew and Mia should be out the door as well.

  • HHH in quarantine after the break out in NXT.

    Some of the NXT talent really don't seem to care with the amount of outbreaks there over the last year.

    I love a good Signature.

  • HHH in quarantine after the break out in NXT.

    Some of the NXT talent really don't seem to care with the amount of outbreaks there over the last year.

    Similar to WWE as a whole then

  • Headshot wrote: »
    Similar to WWE as a whole then

    Well yeah but NXT seems to be it’s own island of stupidity when it comes to this virus. And it’s funny because the younger generation of wrestlers like to give off the air of being tolerant and all that but NXT seem he’ll bent on not doing what they are meant to. I think triple H or someone needs to stop tiptoeing around this lot and if needs be fire some of them.

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