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what happens if you're not attracted to your partner



  • Originally posted by Unregistered
    Marriage-A WASTE OF MONEY,

    Actually I think if you get married it is in fact a wise monetary choice. Rent/Mortgages are reduced relatively and costs/ benefits in day to day living are in fact reduced. As far as I know social welfare is better if you are married. I'm pretty sure I've heard of couples that lived together for some time got married due to the benefits involved.

    But I think you probably meant that it is a waste of time wining and dining and taking the aul' lady out for holidays and expensive clothes buying sprees (as women are wont to do)(apparently). If that's the case then you wouldn't marry her in the first place, you'd marry someone perfect for you I presume.

    But I see what you mean, what's the point? What's the big deal about a piece of paper? I guess the only answer is... one day you may understand, one day you may not.

  • Marriage is something you won't understand till that day.

    God, I used to hate the idea. Said I'd never get married. Very cynical. "Why should anyone need to get married?". You really do feel different about it at one point. That's unless you're a total bastard and never meet anyone.

    Mercury, I woulda figured you being older than that. You have a funny interesting way of writing. I was referring to Mr Caps "I'm 24 YOU KNOW!!" there. The only people I know that write in caps and with exclamation marks that much are teenagers. You know!! This way!! Alrite!!! Marriage suxors!!!
    Bah. It's a personal choice.

  • Originally posted by Mercury_Tilt

    You live together? That’s the worst thing you can do from my experience. I was up to my tittes in it for 9 years. Moved in after week 2. Longer than a lot of marriages really. [/B]


    I'm intrigued. This means that you moved in with a girl when you were 10? I hope to god she was at least the same age as you.

  • You moved in with your gf at age 10? ummm....

  • This post has been deleted.

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  • Stop spamming, this is a decent thread, Mod has permission to delete this post along with the spam.


  • Originally posted by bombidol
    Stop spamming, this is a decent thread, Mod has permission to delete this post along with the spam.


    and you can post another mail complaining about me and my spam as well.

    permission... good of you eh?

    if you arent attracted to your partner for whatever reasons and you have been with them for a number of years then i think you can say that something has died in the relationship.
    either you rekindle it as so many people do, or you let it die and go seperate ways.
    its the seperate ways bit that causes the hassle though as a lot of people find it hard to break up due to the closeness that has been shared over the years, and the need to try and protect their partner from hurting them, when in realisty, its the thing they need to be free as well.
    make sure you are sure about it, but when you are, dont delay. procrastination is something something sand something else according to hamlet whos lines i cant remember anymore becuase im old and greya nd my back is bent.

    by the way bumidle, i am better, and yes, i definately have a superiority complex. have a nice day now wont you.

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  • Pld wwm. Permission. Pah.

    In the short term, unreggie, your partner will probably be upset with breaking up as will you (change does that), but in the long term it's a lot better for both of you. She'll most likely be happier (as will you) in a fulfilling relationship where both parties feel the same way. Talk it over together, maybe she feels the same way?

    Maybe the spark has gone for both of you. Do you find yourself looking at other people and wondering what if? Find yourself picturing life without your girlfriend, and it doesn't make you sad? Take some time out. Go out with some friends. Have a day away from her to think about how you really feel. That's what I did. Went out with my friends, and realised I didn't want to go home.

    BTW I don't see any outta-control spam on this thread. Mercury's posts amuse me. They're quirky :)

  • Originally posted by koneko
    Do you find yourself looking at other people and wondering what if? Find yourself picturing life without your girlfriend, and it doesn't make you sad?

    That's it really, isn't it. If so ... get the hell outta there matey, better in the long run tho will be hard to do in the short run.

    (p.s. Quirky Mercury)

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  • Originally posted by ButcherOfNog
    your the guy that married mary harney ain't cha?

    Nothing to do with this thread, but i'll go on, my mate who works part-time as a barman in a hotel told me about this, just last week Mary Harney, her husband and some friends were sitting down for lunch in the hotel.

    Anyway all her friends including her husband call her tanaiste at all times. Throughout her whole time there her husband was calling her tanaiste, and when my friend called her mary, she and her entourage turned around and looked at him in disgust for not calling her tanaiste.

    I wonder what he calls her in bed.

  • Originally posted by Caesar_Bojangle

    I wonder what he calls her in bed.

    Mistress of Pain and Discipline?

  • Moby Dick I would imagine

  • I went out with a girl for 2 years. Great relationship up until the last 5 months. Things became a routine. Bordom sets in. Sex becomes routine. (however it was like a porno). Whips and ROle-playing doesn't work in the long-run. Its just a quick fix.

    The best solution is to spent sometime apart(leave the country for 3 weeks or so). When you get back together you will have lots to talk about. "What did u get up to etc"... It will be fresh. If this doesn't solve things then maybe you should ask yourself do you still "in-love with her"... not just love her.

    The final resort. One which I wouldn't do but it has been seen to work on numerous occasions. Have sex with someone else. A One-night stand. It will make you feel like sh1tt and then you will realise how lucky you really are to have someone that loves you. And how much better sex is when it is with someone you love....

    DO SOMETHING NOW!!!... Or else it could be too late

  • that last post makes the most sense yet.