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American Highway Appreciation Thread



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    No, no, no. I want to see @KrisW1001 defeat speech. Let's not pollute the thread until we have the retraction.

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    well at least it’s not downright misinformation like you are posting. Your misinformation has been corrected multiple times yet you refuse to acknowledge and post more misinformation including posting night time videos because that’s the only time you see traffic moving! Seriously posting a picture of a traffic jam in China and claiming it’s in Europe, work on your Google image search skills and maybe others posters won’t laugh so hard at you.

    im actually beginning to wonder if you have ever even been to the US, what you are posting indicates no!

    edited to add, some us roads are very impressive, scenery is great, really interesting to drive etc so I have no idea why you couldn’t have just left your thread to focus on that instead of big is great, Europe is crap. Every single one of your posts has a dig at something. Impression of a big chip on your shoulder which is what has attracted all the posts belittling your posts and rightfully so.

    You actually come across as that store manager in intermission. TCB…

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    What strikes me most about that first video (aside from the surprisingly decent tune) is the shockingly poor lane discipline.

    The camera car and others are weaving between lanes constantly to get ahead - some others at significantly faster/dangerous speeds, several near accidents with cars cutting in front of him with too little space, etc..

    Maybe we're not so different to America after all!

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    You don't know Dallas. Most of that video is on I30/35E further west of the city. And I stand by my "good luck" comment, because unlike you, I know what the traffic speeds are typically like along here. Let's ask Google to get from the US-75/I35 junction to Dallas City hall:

    = 15 mph. Worse in daylight.

    Traffic in and around Dallas in the morning and evening is a nightmare. It's living proof that you can build all the roads you want, but you'll never get rid of traffic jams. Texas is also the state where I clocked my lowest ever average journey speed on a highway: 3.5 mph on a 4 mile trip. (I-35 southbound into Austin downtown).

    I think you should visit the US. Do a road trip, actually see these things first hand. There's a lot to like, but I think you're focusing on the wrong things - the most complex road structures are all in traffic shitholes, and the best driving is on 2-lane or good old single-carriageways.

    The roads around DFW are a monument to failed urban planning on a massive scale (and this area historically had five or six cities all undermining each other for decades - they cooperate now, but the damage was done). I have spoken to people who make these decisions and their mantra is "no more roads". Another official told me that if he was legally allowed to, he'd get better value from the road budget by using it to bribe drivers to stay home. Densification is the new policy, with a view to creating enough catchment to improve mass transit.

    @_Kaiser_ most US States allow traffic to pass on either side on roads with more than two running lanes, but in general through traffic ends up at the left, and drivers stay right as they approach their exit. Texans aren't the worst - a colleague from the Northeast said they were far more disciplined than in his home state, and they certainly tend to be pretty good about letting you in/out in heavier traffic. What actually surprised me was that drink-driving is much more socially tolerated than here - if you're eating out, you'll often see a guy go home in his car after two or three beers, and nobody cares.

    As for speed, there's an urban myth that you can do "10 over" the posted limit and still be in the safety envelope of the road. It's nonsense, of course, and when Texas got a stretch of road with an 85 MPH limit (Austin to San Antonio) I heard people worry about having to drive at 95...

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    How do you know I haven't been to Dallas? You're ridiculous. I can say from my experience the roads there are amazing and the traffic keeps moving.

    And they are building more lanes and even better additions today. The Texas DOT deserves a lot of cerdit.

    You let your anti-progress bias get in the way - that's the whole green movement fundamentally. If we all followed your mentality we'd never have left the caves.

    Anyway here is the magnificient Glenwood Canyon in Colorado to enjoy on I-70 a few miles further east of the video here which was across the Rockies

    And, of course, if @KrisW1001 had his say above all others none of this would ever happen.

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    I know you haven't driven in Dallas because you never once complained about the traffic or the toll-lanes.

    I'm all for progress, and the Colorado road is a great example of that.

    What I'm against is having cities swallowed up by road lanes and parking lots because people can't think past private car commuting.. it looks cool unless you have to live in it.

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    Simply not true. Ireland is more than twice as densely populated than the USA.

  • Registered Users Posts: 5,544 ✭✭✭veryangryman

    Let me qualify my statement to water-tighten it a bit. We have fewer huge urban areas and thus less demand for massive highways overall. A city of 300k people can survive grand on a 2, maybe 3 lane road to it. Busier places, more lanes.

    The lack of budget set aside for roads does also hinder us a tad

  • Registered Users Posts: 4,547 ✭✭✭AugustusMinimus

    I would say that our population distribution necessitates larger roads if anything. Instead of concentrating population in 4 or 5 cities, we have population living in dormitory towns all over the place with awful public transport links into the main cities.

    Public transport to those cities are terrible as is public transport in the cities to distribute commuters to their workplaces, airports etc. we’re not the only country in Europe like this. It’s still an absolute mess though.

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    Mod: This thread is looking more and more like a home for trolls.

    Therefore the thread is closed.

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