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Meath County Council clerical officer



  • stinkbomb wrote: »
    Its before they have hired anyone

    Fingers crossed so! Would love to know how many vacancies.

  • Yes I also was under impression that it was 65 going through to appliction form stage.I am also on the panel.Given that it all moved so fast I was presuming they needed new staff quickly.I wonder how long the panel lasts?

  • Given that it's two weeks since we did the interviews and got placed on the panels and the speed which this process has been moving up to now I wonder has anyone heard anything? Especially those placed high enough on the panel. Wish they'd give us an idea of how many jobs there will be and timeframes.

  • Anyone have an update on where they are on the panel?

  • Hi wondering has anyone been offered a position on the panel? thanks

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  • The smart ones come on when they are immediately out of college or school in early 20's and progress quickly to EO and AO. You are guaranteed promotion based on seniority

    Theres no such thing as EO and AO in the LA, and you are categorically NOT guaranteed promotion based on seniority. Not even in the slightest.

  • revoke12 wrote: »
    Hi wondering has anyone been offered a position on the panel? thanks

    They are already half way through the panel