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Irish Under-20's 2023



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    I know you never said it but the other poster did. Schools get more than average club player but many of the top players are in NTS/PTS and get extra training through them and some if 18 years of age can and do(some before that as well) train with their clubs adult sides and if its an AIL club then they will get quality of training that schools players get.

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    I don't really think he's that big of an omission, although he could well be injured.

    Lots of rugby to be played before they play u20 rugby, but imo there are at least two players at 6, 7 or 8 better than him.

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    People were predicting him starting for the U20’s 6 nations just past I mean.

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    I'm surprised that the Gonzaga 10 isn't selected.

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    Have you any idea what TV network would have these games available?

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    Eir had irish games for last tournament pre covid. possibly ITV. Possibly not even decided yet.

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    How much did you see him play? Not like others picked arent very good. He may be selected for next set of games

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    I would very much take the Japan squads as trial squads. The squads for the French game will be far more telling.

    Hard to know what injuries there are affecting the squads too.

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    I saw him v Newbridge and Rock. He was consistently great.

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    I watched a UCC game this year, trying to watch more AIL. I wasn’t super impressed by Edogbo. He was playing 6 and very involved in the lineout.

    He is the kind of guy i’d pick for squads like these based purely on upside. I think he might be injured tho as he hasn’t been in a UCC team for a while.

    I saw some of the different schools cups finals recently and a guy that really flashed was ben o connor. I think he was in the team for the game today.

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    Ireland U19 play their first game against France U19 on the 8th April in Graulhet (KO: 2.00pm IST) with the second game taking place on the 12th April in Cahors (KO: 6.00pm IST).

    Ireland U19 Squad

    Sam Berman (Leinster/Dublin University FC)

    Jacob Boyd (Ulster/RBAI)

    Tom Brigg (Leinster/Blackrock College)

    Tadhg Brophy (Leinster/Newbridge College)

    Oliver Coffey (Leinster/Blackrock College)

    Adam Deay (Leinster/Lansdowne FC)

    Wilhelm de Klerk (Leinster/St Michael’s College)

    Joe Hopes (Ulster/Queens RFC)

    Ben Howard (Leinster/St Michael’s College)

    Lucas Kenny (Ulster/Campbell College)

    Stephen Kiely (Munster/Old Crescent RFC)

    Luke Kritzinger (Leinster/Blackrock College)

    Flynn Longstaff (Ulster/Campbell College)

    Ben McFarlane (Ulster/Methodist College)

    James McKillop (Ulster/Foyle College)

    Hugo McLaughlin (Leinster/Gonzaga College)

    Jack Murphy (Leinster/Presentation College Bray)

    Sean Naughton (Leinster/Kilkenny College)

    Evan O’Connell (Munster/UL Bohemians RFC)

    Ben O’Connor (Munster/Presentation College Cork)

    James O’Loughlin (Leinster/Naas RFC)

    Jake O’Riordan (Munster/St Munchins College)

    Tom O’Riordan (Leinster/Blackrock College)

    Danny Sheahan (Munster/UCC RFC)

    Jacob Sheahan (Munster/UCC RFC)

    Stephen Smyth (Leinster/Kilkenny College)

    Josh Stevens (Ulster/Methodist College)

    Bryn Ward (Ulster/RBAI)


    Leinster : 14

    Ulster: 8

    Munster: 6

    Connacht: 0

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    Flynn Longstaff is a fantastic name

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    Most of those newbridge backs named on the U18's as expected.

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    Ireland U18 Schools Squad

    Jack Angulo (Leinster/Blackrock College)

    Emmett Calvey (Munster/Ard Scoil Ris)

    Andrew Doyle (Leinster/Ardscoile na Trionoide/Athy RFC)

    Paidi Farrell (Leinster/St. Mary’s Edenderry/Tullamore RFC)

    Mark Fitzgerald (Munster/Crescent College Comprehensive)

    Michael Foy (Munster/Christian Brothers College)

    Dylan Hicks (Munster/Bantry Community College/Bantry Bay RFC)

    Todd Lawlor (Leinster/Newbridge College)

    Luke McLaughlin (Leinster/Gonzaga College)

    Ciaran Mangan (Leinster/Newbridge College)

    Oisin Minogue (Munster/St Munchins College)

