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Colonoscopy Fears

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    Hi guys, im in for a colonoscopy tomorrow at 11. I have huge anxiety issues so im freaking out big time. I was instructed to take 1 dulcolax before i go to bed from 3 nights. I didnt take the first one (my anxiety levels were telling me to cancel) so i took it saturday morning and the second before i went to bed. Felt so nauseaus and sick and had a bit of a movement but not alot. Today i had a slice of white bread and cheese because i really felt i would drop from no food and then took my third pill after that around 6ish but still no movement. I havent ate that much in the past few days maybe about 2 or 3 meals just drinking lots of water...will i be cleared? Also everything i was reading said that they were also given something aswell as the laxative like clean prep. Im so freaked out right now. I dont know what to expect or what to do. Also what do i bring? Will i feel pain and is the tube big?


  • With sedation , you won't feel a thing , sedation is optional with endoscopy, but with colonoscopy you'll definitely be sedated so you'll remember them talking to you on the table but won't feel anything.

    Nothing to worry about .