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Are tattoos trashy?



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    I find the excessive abstract scrawls, which mural the exposed backs and anal cleavage of South American sex workers, a real turn on, if I am honest? Especially if they are wearing a tight lycra or PVC tube, that is showing it all off and their fag butts have lipstick all over them? Oh yes baby pleeeeeeeease....

    I can fathom people using them as identifiers. Like when I was a slave trader during the renaissance, I would definitely brand my assets before embarking them to sea. Privateers were notorious for ransacking slave ships, raping their slaves and stealing any fit ones who hadn't scurvy or the pox. But they would always be wary of stealing any of mine, the repercussions were fierce and every parrot owning guttersnipe sailing the seven seas knew it.

    What does that star mean that all the sex workers have. Is that indicative of whatever gang they are in? Or just a stupid picture of a six figured star permanently stuck to their left or right shoulder, for ever and ever? If that doesn't bother you it probably should.

    I was having casual sex with a female i met around 3 hours previously..... during our intercourse I noticed the words " Stevo for ever " as i was attempted to fellate her ear lobe whilst gently nailing her from behind, I lost my appetite in seconds. All i could think about was Steven Gerrard running towards the corner flag pointing his finger to the sky. It was a terrible interruption to a really nice ride.

    I think tattoos are indicative of what someone wants to express visually to the outside world at one particular notion of existence or time.

    I am always intrigued to see how beach culture has influenced their popularity. If you spend 10 hours a day in Copacabana you will see a lot more body art than you will on the shores of Capri.

    I think they are rotten and only worn by thicks. There you have it. But that doesn't mean I don't like thicks, it just means I appreciate the way they label themselves. It saves time for everyone.

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    I know I'm a grumpy old man but I hate to see them on a pretty girl. I saw an old YouTube vid of Pan's People & a lot of the comments said how nice it was to see some attractive girls without a tattoo in sight, so perhaps it's not just me.

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    You're so boring. Nothing worse than an aul fella thinking he's hilarious.

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    My take

    • it depends.
    • not black and white

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    Their as ubiquitous as prius taxis ! Guy in the foggy got these klingon implants in his head , that's ballsy , saw him recently, looks stupid at his age , like most tattoos 😳

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    Master of the Universe

    Some people are crap at drawing. Some people are amazing at drawing.

    Some people create crap designs. Some people create amazing designs.

    Some people have old tattoos with crappy ink. Some people have much more modern steadfast ink.

    You might as well be asking how long a piece of string is.

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    Sorry Stevo, she said she was single?

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    Are tattoos trashy? No

    Is judging people based on choices they've made, that have exactly zero impact on anyone else trashy? Most definitely.

    Some amount of perfect people on this thread passing judgement on others. Very pious buzz around the thread.

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    I have a few but not visible daily, they are personal to me so I like them there. However a good tattoo is pure art, something unique. Celtic crosses, tribal, dreamcatcher and all the other generic tattoo's I'm not a fan of.

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    I'm surprised at people using the words trashy, trash and garbage.

    As for tatoos nothing really against them. it's a personal choice but genuinely can say that I've never seen one that I thought looked nice.

    Think the ink colour on skin looks terrible and the art style is just not appealing.

    I just don't get people want to have the same design on them for the rest of their lives. After all tastes and fashions change and people get new clothes, new taste, new decor at hom etc.

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    Master of the Universe

    Again, 'how long is a piece of string'.

    Some people get tattoos because they like a band/football team/person.

    Some people get tattoos for religious or cultural reasons.

    Some people get tattoos to cover up accident and surgical scars.

    Some people get them because they want to remember a moment in time every time they see it.

    Some people get them in memorial to a dead loved one.

    I don't have any tattoos myself as I'm a bit too fickle with designs and have a crazy high expectation when it comes to drawing standards and was always afraid of being stuck with something that looked a bit ****.

    Hate to say it but a very large percentage of tattoos out there are really badly executed.

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    Not at tattoos are created equal. There's a difference between a tattoo like the one below:

    and this one.

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    Master of the Universe

    I see what you are getting at, but I would argue both are rubbish 😁

  • Registered Users Posts: 1,786 ✭✭✭DownByTheGarden

    Henna tattoos are temporary.

