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Mary Wheaton '05

  • 23-08-2005 7:03pm
    Closed Accounts Posts: 45 ✭✭✭ synge

    Did Archaeology A '05 Session 1 with the one and only Vinnie Butler!
    I've also done CTY in the States but nothing compares to this program.
    Still working on coming back next year but as of right now it might not happen. I was in Mary's RA group, friends with the infamous Aleicia and happened to bing a bottle of tap water from home that caused some conflict on the fist day.


  • Were you friends with Mystic Mollie?

  • name doesn't ring a bell

  • Hi Mary :)! You probably don't remember me as we didn't really know each other but hi anyway.

  • no, I do remember you Emma

  • Hey Mary! I don't know if you remember me either, I'm Jolene, I was in your RA group.

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  • how could I not remember you? you had the most amazing colorful clothes.

  • synge wrote:
    no, I do remember you Emma

    wOOt! Someone remembers me! Most people don't :( ... or in Murray's case, call me Kate.

  • yeah...I remember most people's names and faces even if they never knew or forget mine

  • Hi! Well, I don't think I know who you are... :( But any friend of Aleicia is a friend of mine! :) *shudders AND smiles at the thought of Aleicia*
    Well could you maybe pm or email me her email adress if you have it? (On the last day when I hugged her goodbye she was all crying and told me to get it from one of her friends and I never did... :( )

    *Apologizes for talking more about Aleicia than you* :cool:

  • Hey,You probably don't remember me but I'm Fionnuala,Mary's RA group seriously prodded butt!

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  • Fionnuala! (It's Aisling) Ooh, and Mary! (I didn't know you that well, but I talked to you about the georgia stalking club...) (I know you're both going to be confused, as there were around ten aislings in CTYI that time but think of it as a challenge!)(Oh man, I love brackets)

  • hello!
    You most likely dont know me, im amanda from physio by the way.
    but i know who you are to see,dont think i ever got to talk to you, anyway hi!

  • Fionnuala! of course I remember could I forget anyone in Mary's RA group we were so awesome!
    Aisling! You were the first Irish person I met at ctyi besides the RAs....yeah.....the Georgia stalking club......we think they're still out there plotting to stalk her still......

  • are ye all brainy?how you apply for archaeology!i was always brilliant at history!

  • Hi, One of my friend also in the same group. I think may be you know him and his name is Marsh Smith. If you remember.

    Locksmith Wheaton IL