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Boardsies Decide The Greatest Music Album Of All-Time

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    Greetings travellers,

    So I have this idea:

    People send me their top 10 favourite albums of all-time via PM in numbered order of preference. Then, with a scoring system ( 10 points for number 1, 9 points for number 9, down to 1 point for number 10 etc.) I will add up the totals and run a countdown of the top 50/100 albums of all-time here on boards according to its members.

    Alternately, I could run a tournament, but I don't think that would work at all? Let me know what you think.

    So if you're on-board, PM me your choice of favourite album of all-time or a number of your favourite albums of all-time (top 2, top 3, top 4, top 10-it doesn't matter)-just make sure it's no more than 10 and in numbered order of preference.

    You can also provide reasons for your choices and I will include all or some of those commentaries in the countdown, along with a video of a song from the album, its placings and points total, a list of members who chose it, its chart peak etc.

    I know it's quite hard to decide favourites but it's worth a go, and if all goes to plan, I will do a countdown of the top 50/100 someday in the very distant future. I intend on starting a thread in the music forum too, and maybe even After Hours, in order to notify people and get more on board as we have quite a small group here on FG.

    I will leave sign-ups open for a quite a while so no rush and we'll see how it goes...if it doesn't work, it just means less work for me.:)

    Remember send me a private message with your top 10 of all-time in numbered order, or alternately, just your favourite album or your top 3 etc.

    Oh, and no Greatest Hits Albums allowed! I'm looking at you, Alan Partridge.

    Everything else is fair game.