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Am i racist?



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    Originally posted by Bard
    At least Azezil is being honest about his feelings and his misguided predjudice. I, for one, am glad to be able to go along with what amp said and give everyone a clean slate regardless of colour, creed or race.
    I do give everyone a clean slate, I know its wrong to categorize people based on previous experiences with one member of that community/ background etc., and I don't but I’m just saying that when you first meet someone, for the first time, you judge them based on their appearance, and if they speak with an accent you associate that accent with a specific region or social background and that too adds to your impression.

    Is there a difference between racism and predjudice? I don't think so, that's the point I'm trying to make.

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    So, is it ok to hate the French then?;) ;)

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    If I was walking through a city at night and I saw a bunch of "dodgy lookin characters" down a dark alley I would avoid them. So would almost anyone. This is out of fear. However, technically this is prejudice. I wouldnt give a flying fuk what race they were, if they looked dodgy I would keep the fuk away.

    This is not racism because it is not based upon skin colour.
    I see nothing wrong with this. It is common sense as far as I am concerned.

    I doubt anyone that says they dont have *any* preconceptions of people based on appearance are telling the truth, (or at least dont realize they arent) but I do believe that people can have no preconceptions about race. Its a completely different thing.

    A well dressed suit-wearing person of any race will not cause me to avoid them cause I am afraid of having the sh1t kicked outta me. As far as race goes Im not particularly worried. Appearance is different.

    My belief, there are assholes everywhere.

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    Im not racist as I hate everyone equaly.

    Borzoi - everyone hates the French so its ok :)

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    "everyone hates the French so its ok"

    I'll tell Jeff you said that then, shall I Venom?????

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    Go on I dare ya :)

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    Originally posted by Mercury_Tilt

    Its always arse when You have to go to a dictionary.

    Just maybe my definition of racism is different? Is that allowed?

    Of course it bloody well isn't. You can't just go around ascribing different meanings to words that the rest of us may know the real definitions of.

    It's like the old Monty Python sketch about the Hungarian English dictionary, where 'Can you tell me the way to the railway station please?' was translated as 'Please fondle my buttocks'.

    Don't be silly.

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    Originally posted by pat kenny
    I was doin some shoppin in my local tesco recently when I rounded a corner and was face to face with A muslim lady in one of those big black shroud things.One of the really freaky ones with only a slit for the eyes.Now Looking at this woman and her berdy husband I thought "I wouldnt want these peoples religion influencing the way my country is run" now in Ireland its not such a big problem because there arnt too many muslims but this is exsactly the point that Pim Fortane in holland was talking about.

    Now does it make me a racist if I think their religion is bull and I don't want it influencing my country?
    Notably I don't think any lower of the people themselfs just what they believe.

    quite an amazing display of ignorance. so i assume you have actually spent time learning and reading about islam then? What the hell does "these people" mean anyway. Did you ever have a conversation with either the man or woman in question? What do you even know about them. You need to broaden you're horizons beyond this pìssy little island of ours.

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    Yes you are racist. <- Thats a full stop.

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    Originally posted by CodeMonkey
    Using an extreme example, most people would not sleep with a beautiful woman if they find out she's a prostitute.

    And with good reason I would think.

    It's okay to discriminate, you know. There are just some reasons that are acceptable and others that aren't.

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    Originally posted by CodeMonkey
    Using an extreme example, most people would not sleep with a beautiful woman if they find out she's a prostitute.

    That's not being a racist in any way,its just common sence for many reasion's like not breaking the law or not wanting to risk a sexualy transmitted disease infection.If people want to act in a way that is unaccepatble in both a moral and legal way in todays sociaty then can't be allowed to play the racism card.If you are a thug,slut,junkie or generial bad seed then you can't call people with genuine common sense rasist.

    The whole problem these day's is the world is gone to PC and no matter how you act you could be considered a racist.A few year's back during my fibber's day's I encounters a dude call Stevo.Now no one in my circle of friends liked Stevo for many different reasions.He was a leech.He was always on the mooch for money or free pints or ciggies or a place to crash.He would casualy walk up to people he knew and drink out of the glass's or take a ciggie from there pack with out asking.He was pretty much an unpleasent type whom nobody wanted around and these were very easy going and generious people for the best part.

    Now he copped on no one wanted him around and smeged off.But the gas thing is that Stevo was black and started to tell everyone we were all racist's.He even wrote an about us in the Big Issue and it was printed and later retracted by the editor as a good deal of the above mentioned people worked for the Big Issue at the time and told the editor what the score was.

    Stevo was not liked being he was a scumbag and not because he was black but because he was black he was able to play the race card.This is just messed up.Just because you are white/black/brown/yellow does not mean you are a nice person and if if you act like a scumbucket and people treat you in a fitting manner then the reasion is not racism and you are at fault not everyone else in the country/world.

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    This post has been deleted.

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    IMO it doesnt matter what race you are,theres a certain proportion of people that are criminally slanted.Take 30 boys you went to school with and count how mny have been in trouble with the law,or should have been if the guards could be arsed catching them.Id come up with between 5-10 people.Of about 10-12 people i know of a different colour about 2 of them are people who have or will be in legal trouble.It doesnt matter what your race is-there are criminbals in equal proportions in all races.True some blacks arent to be trusted for a second,but the fact is that theres an equal amount of irish not to be trusted for a second.