    Charlie Molony (Leinster/Blackrock College)

    Evan Moynihan (Leinster/St Mary’s College)

    Alex Mullan (Leinster/Blackrock College)

    Tom Murtagh (Leinster/Clongowes Wood College)

    Luke Murphy (Munster/Ard Scoil Ris)

    Aaron O’Brien (Leinster/St Mary’s College)

    Jed O’Dwyer (Munster/ Crescent College Comprehensive)

    Gene O’Leary Kareem (Munster/Presentation Brothers Cork)

    Mahon Ronan (Leinster/St. Mary’s Diocesan Drogheda/Boyne RFC)

    Andre Ryan (Leinster/Belvedere College SJ)

    Paddy Taylor (Leinster/Newbridge College)

    James White (Leinster/St Michael’s College)

    Bryan Walsh (Connacht/Colaiste Einde/Corinthians RFC)

    James Wyse (Leinster/Clongowes Wood College)

    Mikey Yarr (Leinster/Blackrock College)

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    Not one Ulster player and only 3 on the ‘schools and clubs’ side as well. I know provinces have their up and down years but that should not be happening imo. I seem to remember reading that our u17’s got fairly well routed by Connacht, so I imagine next year won’t see too much of an improvement.

    I like some of our u19’s this year and from a quick watch through of the Japan games they seemed to hold up well enough. however, McNabney was our only u20 of note, while our academy winger was maybe 5th choice - losing out to some players who might not make other provinces academies and a centre who’s a year younger.

    Bit of a worrying trend developing.

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  • Registered Users Posts: 815 ✭✭✭ ulsteru20s

    Looking back to last year’s interpros it does look like munster and leinster were the best teams in schools.

    it seems clear to me that the schools team is the A team and schools and clubs b because there are clubs guys in the schools team. Paidi Farrell and Dylan Hicks are club guys.

    I expected a few more munster as they beat leinster in the interpros and someone told me that this was their best year in a while for talent. But maybe there are injuries either with them or with leinster back in interpros.

    I wouldn’t worry too much about raw numbers either way. What you need are elite guys. We had a decent number of those last year in under 20s, one this year and probably at least one next year.

  • Registered Users Posts: 2,887 ✭✭✭ Lost Ormond

    Yeah schools is A team and clubs and schools is the 2nd team except for that exiles cant/dont play on the irish u18 schools team only for the u18 clubs and schools

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    Postlethwaite is the only elite ulster prospect from last year imo, McNabney obviously played then as well. McCormick was ok but nothing more and I wasn't really impressed at all with crothers or any of the others as prospects. Unless you're Leinster then you won't be getting elite prospects every year but a steady stream of good pros is a must if we want to improve. Tbf the previous two years were much better on that front for us - McCann, Sheridan, Doak, Moxham, McIlroy, Stewart and I agree next year should be ok in that sense as well, so I was probably overreacting.

    Haven't seen anywhere near enough of the u19's to know if any are 'elite,' although I've been well enough impressed, but from what I have seen I would say most should come under pressure for starting positions. Boyd looks preferred at LH and I think Hopes is might be likely to partner O'Connell but the disparity between their game time for the u20's shows how the coaches see the difference in their ability right now.

    Stevens is certainly a good player but I could seeing bigger players being like Briggs and Sheehan getting the nod.

    Haven't seen enough of McKillop but the coaches have played him in the row and at 6 so must like him enough.

    Longstaff is getting game time and he's a big guy but I haven't seen him use it all that well yet. Difference between him and Boyd in the schools final was stark, which had me wondering why Boyd is moving to LH and he's playing TH given that he just made the conversion from backrow last summer.

    McFarlane was very impressive in last years schools cup, had a very poor semi final this year but showed up very well when he came on in the 1st game against japan. Don't think he can play wing which might be his downfall as there's O'Connor and McLaughlin to compete with. Kenny should start somewhere imo, he's been fantastic and much improved from last year and looks a more natural winger than Gavin who'll be back next year.

    That was all a bit ramble-y about Ulster propects, so apologies.

  • Registered Users Posts: 5,996 ✭✭✭ Dubinusa

    Hopes has a year to develop physically. He could be a good player and he probably will partner O'Connell in the 2nd row. Stuart Wilso is surely a good prospect. I would say he's the best tighthead I've seen at that level for some time. Sheridan looks top level. McNabney is a decent bet too. Ulster have some good ones coming through.

