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Sleeping Problems (not quite Insomnia)



  • I reckon some of you on here who aren't gettin enough sleep are setting yourselves up for a heart attack\panic attack, mental breakdown.

    When we're young it's easy enough to go without sleep, but later on if you keep on this way, you'll be fúcked I reckon. We sleep for a reason, the body gets tired for a reason, your stomach rumbles for a reason, you feel the need for liquid for a reason, eyes hurt for a reason. The body's a complex thing, but everything happens for a reason.

    If you fall asleep in the barbers chair.... you need more fúckin sleep. Snap out of it, and get yourself into a pattern of sleep. I myself often have major problems sleeping. Doctor suggested sleeping tablets, but i didn't want to go that route. It's not natural.

    The idea of using technology to 'fool' the mind into thinking you don't want sleep is rediculous as well, not natural, and I doubt it'll ever happen. Then again, you never know.

    Everyone needs a break. Phobos, I suggest you start gettin some kip. :)

  • Cheers for the advice Loon :), but usually in my threads that revolve around deep dissussions, they tend to evolve beyond the points that were expressed initially. Take for example I started this thread, with the title "Sleeping Problem". The reason I did this is because it's a term that people are more acquated with, and can often relate to. It was a way for me to attract attention. I'm not saying that it's a completely off topic title, but I call it off topic, because I don't think it's a problem.

    At our current stage of evolution, it proposes a probem, as you already said (and others before you). But there are times when I get carried away with my thoughts of future advancements, and when I finally snap out of it, I feel sad, that I have to settle for where we are now. My way of combating this is to strive the best I can towards a better future. There are many things I would like to improve, but sleep patterns is something that needs addressing ASAP. Take for example how people lived there lives 50, 100, 1000 years ago. In each one of those time frames people thought differently. If I told someone a 100 years ago that I would be creating machines in the future that could work on, and on, irrelavent to the time of day, they probably wouldn't believe me. Not only that, they would probably call me MAD for even wanting a machine to do that. Like why in the hell would we need to work at night?. Today we look at those kind of systems, and take no notice, because they are part an parcel of every day life. At what point did we accept the need for them.

    Taking what I've said in to consideration, I ask you is the need for human beings to be able to use their positive energy (brain power) at all times of day, such a far fetched idea. I think one of the things that inhibits future advancements its the concept of "impossibility". Impossible is a term we use now, because we can't find an immediate sollution. But 100 years ago we would have thought that flying across the world at the speed of sound while interacting with wireless computer networks was impossible. Can anyone see what I'm trying to say here. This topic has evolved passed the notion of whether or not we need sleep (or even why we should sleep). I think in order to best use our brain power today, is to keep an open mind, not to brand anything impossible, and never try and make excuses for the need of things we might have/use in the future. We live a certain way now (which includes sleep), but in the future we may life a different way (that doesn't include sleeping). Medicine could have ruled that out (who knows). So we now reach a point where your body doesn't need sleep, so why try and sleep. Instead use that time to accomplish more with the time you have. Accomplishing more doesn't necessarily have to mean "work", it could mean having the time to interact with loved ones (who knows), but the important think to note is that we will have more time, and that's something that everyone needs.

    Does anyone agree with my vision? (or firstly do you understand it?), if not I will try and explain it better. Even though I have all these "crazy" ideas, I often find it difficult to express them in a form tangable by others. Now that's a probem ;)


  • I understand what you're saying Phobos. Infact I "suffer" from the same problem myself. But this is my way of rationalising why we dont need sleep anymore:

    300 years ago all work had to be done during the day due to the need for sunlight. Nightime was a completly unproductive period. During the day people would work, to make a living. Alot of these jobs are what we now refer to as Primary Activities (i.e. Farming). This was physically demanding and lead to people being tired, due to muscle strain.

