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Grainne B 2004-2005



  • Hehehe, hey G, you want me to tell them what I discovered about Google? Do you remember that? Muwhahah! Oh the mystery! THE MYSTERY! Well... mystery to anyone who's not me. Or G, I suppose. Women count as people too nowadays, don't they? Humbug. HUMBUG I SAY!

  • Don't. You. DARE!!! That was a complete coincidence!!! I don't know HOW I ended up on that particular site...:rolleyes:

  • Coincidence? Or not really surprising....didn't they offer you DIY piercings? :D

  • Well DIY implies I'd do it myself. I think they wanted to be more...involved, shall we say in my future piercings... Ew.

  • If I was any more confused by the last 2 posts, I'd need a helmet.

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  • when are we going vibrator shopping? yeah guy u read me correctly...

  • Now I DO need a helmet. Were you referring to Guy as in Guy Wingfield Horan, or guy as in that guy there who was posting, ie, me?


  • wingfield horan of course...him and his libido...pshaw! i was in wagamamas last night!

  • Damn you! Me wants some Japanese food... Aww, poor Brendan, thou art so confused...

  • If you really want to be confused, ask yourself just why you can never touch your elbow with your tongue.

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  • The fact I can touch other peoples' elbows with my tongue, or for that matter, other peoples' tongues with my elbow, keeps that despair at bay.

  • Ladies and gentlemen, I give you talented youth.

  • ... who is she talking to?

  • The Ladies and gentlemen. Duh!

  • Yeah. The ladies and gentlemen get me. >.>

    As does R4ph, apparently. Good work.
    /me hugs r4ph.

  • "Hug"

  • Raphael wrote:
    The Ladies and gentlemen, Duh!

    No, that's Brendan, not Duh.

  • R4ph, I demand hugs... 6th year be killing G, slowly, painfully, but surely... Who knew Circle of Friends could cause so much tortue...:(

  • /me hugs G.

    Like a good little Hugbot. :)

  • Heh... does that make us ladies and gentlemen? I'd call us a lot of things, but never either of those... and certainly not both....

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  • Come to teh UCD open day on wednesday and hugs there will be

  • Bah, nobody came to the NUIG open day.... I was juggling for 3 god damn hours, and nobody came! Actually, I saw Ned there, that was cool. From me old RA group. But still, why did none of you come to NUIG?

  • Lol, I can just imagine you standing there for three hours in the wind and rain... Like a lost puppy just waiting to be kicked :rolleyes:

    Thanks JenL!!! Malheurusement, I can't go to UCD. I have interview for Art college that week and can't miss any more class.... Stupid school, me wants R4ph hugs... :(

  • Oh well, sucks to be you

  • *bitchslaps*
    I know, I don't need reminding... :(
    Stupid art college! *cries buckets of tears*

  • Hey! I wasn't out in the rain. The Juggling Society had people performing all day in the sports building. It was groovy. People came and watched us a lot. Some random girl walked up and gave one of my friends her number. Heh, twas pretty funny! See, all the girls are in juggling nowadays. Or, as it were, not.

  • Awww, someone's a stud with the lay-dies!:)
    But damn you, your zeal for juggling has made me wanna learn Poi... Damn you Brendan!

  • Girls can look pretty damn sexy spinning poi. Guys... can't. They can look skilled, or girly.

  • Indeed, which is why I wanna learn it! Heh, it'd be a pretty handy party trick ;) Especially with the fire!
    But knowing me I would probably kill myself with them :( Not cool...

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  • Light a fire for a man and he'll be warm for a day. Set a man on fire and he'll be warm for the rest of his life.

    Well, my work here is done.