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The new recycling system

  • 06-12-2023 12:56pm
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    I am just after hearing of the new recycling system that will be coming into the country in the new year.

    I can't believe what I am hearing. It's sounds absolutely ridiculous and just seems like a measure to penalise people who already recycle in their bins.

    People will be charged extra at the tills and then you need to bring your recyclable trash back to the shop, to get a token or slight cash back on the recyclables.

    What is the goal and the aim of this? Is it to encourage people to recycle more.

    This is ridiculous for people who do recycle using their bins and it seems as if its measure to penalise people.

    I don't own a car and I live in a rural area and I rely on buses to get me from A to B. I mainly shop online for groceries because it's convient to order online and get them delivered. So I am hardly ever in grocery shops any more. Realistically I am not going to save my trash when I recycle anyways just to carry them on a bus and bring them to the closest recycle centre outside a shop. Then what happens if the machine is broke when you get to the shop?

    There has to be some sort of an opt out option available at the tills in shops for people who already recycle at home in their bins.

    What is the purpose now of continuing with the recycling bin when the new system is going to penalise you of you don't recycle at the shops?

    I have never heard of anything so f*cking rediculous before in my life.

    If I wasn't so busy for the next few more weeks I would be making an appointment with my local policitian to get this changed. Hopefully in the new year I will still feel strongly about it and get onto my local representative. There has to be an opt out option at the tills. Simple as.

    I didn't see a discussion on this yet.


    Anaki r2d2

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    I don't pay for recycling collection. 14E per bin lift - we have 2 black bins so 28E every second week - and 0E per recycling lift. They even take extra bags of recycling left beside the recyling bin for free. (once the bags are see through).

    Again, a non issue. Shop around. Recycling collecting makes money for the refuse companies, no one should pay for recycling collection.

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    Do you seriously think 20c a can or bottle is going to make people change their behaviors? Bags at shops have been taxed for years yet every day people pay the tax to have a bag. I would guess that most folks - myself included - likely won't change their behavior at all.

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    I agree that there are significant obvious but unintended consequences: effectively this is a tax on people who shop online.

    One option for people who don’t go to shops themselves would be to sell redeemable items to neighbours who will go to a refund centre. Of to use them as donations to local charities.

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    I saw your post on the other thread and I was struck by your predicament.

    This link is to a discussion on Newstalk yesterday.

    It starts about 6 minutes into the programme.

    One of the contributors mentions that there are some indications that delivery drivers may collect empties.

    This might be helpful in your case.

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    Are you dumping recyclables and general waste altogether in the one bag ?

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    they are crushed in the machine. uncrushed for the user so qr code can be read.

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    Sorry to jump in here, and maybe I've misunderstood some posts. Is it proposed that we can't put cans or bottles in our recycling bins anymore? Only plastic and cardboard?

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    I mean, this is still my plan, cans in the recycling bin as before.

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