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You can stab someone in the face in Dublin now, and not go to prison.



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    I was hoping you’d have a story to tell me with your username tbh

    ah look now I’m specifically talking about domestic situations as described in the article. Let me assure you if I saw a woman (or man) being raped or something god I’d be straight there with a box in the mouth for the offender.

    inserting yourself between two people one of which is already violent and aggressive & another who will prob turn that way in defence (if not only for the clip they’ll get if they don’t) is inviting yourself for trouble

    someone like you described is going to be terrified of the garda catching them whereas these fellas breaking up the Mrs don’t give a shite because they’ll spend a few hours in the barracks and be let on their way

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    I guarantee you, these fella's wouldn't be the type to be afraid of the Gardai.

    Anyway, point remains, sometimes someone has to take a chance for a stranger.

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    You make the mistake of thinking that the people telling men to step up actually care about anything other than bullying or nagging ordinary men who haven't done anything wrong. They don't give a damn if you step up or not. It's all about getting the right message onto social media as quickly as possible.

    I suppose it would make this situation worse if the man who was stabbed in the face only stepped in because some moron wearing a carrier bag on his head told him that's what we were supposed to do.

    Nobody will ever stop to consider the consequences for men who step up. None of the people demanding that men step up will be there to support the men, or the families of men, who step in and suffer extremely negative consequences.

    If you see someone getting harassed or assaulted or whatever in public then the best tactic is to first not assume the gender of anyone involved and second just go about your business. Then at least you can say you didn't know it was a woman being attacked by a man because you couldn't see an opportunity to establish everyone's gender identity so you thought it better to just let them sort it out among themselves.

    I bet the victim in this case wished he had just kept his head down and his mouth shut. I bet his partner and his friends and family look at him and think "why did you even bother to get involved".

    Better to just look after yourself and those closest to you. Let everyone else sort themselves out.

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    Yes. Just stroll on by.

    If I step in and something happens to me, will justice be done? Obviously not.

    Will the same people trying to shame people into stepping in on these incidents be there to pick up the pieces if things really take a wrong turn? Nope. It'll all be thoughts and prayers and then forgotten about in a week.

    Not for me. I'd rather just walk on by and let the chips fall where they may. The idea that, as a man, I could step in and help a lady in distress and then go home and be bombarded by messages about "yes all men" this and "men have to do better" that.

    Nah, sort yourselves out. I'll be walking on by with my earphones in looking and walking directly ahead.

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    Carrying a knife should mean automatic prison sentence, our justice system really is a joke

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    Who's trying to shame you into doing something? Personally I couldn't give a toss what you do or don't do. I just have a problem with ar$eholes in general having a go at people that might try lend someone a hand.

    Do you have any females in your life you care about? If they got attacked in the street how would you feel if you knew they could've been helped but people just walked on by? And that question goes to anyone in this thread with the same attitude as you

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    What about brothers, sons or fathers who don't come home?

    This a thread about domestics. Don't get involved.

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    And using it should bring a significant custodial sentence.

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    We have a minister for justice who has spent half her time on maternity leave and the rest of it trying to jail people for saying mean things.

    Stay Free

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    Have a read of the post I responded to and it will become clear.

    Stay Free

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    Does the crime have to involve money before he jails someone?

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    Very much doubt that she got a fully custodial sentence without any part of it suspended.

    I'd say most of nolans ire was due to trying to defraud a bank and not the small business who's out 600k they'll likely never get back.

    Since none of the judgement is easily available unless you happen to be there or get told second hand, and that FOI don't apply we never get the full picture. Irish journalist are really inconsistent (and generally incompetent) on how they report it, most of the time they're just reposting it word for word without any thought put into what it means or the wording. Half of sentence is suspended? so is that X months suspended or is it X/2 and they paraphrase things badly losing context doing so.

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    addiction issues and probably mental health I bet the lock em up crowd are celebrating

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    And they should excuse stealing over €600k from your employer over 7 years? A bit more Googling:

    "She told gardai that she did not know why she had done it, she told them she had not needed the money and spent it on lifestyle expenses such as holidays or eating out.

    In the course of the investigation it was also discovered that a number of documents related to a mortgage application were forged by Cully including an inflated statement of salary and a reference. She also made full admissions in relation to these offences.


    She said Cully had not spent the money on anything tangible but instead on items such as holidays and gifts for others."

    Another paper: "One source said: “She was only remorseful after she was caught and the company who trusted her lost a lot of money.""

    Yeah, poor cratur. But I can't find any article saying any part was suspended. This wasn't simple theft, it was theft, forgery, deception in relation to a mortgage and money laundering. She's lucky she only got 2. I'd have to work over 15 years to earn what she stole. Zero sympathy, got what she deserved.

    But it shouldn't be a case of whose crime deserves jail. We should build another one and put in everyone who deserves it. The scum who walk free every day deserve to be in jail just as much as this one. But repeated petty crimes (petty in the eyes of the law) obviously are not as serious as money laundering, forgery and deception over a sustained period of time. I agree to a point, but I also believe no one should be able to get into double digits of committing a crime.

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    Nolan needs to be removed from the bench. He's a liability.

    The poor young girl. Thankfully your man will have a horrible time inside.