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    Originally posted by Unregistered
    Ahh discrimination, one of the propitious and captious inclements of life. The vexillology behind this quorum is abscond and the desultory aestival of racism is sublunary and multifarious, although in an ebullient situation, this may not be the irascible case.

    Some peoples racial prejudices are provoked by those who dont speak english.............See what im getting at?Firstly an inclement is a mathmatical term,so where does it come in?Second-Ebullient means joyous.Pardonb Mouseoouir?Irasicible?Whos irascible?What the flying **** are you talking about you muppet????Its probably you that has caused the considerations to close the unregistered option:rolleyes:

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    Originally posted by smalltalker

    It's okay to discriminate, you know. There are just some reasons that are acceptable and others that aren't.

    yeah thats a problem cause reasons are the cause of all racism, people find reasons to allow them to be cruel, sadistic and evil

    there is a lot of hard working women in holland and germany that would think so bad of you for that statement....

    (i find revenge a reason...)

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    -Racist comments removed-

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    Originally posted by Mercury_Tilt

    I like to define racism as colour based...and all that it entails.

    I shelve the rest of it under prejudice.

    sorry but it is racsim.... having worked with the irish in england in a few projects ( T.V. documentry) it is racism that was one of the biggest things when ppl did complain they were very often told that it can't be racial abuse because they are white !!!! that has to be the biggest load of panic romm tapes (crap or whatever you'd like to call it) i have ever heard. if someone is different to you in say religous, country, skin colour or anything like that and you discriminate against them all of them regardless of how long or well you know them then yes you are a racist.

    me i always try and TRY is the word to keep an open mind .... my parents are not what you would call tolerent so i try to be ... however if i ever meet anouther person from Meath !!!!! :mad:

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    Originally posted by Mercury_Tilt

    If I may respond…….
    Now that’s a load of bollix Homer.

    “quote.. You can't just go around ascribing different meanings to words that the rest of us may know the real definitions of.”

    I said definition.

    "A statement conveying fundamental character.
    A statement of the meaning of a word, phrase, or term, as in a dictionary entry.
    The act or process of stating a precise meaning or significance; formulation of a meaning. "

    I did not ascribe a different meaning to the word…I suggested that it meant different things to different people. Yet still staying within is basic meaning. Aezie is having a fair old stab at that.

    By aezie..
    “You're telling me you never have any preconceptions about people based on their appearance?”

    Of course I have. You want to see some of the twats who came into an interview in Jeans!! I hardly think I am racist by judging them in that manner. Though I did make a preconception. On the basis that the job required a suit type person. Who put some fuking effort in to impress at the very least.

    “A reference book containing an alphabetical list of words, with information given for each word, usually including meaning, pronunciation, and etymology.”


    Now I wonder who made up the meaning of those words in that fine book. Cats? Maybe it was the dinosaurs?

    Ohh no wait!!! Maybe it was humans!! Obviously these humans were the smartest and bestist humans to grace mother earth. How dare anyone expand upon the meaning of a word in that most sacred of books………

    You would be one of these people who see things in black or white Homer?

    What you have said is Bollixsticity.( That word is not in the dictionary by the way. No doubt you are scratching your head …lost because of that… obviously has no meaning. Don’t even think about ascribing one for it!!!)

    Your example is neigh on pathetic. That’s not what I meant .....and you know it. Going with your logic...why does this thread continue to expand? If racism is racism( as the dictionary would define it)...why all the different opinions? Perhaps the dictionary is a just a guide line? To more or less help with spelling and give a damn good pointer to the basic meaning of the word. Perhaps it does not take into account a humans ability to ascend on the word and redefine it for themselves within its basic parameters. That’s what aezie has done?

    Maybe that’s why new words are often added and definitions updated. To take into account our evolution with the language we use?

    double-entendre….< Can convey two meanings? arse the dictionary will implode!!!

    Now….don’t be silly Homer.

    God what a rant!!!

    If you and I were in a pub conversing one on one, maybe you would make a little more sense. I could infer from such other means of communication eg tone of voice, body language, presence of tongue in cheek what you were trying to say.

    I might even be able to interrupt you in the midst of a torrent of verbal diarrhoea and ask you to explain one of your neologisms before things got too out of hand.

    However, in this forum, we are dealing with the printed word. You may not know anything about me. You can't see my hand gestures, hear my tone of voice, discern my emphasis or be mesmerised by my body language. All we have is the printed word so it is particularly important in such fora that we use them properly.

    Your last post I have left unaltered because it is clearly representative of somebody who just tossed down on to his (or her-how do I know you are not a deliciously curvaceous fragrant long-limbed goddess?) word processor a torrent of verbiage that has not been properly filtered (edited is probably the more correct term for the written word) for public display.

    You said definition; I think you meant interpretation. Certainly, even given the dictionary defintions of words, they are open to a modicum of latitude when interpreting them. But that does not mean that you can do with them what you like. Nor can you complain if your lax use leads to people misinterpreting what you are trying to say, or write.

    Wicked, amn't I?

    Now which meaning of the word am I using here?

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    This post has been deleted.

  • Closed Accounts Posts: 1,018 Hairy Homer

    Originally posted by Mercury_Tilt

    I'm happy to be educated. Im a dumb cvnt.. truth be known.

    [edit- see you in the recycle bin on the morrow!! :) ]

    So you're not a deliciously curvaceous fragrant long-limbed goddess then? What a pity.

    Can you get done for trawling, as well as trolling in this forum? :-)

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