  • Registered Users Posts: 815 ✭✭✭ ulsteru20s

    I was thinking Wilson, McNabney and Postlethwaite. Also i liked Carson and McCormick as well. I have high … hopes for hopes but yea i’d like to see more coming through.. especially in the pack.

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    Ireland U18s Schools v Wales U18s is currently being live streamed on YouTube:

    Irish team:

    1. James Wyse (Clongowes Wood College/Leinster)

    2. Luke McLaughlin (Gonzaga College/Leinster)

    3. Alex Mullan (Blackrock College/Leinster)

    4. Mahon Ronan (St. Mary’s Diocesan School, Drogheda/Boyne RFC/Leinster)

    5. Bryan Walsh (Coláiste Éinde/Galway Corinthians RFC/Connacht)

    6. Oisin Minogue (St. Munchin’s College/Munster)

    7. James White (St. Michael’s College/Leinster)

    8. Luke Murphy (Ardscoil Rís/Munster)

    9. Andrew Doyle (Ardscoil na Tríonóide/Athy RFC/Leinster)

    10.Dylan Hicks (Bantry Community College/Bantry Bay RFC/Munster)

    11. Andre Ryan (Belvedere College/Leinster)

    12. Evan Moynihan (St. Mary’s College/Leinster) (capt)

    13. Gene O’Leary Kareem (Presentation Brothers College Cork/Munster)

    14. Charlie Molony (Blackrock College/Leinster)

    15. Todd Lawlor (Newbridge College/Leinster)

    Subs: Mikey Yarr (Blackrock College/Leinster), Mark Fitzgerald (Crescent College Comprehensive/Munster), Emmet Calvey (Ardscoil Rís/Munster), Billy Corrigan(Pres Bray/Leinster), Aaron O’Brien (St. Mary’s College/Leinster), Jack Angulo (Blackrock College/Leinster), Tom Murtagh (Clongowes Wood College/Leinster), Paddy Taylor (Newbridge College/Leinster), Ciaran Mangan (Newbridge College/Leinster), Paidi Farrell (St. Mary’s Edenderry/Tullamore RFC/Leinster), Jed O’Dwyer (Crescent College Comprehensive/Munster)

    Ireland are cruising, 22-0 up after 25 minutes with 4 tries on the board.

    Impressive so far for Ireland:

    -Luke Murphy at 8, who looks to be a huge unit

    -Bryan Walsh - 6ft 9in second row, who looks to have good athleticism with that

    -Evan Moynihan - captain and 12, scored a good long distance try

    Plus a couple of others so far.

  • Registered Users Posts: 2,306 ✭✭✭ Fresh to Death

    This finished 48-17 to Ireland (following a 36-20 win over Scotland in the opening fixture), and they finish up against England on Sunday.

    The scoreline probably flattered Wales IMO.

    Luke Murphy, Evan Moynihan, Todd Lawlor (Newbridge full back) and James White (Michaels - openside) were most impressive for me. Dylan Hicks came into the game well and showed some nice touches.

    Looks to be a strong crop at this level.

  • Registered Users Posts: 107 ✭✭ ljsulster

    France 52-26 ireland

  • Registered Users Posts: 65 ✭✭ BlueAndWh1te

    Under 18s 6N

    England 56-14 Ireland.

    Hard to pick any standouts from the irish team tbh. They were awful defensively and made a lot of unforced errors with ball in hand.

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  • Registered Users Posts: 1,077 ✭✭✭ Locke_Lamora

    Yea we came off second best in pretty much every department - they destroyed us at the ruck, ran through one on one tackles and smashed us back in most tackles. Size, speed and power difference was stark, but their skills were a bit higher as well.

    Hard to pick out any academy entrants just yet, but there's lots of developing to be done before they reach u20's. Murphy at 8 was fairly good in the previous games I thought and Walsh has a lot of filling out to do but his size is intriguing. I thought the back three were generally quite skillful but small and wiry. No obvious standouts yet.

    Swings and roundabout with underage teams, we've been fairly blessed with our u20's for the last four or so years. I am curious to see if the commentators will harp on about Ireland's unfair schools system with this group.