    Whereas now, 2002, we have electricity. A constant source of light to do work by. When you are in Dublin you cant see the stars and chances are you will have difficulty finding an unlit area. Shops and restaurants are open 24hours. Everywhere is alive. There's no calm. You can site in a room with plenty of light, all modern facilities at your disposal doing whatever you want. This leads you to believe that time is being stolen from you.

    Electricity is able to run all day. Days and nights fade seamlessly into one and other. Any meal can be eaten anytime. This 24hour culture leads us to believe we are invincible (or at least some of us).

    I cant make any sense out of it but I know i would take a chemical alternative to sleep if it was available. Sleep is a weakness and we need to get curb it somehow. Personally im not too keen on letting nature taking its course since by the time we evolve this or any other ability we will have exploited every resource on the planet we depend on.

    My 2 cents...


  • I know what you mean about the 24hour culture, like I say above when I don't have anywhere I need to be during the day, I'll have a really erratic sleeping pattern, going to bed whenever I feel tired, only eating when I get hungry, that sort of thing.

    I don't think I'd take a chemical alternative to sleep if it was available though, I enjoy sleep too much, I love lying in bed when I'm really tired, and knowing I'll soon be asleep and I love waking up and not having to get out of bed until I feel like it, and just lying there as long as I like (usually an hour or two).

  • This might be hard if it doesn't agree with your schedule and it seems it can be dangerous if you deviate from the pattern. Otherwise it's supposed to be quite safe.

    I think Kramer tried this on Seinfeld once. Kept falling asleep standing up though :)

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  • Cheers for that Enygma, It looks interesting to say the least. I don't have time to look at it now, but I will later ;)

    From the past few posts I can see that people completely understand what I'm talking about. Cheers for expressing your opinions on our better defined topic :)


  • i have this kind of problem. i find i seem to work best late at night. However if i don't get a decent 8 hrs or so sleep a day i don't work well..... i really kind of enjoy sleeping and getting rest i know i need and i usually come back the next day refreshed and more likely to do well.

  • Originally posted by phobos
    Anybody that knows me well enough, would know that I'm the type of person that would sacrifice sleep, at any cost to complete projects or pursue ideas etc. The problem with me is that I live in a 24hr world, and my body can't keep up. This might sound strange, but I always find I would prefer not to have to sleep at all because it gets in the way, when I should be doing other things.

    Take for example it's 11pm at night, I sit down to write some code, and all of a sudden, some programming power from above inspires me, and all sorts of ideas fill my mind. I don't notice the time, and turn around and notice light coming through my curtains; it's the following morning. I go down stairs, have breakfast, and await exhaustion. I know that the majourity of human activity is performed during the daylight hours, but at around 11am the following morning I just drop, and can't think straight.

    As programming is concerned I could never do it properly in the morning (even after a good nights sleep), I do my best work when I've been up for a while (the longer the better, hence the whole, being able to program @ night thing). Ever since I was a child and my friends and I would have sleepover parties etc, I remember I always was the last one to fall asleep (often when everyone else was just waking up). The problem is that @ night I just can't sleep, it's the time of day that I just can't settle my head, and stop all those ideas from popping in, that drive me to continue my work.

    At first I thought it was kinda kewl that I was getting all these neat ideas, but in all fairness it's destroying my day-time life, and my body just can't stay awake all the time. I would love if I could never sleep so I wouldnt' have to worry about things like this. But because I'm stuck with this stupid human body, I have to obey it's clock, and treat it as best as I can. But I'm stuck in the middle between my overly active mind, and my body. Sounds kinda funny that bit, lol ;)

    Has anyone else ever been in the same situation?, I would love to hear how you got it under control :)



    Some people are morning people. Some people are night people. Some people are middle of the day people. It's something to do with your body temperature cycle. Your creativity will be at it's maximum at the peak of this cycle for you.

    There are other longer term cycles - eg biorythmical which cover physical, intellectual and emotional intelligence. Just another clock ticking with a bigger wheel.

    Go with the flow. The clock is just an artificial invention based on the movement of the planets.