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finally gettin off me arse to get in shape...

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    right, after years and years of blatant laziness... ive decided to do something bout me flabby belly. currently im 6foot 5 tall and 18 stone in weight, and ive decided that because of my broad shoulders and large frame the best way for me to get myself fit would be through weights and a few hours jogging a week. as im starting from sratch here, id like to know what people on here would advise as a starter routine to get myself into the swing of things

    monetary problems mean that joining a gym is out of reach at the moment, however i am currently sharing a flat with a mate who has a weights bench he never uses.

    links to some sites with beginners routines and regimes as well as advice from some of the knowledgeable people on this site would be greatly appreciated.

    thanks in advance,