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Fireworks Wedding Display

  • 16-08-2017 9:14pm
    Registered Users Posts: 542 ✭✭✭ Pinkycharm

    Can anyone recommend a company that could do the above or has anyone had one at their wedding. I really really want to have one but just want to get opinions or experiences.

    Thanks a mill in advance!


  • First thing you'd need to do is check with your venue to make sure they'd allow it. Depending on whereabouts they are, some won't. I know the place I got married was near a nature reserve, and it actually mentioned in the T&Cs that fireworks displays and chinese lanterns weren't allowed due to the proximity to the reserve.

  • Outdoor fireworks are permitted, its a hotel at the edge of the town- they normally use the field across the road to do them but the company people used before is gone. Still waiting to hear back from Rocketpyro. Just wondering to people know any other pyro company.

  • What county are you in?

  • I was at a wedding recently which ended with a firework display. They used emerald fireworks.
    It was absolutely lovely, a brilliant end to the day.
    I think prices start at around €1500.

  • beertons wrote: »
    What county are you in?


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  • The guys name is Pat Whelan 087-2511491

    Try this guy.

  • How did your search go @Pinkycharm