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Garmin Nuvi level of detail on rural Irish roads

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    How good would the detail of roads in Co Limerick and Co Cork (and other rural areas) be with the Nuvi?


  • The V9.0 mapping has just been released for the Nuvi 310 / 360, and this has 100% coverage for all of Ireland and the U.K. I believe the Garmin v9.0 mapping is based on Navteq Q2 2006 data so should be fairly up to date also.

    I just got a Nuvi 310 a couple of weeks ago as a present and I am delighted with it, very easy to use, great additional functionality esp. the Bluetooth feature which synchs up with most bluetooth mobiles. You can make/take calls as well as send receive SMS through it with the latest firmware update from the Garmin website.

    You can see the v9.0 map coverage on this page : , select City Navigator Europe NT v9 in the MapSource Map Viewer drop-down and the map will appear.

    Hope this helps

  • I've a Nuvi 360, and it's on v8 maps. The detail for Cork is actually quite good, however, I've v9 on the way to me, and it's supposed to be a serious upgrade.

  • Would the detail be good on local roads as well?


  • At the time of using my Garmin GPS device, I am unable to get latest route and traffic updates. So, in order to resolve this issue, one of my friend advices me to that I have to Update Garmin GPS device. But, I even don’t know how to Update Garmin GPS device. Please, anyone out there who has appropriate knowledge regarding this, lend a hand to me. As I am looking for my next vacation very soon, so guide me as fast as you can.

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  • you have resurrected a very old thread. Start a new Thread and you will have a better chance of getting the advice you need.