    I think tattoos can look really cool. Some people definitely overdo it though.

    And then when skin gets old tattoos look disgusting. Nothing more trashy looking than a woman in her 50s or 60s or more with tattoos.

    I think they look great on nice smooth skin, but on old skin they look disgusting.

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    Master of the Universe

    Think about what you are saying about old tattoos though.

    If you see a tattoo on a 60 or 70 year old, it was probably tattooed about 40-50 years ago. Tattoo technology has changed, ink technology has also changed.

    It will be very interesting to see how current, good tattoos last the test of time compared to the old, blue, blurred anchors and the likes you see on older people now.

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    theyre a thing for the young and beautiful. Wouldn’t be arsed myself and never was. I certainly think there’s an element of attention seeking, vanity and even body dysmorphia at play in some people who get massive areas done. But alas, once old and wrinkly with gravity taking its toll, they’re horrible looking things.

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    Would you want to risk it though. Old skin is old skin. The ink isnt going to stay the same shape it went on in.

    There is a woman who i know to be mid 50s in my gym and she had a tattoo down the back and one down one leg. They make her look as trashy as a mouthful of rotten teethe would. Im sure they were nice when you could make out what they used to be before the tattoos wrinkled up :)

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    Master of the Universe

    When you tattoo someone (well, if you go about it properly) you factor in aging skin and an aging tattoo. It's actually a fascinating process and incredibly interesting to see it done properly.

    You basically work the tattoo so it has different ages and appearances throughout it's life as the pigment bleeds slightly over time.

    As mentioned though, the vast majority of tattoos you see about the place are generally badly done and don't factor in things like this. I'm sure your 50s gym lady is a good example of one of them!

    Of course, nothing can account for when you're much, much older and wrinklier. Although I'll argue that you've bigger things to worry about visually when you hit that stage of your life. 😁

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    Would you reckon she's cares what you think?

    If yes, then maybe it's a problem for her. Otherwise it's no big deal.

    Speaking as someone who got their last tattoo 30 years ago, I don't take any notice of mine. It's like they don't even exist anymore.

    They were what I wanted as a young fella but now I couldn't care less if I had them or not.

    And if they bother anyone else that's their problem.

    I certainly won't be made feel bad about other peoples issues.

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    Clearly she doesnt care, and she likes them. Im just stating how she looks to the rest of us. She thinks her tattoos are lovely. We all agree how lovely they are too when she mentions it.

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    “The rest of us “, is there a crowd of you discussing this woman’s tattoo ?

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  • Registered Users Posts: 12,190 ✭✭✭✭blade1

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    To be honest the issue with lines spreading is probably always 100% the fault of the tattooist.

    The ink is supposed to go into the dermis which is surprisingly fairly stable for almost all of a persons life but if you go to deep or too shallow you get **** stability. Its a fine line no pun intended to get it right.

    Also years ago the ink was basically indian ink with very few colours. The newer inks are highly tested for stability and a prolonged life under the skin.

    Then theres needles - again years ago you had very few choices of line weight. Now you can buy a single needle right up to 50 or so individual needles in a grouping for larger pieces.

    These needles can then be broken down into different thicknesses of the actual single needles so every single line can be a different weight if you want - like portraits.

    Im not getting into the whole tattoos are trashy thing as theres a thread here once a week that just goes around and around and around until it dies a death and I couldnt be arsed getting into it with small minded people in the one millionth thread on boards.

    But one thing I will say is that a tattoo done by a very good tattooist using the best of equipment with the best inks and with huge artistry skills will always always look amazing whether you are a fan of them or not. They will last until you die without much fading or spreading.

    Ive had tattoos done since I was 17 (Im now 47) - one of them has spread almost to a smudge (it was done in a fairly well know but **** place) and most of the rest still look good 25 plus years later -my sleeve was done by a hugely successful artist in Spain that I have been using for years now and looks as bright as the day it was started.

    Do your homework if you want a proper tattoo,

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    Yes there is. Do you think people dont talk about other people? Dont tell me you have never talked about other people. Let me reach up there and clean your halo.

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    I dont have tattoos and dont want them but I have no dislike towards them. That thing you always hear about how they look bad when you get older, that is none of your business, why would you care? its on someone else's body.