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Cruiser restoration and wheelchair adaption



  • Thank you all for your kind words, but today I ask you to "Smile for Kyle" it's a powerful thing to share happiness and he did it by the boat load.


  • So sorry for your loss. Deepest condolences. Tears were welling up in my eyes as I was reading the thread then the photo above and I smiled. RIP Kyle.

  • Kyle may have had a short life and no doubt a difficult one but I don't think he could have landed in a better place, Fergal.
    His smiles said it all.

  • Deepest condolences Fergal to you and your family at this difficult time.

    I/we know that you gave your son the best life imaginable.


  • I just saw the sad news today Fergal and I feel for you and your family. Try to take some consolation from the quality of time you had together as opposed to the quantity. He was a very fortunate child to have such a selfless father. Deepest sympathies to all.

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  • Thank you all for your kind words and those of you that attended the service it was very much appreciated, hard times ahead but I hope to get down to the boat this weekend.

    The program "My 10k holiday home" will be on again this weekend at 6:00 on Saturday and 12:00 on Sunday on virgin one and will hopefully have a little tribute to Kyle in the credits.


  • A nice little gift was given to us from friends in the marina, it was a bit too wild to head out on the water but the shebeen was open so we made the most of that. :)


  • just gone back a few pages . Fergal i am so sorry for your loss God only takes the Good . you are an amazing man you will get through this . may God be with you & your family . R.I.P. Kyle .

  • So my heart is not up to hand winching the anchor so I decided to fit an electric windlass.


    The drop into the well is not deep enough to take all the chain and rope so I had to drill a hole into the bulkhead.


    I then fiberglassed a bit of drain pipe into the hole.


    I use the cable ties so I can see when the anchor is near the roller then I know just to use short bursts to get the anchor up and over.



    I also had to install a larger bow roller and have some bow switches that you can operate the winch with your feet but I am going to fit a remote control so I may not need the switches.


  • That's a tasty install :)

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  • Any photos of the chain store and modifications required? Probably more work went into it than the flashy hardware on deck!

  • Tow wrote: »
    Any photos of the chain store and modifications required? Probably more work went into it than the flashy hardware on deck!

    Not really behind this door


    is one of these :D the locker is mainly filled with sand bags so I'm just loosing a bit of storage space.


  • Job done for the weekend, I fitted two 175w victron monocrystalline solar panels that should keep me off the grid running the diesel night heater and charging the batteries where ever we go :) I also got a discount from by saying I saw the driftwood video,



  • First test run with a "poweregg x wizard" waterproof drone today I didn't edit it much or fly too far from the boat so just a lot of lake and sky and a bit of self isolating:) I still have a good bit of learning to do.